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Modular Training Programme

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Modular Training Programme - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Modular Training Programme
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  1. Modular Training Programme European Dynamic SalesMan

  2. European Dynamic SalesMan • This project has been funded with the support of the European Community • The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Community or the National Agency, nor does it involve any responsibility on their part CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  3. European Dynamic SalesMan and Leonardo da Vinci program • This project has been selected by the European Commission and will be funded by the Community budget as the part of the 2nd phase of Leonardo da Vinci program • Leonardo da Vinci is the program of European Union focused on the development of the vocational training in European countries CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  4. Promoter of the project DC Vision, s.r.o. (CZ) CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  5. Partners of the project 8 partners from 6 countries: • Econsult GmbH; • Labour Pool Ostrava, Karviná; • Technical University Brno; • ED-LAB; • Door Training; • Nehem International BV; • Match BV; • Excellent Training; CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  6. Project specific aims • Development of the Intranet E-learning application related to the interactive on-line training in marketing and sales in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) • Improvement of knowledge of SMEs in marketing and sales and improvement of SMEs competitiveness in the global environment • Improvement of knowledge of young graduates, students in marketing and sales management fields in SMEs CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  7. Project program objectives • To improve skills and competences of young people, especially young people in the initial vocational training • To improve the quality of, and access to, continuing vocational training of skills and competences CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  8. Project programme priorities • To develop a new method of training in the field of marketing and sales productivity • To develop new methods and forms of learning and teaching of basic skills in vocational and educational training CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  9. Target group • Business Networks of partners • Regional Development Agencies • Regional Advisory and Informational Agencies (RPICs) • Chambers of Commerce • Business Inovation Centres • Schools, Universities, Training companies • Labour Offices, Regional Authorities • SME policy makers CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  10. Potential users of project results • Managers of SMEs, marketeers, sales managers of SMEs • Young graduates, unemployed graduates, graduates in re-qualification programs, students • Trainers and lecturers of specialized schools and training providers (train the trainers) CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  11. Project results • EDS Intranet application • User’s Resources Books (3 modules) • Personal Surveys • Accredited Trainer’s Resources Manuals (3 modules) • DVD, CD ROM video presentation • CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  12. Intranet application structure EDS European Dynamic Salesman EDS01 Formulating strategies EDS02 Marketing plaforms EDS01 Strategic Marketing and Sales EDS01 Leadership and Prereguisiste Implementing strategy EDS02 Key account Management EDS02 Tactical marketing and Sales EDS01 Translating strategy Into action (BSC) EDS02 Sales Management EDS03 Operative tools EDS03 Customer Relation Management EDS03 Sales planning EDS03 Professional sales skills EDS03 Telemarketing CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  13. User’s Resources Books 3 modules  3 handbooks (each handbook 70 – 80 pages) • 1st module: Strategic Marketing and Sales • 2nd module: Tactical Marketing and Sales • 3rd module: Operative Tools Each handbook describes three days training module of the EDS program CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  14. Personal Surveys • Final assessment survey for the evaluation of knowledge to the module • Each survey: 20 questions and 4 potential answers for each question • Each survey: 5 pages + initial page (6 pages in total) CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  15. Accredited Trainer’s ResourcesManuals • 3 modules:1st module: Strategic Marketing and Sales 2nd module: Tactical Marketing and Sales 3rd module: Operative Tools Descriptions of procedures and contents of the training, tools to make the training active • Each manual400 – 500 pages (+annexes) • Manual will include a CD ROM with intranet application and presentation slides CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  16. DVD, CD ROM video presentation • Short promotional version: 3 to 5 minutes video presentation of tools and methods • Longer content presentation: 6 to 10 minutes presentation of the product modules and the way of learning CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  17. Website • • Goal: Dissemination of the project (distribution project results to the largest group of users) • in six languages (EN, DE, CZ, SK, NL, PL) CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008

  18. Impact of the project • The project will bring a new training intranet application for SMEs in the field of marketing and sales productivity management • The project will contribute to increase of competitiveness of SMEs • The project will contribute to increase of chances of young graduates in the labour market CZ/03/B/F/PP/168008