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OSP Proposal Checklist / Steps

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OSP Proposal Checklist / Steps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OSP Proposal Checklist / Steps. I first skim through the routing form and proposal to gather basic information and get a general understanding of the proposal as a whole before I start reviewing each piece. When does the department need the proposal returned?

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osp proposal checklist steps
OSP Proposal Checklist / Steps
  • I first skim through the routing form and proposal to gather basic information and get a general understanding of the proposal as a whole before I start reviewing each piece.
        • When does the department need the proposal returned?
        • Who is the funding agency? What type of agency (private, state, federal) is the funding agency?
        • Is the proposal submission paper or electronic?
        • Is UAF a subaward? Does the project contain subawards?
        • What F&A rate is used? Documentation is always required if an F&A rate other than UAF’s negotiated rate is used. An e-mail will often suffice.
  • I review the budget in accordance with the budget checklist I gave you earlier. I do not look up employee’s salary or E-class in banner because I assume those are correct.
osp proposal checklist steps1
OSP Proposal Checklist / Steps
  • Are there guidelines? If so, I read the guidelines. I skim through the whole guidelines, but pay particular attention to the proposal preparation and submission sections. Within those sections I highlight:
        • Needed documents (project summary, project description, CVs, facilities statement, etc.)
          • Any information that those documents need to contain. For example, the National Science Foundation wants every CV to list the PIs education, employment, synergistic activities, 10 publications, and collaborators from the last 48 months. Does the CV meet these guidelines?
        • Font size, margin size, and page length requirements
        • Is match required? If so, how much?
        • What F&A rate will the agency allow?
        • Are there any other limitations or specifications for the preparation of a proposal to this agency?
osp proposal checklist steps2
OSP Proposal Checklist / Steps
  • I compare the budget with the budget justification.
        • Is each item in the budget justified in the budget justification?
        • Are there items mentioned in the budget justification that aren’t in the budget?
        • Do dollar amounts and numbers listed in the budget justification match the dollar amounts and numbers in the budget?
  • I review the remaining documents. For many proposals, this will only be a scope of work. For proposals to agencies such as NSF or USDA CSREES, this will be a longer list of documents.
        • Does the proposal package have all the documents the agency requires (for example: current and pending or facilities statements)?
        • Do the documents meet the agency guidelines (including page length, margins, etc.)?
osp proposal checklist steps3
OSP Proposal Checklist / Steps
  • I read the project summary/project description/scope of work
        • What is the activity of the project: Other sponsored activities, research, or instruction? Does the activity match the F&A activity rate used in the budget?
        • Is there research involving humans or animals? If so, I talk with the Office of Research Integrity and check off the appropriate box on the routing form.
        • Are there any other research compliance issues, such as conflict of interest or potential for patents? For example, is a family member supervising another family member? This generally isn’t a problem, but we need to be aware of it before hand. Are there any potential intellectual property issues? If so, the PI should get in touch with our Office of Tech Transfer.
        • Does the project description match the budget? For example, does the PI discuss 8 trips to China in his/her project description, but have no trips to China in the budget?
osp proposal checklist steps4
OSP Proposal Checklist / Steps
  • Subawards. Do we have all the necessary documents:
        • A completed, signed subaward commitment form
        • Subaward scope of work
        • Budget – I review the subaward budget with as much detail as I review UAF’s budget.
        • Budget justification – I review the subaward budget justification with as much details as I review UAF’s budget justification.
        • Any additional documents the funding agency requires from all PIs/senior personnel
  • Match: Do we have the necessary documentation:
        • Is match required? If so, how much? Attach documentation
        • A completed and signed OSP match form
        • A budget for UAF match
        • A letter from any other institution or agency providing third party match. The letter must indicate the dollar value of the match and be signed by the institution/agency’s authorized official.