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What is a Plumber, and What Do They Do PowerPoint Presentation
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What is a Plumber, and What Do They Do

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What is a Plumber, and What Do They Do - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Plumbers are superheroes. They show up at all hours of the night and do a job that is not exactly glamorous. \nVisit: http://www.kingdompot.com/what-is-a-plumber-and-what-do-they-do/

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what is a plumber and what do they do

What is a Plumber, and What Do They Do?

Plumbers are superheroes. They show up at all hours of the night and do a job that is not exactly

glamorous. They fix pipes, keep sewage from backing up, and stops leaks from growing into

major home repairs. In the middle of the night, a plumber will crawl out of the warm comfort of

his bed to make sure that you have warm water and flushing toilets. A more technical way to

describe a plumber is a tradesman who specializes in water and sewage systems.

Plumbers do a lot of dirty work, but they are also vital in the design and construction of a home.

Whether they work with the existing floor plan or the floor plan has to be changed to

accommodate the plumbing, you simply cannot build a house without one. Remodeling also

requires a plumber’s touch. Even if you are remodeling a bedroom, having a plumber look at the

plans and ensure that you are not running the risk of hitting any pipes is important. Because

plumbing runs throughout the house, this is actually a really important step. The last thing you

want during a remodel is water gushing at you.

Plumbers can assist in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms and the right plumbing company can

bring the whole thing together aesthetically by installing the fixtures you want. Smaller

companies will ensure quality and continuity so when you are looking for a plumber, keep that in

mind. Companies like Plumb Perfect Plumbing have a master carpenter at the helm of a small

team. When you have fewer rungs on a ladder, decisions are made faster and requests are

communicated more clearly.


If plumbers are that important in designing your home, it makes sense that they would have a lot

to do in the commercial industry as well. Beyond designing a plumbing system, there are

specialties in the field such as:




plumbers may have one specialty all three

Plumbers may have one specialty, all three, or combine pipelaying with pipefitting. Pipefitters

and steamfitters are mainly involved in large industrial projects. Pipelayers have an extremely

labor intensive job as they do the digging for things like storm drains. Because city layouts are

changing and water is necessary for all living things, plumbers will always be necessary.

How do plumbers get their training?

Due to the importance of the trade education is important. A trade school program lasts about

two years. They graduate with an associate degree and then have to find an apprenticeship

program. After three years of education, a minimum of two years of experience, and an exam the

title of “Journeyman Plumber” has been earned. That is a lot of work that people are largely

unaware of. To get to the ranks of “Master Plumber” you have to do all of that and an additional

few years as a journeyman plumber.

When do you call a plumber?

The faster you address a plumbing issue no matter how big or small, the better. It may be

tempting to take on small jobs by yourself, but small problems can lead to bigger problems.

When you call a plumber you are going to receive help from someone who is qualified to fix any

problem big or small. A company headed by a master plumber ensures that you get the best

service and repairs. Contact Plumb Perfect Plumber for all of your plumbing needs

Articles Source : http://www.kingdompot.com/what-is-a-plumber-and-what-do-they-do/