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‘Heroes’ Robert Cormier

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‘Heroes’ Robert Cormier - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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‘Heroes’ Robert Cormier. Quiz. Quick Questions. What is Francis talking about when he describes his ‘caves’?. His nostrils. What is the Silver Star?. A medal for bravery. Where is Francis stationed during the war?. France. Where is Larry LaSalle from originally?. New York.

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Presentation Transcript
what is the silver star

What is the Silver Star?

A medal for bravery

what is nicole often compared to

What is Nicole often compared to?

A statue of St Therese

where is the novel set

Where is the novel set?

Frenchtown, in the city of Monument, in New England

in which chapter

In Which Chapter..?

Identify the events

in which chapter14
In which chapter…
  • Does World War 2 break out..?
  • Chapter 7
in which chapter15
In which chapter…
  • Do Francis and Larry meet for the last time?
  • Chapter 14
in which chapter16
In which chapter…
  • Does Francis describe the French village..?
  • Chapter 3
in which chapter17
In which chapter…
  • Does Larry attack Nicole..?
  • Chapter 11
in which chapter18
In which chapter…
  • Does Francis consider committing suicide?
  • Chapter 12
in which chapter19
In which chapter…
  • Do Nicole and Francis meet for the last time?
  • Chapter 16
in which chapter20
In which chapter…
  • Does Francis win the table tennis tournament?
  • Chapter 7
in which chapter21
In which chapter…
  • Does Larry LaSalle arrive in Frenchtown?
  • Chapter 5
in which chapter22
In which chapter…
  • Does Francis find a drunk Arthur Rivier in Pee Alley?
  • Chapter 8
in which chapter23
In which chapter…
  • Is Nicole introduced to the novel?
  • Chapter 2
who says this

Who Says This..?

Identify the person who says the following quotations

who says
Who says…
  • “You’re a big hero,’ he said. ‘A Silver Star hero”
  • Enrico (Chapter 1)
who says26
Who says…
  • “But he still beats kids up in the schoolyard”
  • Joey Leblanc (Chapter 5)
who says27
Who says…
  • “You deserve to be recognised, Francis,’ he whispers. ‘You’re a goddam hero… How many men were you willing to die for.”
  • Arthur Rivier (Chapter 6)
who says28
Who says…
  • “I’m not supposed to play favourites, Francis, but you and Nicole are special to me”
  • Larry LaSalle (Chapter 7)
who says29
Who says…
  • “No heroes in that scrap-book, Francis. Only us, the boys of Frenchtown. Scared and homesick and cramps in the stomach and vomit. Nothing glamorous like the write-ups in the papers or the newsreels. We weren’t heroes. We were only there”
  • Arthur Rivier (Chapter 8)
who says30
Who says…
  • “Stay close to me”
  • Nicole (Chapter 11)
who says31
Who says…
  • “Does that one sin of mine wipe away all the good things?”
  • Larry LaSalle (Chapter 14)
who says32
Who says…
  • “Write about it Francis. Maybe you can find the answer that way”
  • Nicole (Chapter 16)