what are terpenes and what do they do n.
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What are Terpenes And What Do They Do? PowerPoint Presentation
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What are Terpenes And What Do They Do?

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What are Terpenes And What Do They Do? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Terpene is the group of a compound that attributes to smell and taste to the CBD products like capsules and more.

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what are terpenes and what do they do

What are Terpenes And What Do They Do?

Following are some facts about Terpenes and its attributes:

Terpene is a group of compound that is found in abundant amount in nature that attributes to

the plant’s smell and taste.

Some of the plants have strong odor that may protect them from herbivores by repelling them.

Terpenes are majorly found in all plants including Hemp and Cannabis and terpene is an aromatic

compound that contributes to their unique odors.

Terpenes are created with the chains of linked isoprene units. Terpenes are used in many types of CBD

products like CBD oil, cbd capsules, and other products.

CBD aka Cannabinoid is a compound that is found in the plants like Cannabis and Hemp. CBD is alleged

to have many health benefits that are part of ongoing research across the globe.

Terpenes are found in all of the three species of Cannabis: Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. The terpenoids in

terpenes are known to repel the herbivores, bugs and pest, making Hemp and Cannabis and ideal

candidate to be cultivated around households.

The Cannabis Industry has been in a limelight for all the tainted reasons but recent endevours have

brought it into a positive limelight for recreational use.

Many people use CBD for social anxiety, as they find it suitable for their use. There are many other

conditions for which people use the CBD terpenes as it is known to proffer aid to the needed ones.

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