Sino-German Technical Cooperation Programme “Environment-oriented Enterprise
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EECZ and EoCM Training Programme in Zhejiang Rolf Dietmar, Programme Director, EECZ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sino-German Technical Cooperation Programme “Environment-oriented Enterprise Consultancy Zhejiang (EECZ) 中 - 德政府合作 “ 浙江 省企业环保咨询 ” 项目 (EECZ). EECZ and EoCM Training Programme in Zhejiang Rolf Dietmar, Programme Director, EECZ 2005 Zhejiang Cleaner Production Mobilisation Conference

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Eecz and eocm training programme in zhejiang rolf dietmar programme director eecz

Sino-German Technical Cooperation Programme “Environment-oriented Enterprise Consultancy Zhejiang (EECZ)中-德政府合作“浙江省企业环保咨询”项目(EECZ)

EECZ and EoCM Training Programme in Zhejiang

Rolf Dietmar, Programme Director, EECZ

2005 Zhejiang Cleaner Production Mobilisation Conference

March 18, 2005





Introduction the eecz programme
Introduction: the EECZ Programme “Environment-oriented Enterprise 中德“浙江省企业环保咨询”项目简介

  • Five-year Sino-German programme to tackle hazardous waste management and eco-efficient production


  • Fully operating since 2002, EECZ assists in the efforts of the Zhejiang government, through cooperation with the ZEPB, ZETC and other governmental agencies.


  • Through its two programme components, EECZ aims to reduce environmental pollution by:

    • Establishing a well-regulated hazardous waste management system

    • Supporting cleaner and eco-efficient production




Em tools and eocm
EM tools and EoCM “Environment-oriented Enterprise 环境管理工具和有效益的环境成本管理

  • EECZintroduces the EM Tool advisory services from abroad and adjusts them to the Chinese situation with the objective to promote cleaner production in Zhejiang.


  • The first EM Tool, the Environment-oriented Cost Management (EoCM) has been successfully applied in Zhejiang in 2004.


Eocm training programme
EoCM Training Programme “Environment-oriented Enterprise

  • In April 2004, the Cleaner Production Pilot Project was jointly initiated by EECZ programme, ZETC, and ZEPB. 8 pilot enterprises and 9 consulting institutions were selected from the 3 pilot industry sectors to participate in the EoCM training programme.

    • 3 pilot industry sectors: electroplating, textile and dyeing, and chemical / pharmaceutical

    • Selected pilot enterprises are from Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Taizhou and Wenzhou

Eocm training 2004
EoCM Training 2004 “Environment-oriented Enterprise

  • The participants participated in 4 sessions of EoCM training and 3 network meetings from May to November 2004. The training also includes 3 company visits after each sessions.

Eecz and eocm training programme in zhejiang rolf dietmar programme director eecz

Increase Resource Utilization Rate “Environment-oriented Enterprise

Increase Economic Benefit

Increase Competitiveness

Capacity Building 4

2 - 3days Training (Optional)+

4 days company visit / evaluation

+ presentation of results

The participants continuously received the trainings, and implement in the enterprises


Capacity Building 3

4 days training +

4 days company visit


Implementaion phase

Implementation Phase

Implementation Phase

Network Meeting

Network Meeting

Network Meeting

Capacity Building 2

4-5days training +

4days company visit


Capacity Building 1

6 days training +

4days company visit


EoCM Training Programme

Eocm training 20041
EoCM Training 2004 “Environment-oriented Enterprise

  • After training, they are able to apply various measures for energy saving, water saving and raw material saving, and significant results were observed.

Space enlarged

for the mixing

room to store

more dye


Energy saving lamps

installed to replace the old ones

Case studies
Case studies “Environment-oriented Enterprise

  • Installation of transducers for saving electricity

    Measure: Transducers were installed for 33 dyeing machines and pumps for oil boilers etc. to keep a proper operation speed of the production line by controlling the pressure needed.

    Investment: RMB550,000

    Cost savings: RMB1,260,000/y

    Investment payback period:

    5.3 months

Case studies1
Case studies “Environment-oriented Enterprise

  • Improvement of Cooling Effect

    Measure: The cooling pipes were technically improved. Installing sealing equipments prevent and remove leakages and improve cooling effect.

    Investment: RMB1,000

    Cost savings: RMB100,500/y

    Investment payback period:

    0.1 months

Waste reduction and resource saving
Waste Reduction and Resource Saving “Environment-oriented Enterprise

*By end of 2004,the direct economic benefit achieved

by the respective pilot enterprises through the EoCM programme is :

Approx. RMB 9 million,

and the total production cost was reduced by 5%

Triple win for the pilot enterprises
Triple-win for the Pilot Enterprises “Environment-oriented Enterprise

Cost reduction

increase productivity

Economic benefit

Waste water and heat reduciton, reduce toxicity and amount of pollutants

Environmental benefit

effectively increase the ability of problem solving

Organisationnel benefit

Experience exchange and dissemination
Experience exchange and dissemination “Environment-oriented Enterprise

  • Xian Ju Chetou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, one of the pilot enterprises, introduced their successful experience of EoCM implementation at the ‘Sino-German Environment management and enterprise cooperation Conference’ in Oct. 2004 (Xiangtan, Hunan).

Eocm training 20042
EoCM Training 2004 “Environment-oriented Enterprise

  • On 19 Nov. 2004, EECZ, ZEPB and ZETC evaluated the implementation of EoCM of the 7 selected pilot enterprises and awarded their achievements.

  • The EoCM audit has been carried out respectively in the 7 enterprises by early March 2005.

Eocm training plan for 2005 2005 eocm
EoCM Training Plan for 2005 “Environment-oriented Enterprise 2005年EoCM培训计划

  • 6-8 companies will be selected from high polluting sectors, e.g. chemical/pharmaceutical, textile dyeing, battery production etc. to participate in EoCM training 2005.


  • Training will be conducted by international trainers and Chinese co-trainers with a focus to train the potential trainer consultants who participated in training 2004.


  • After the training 2005, EoCM will be evaluated and developed as an alternative environmental management tool in parallel with the CPA in Zhejiang.