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Vocabulary 1. Word: Hang (verb) Definition: To hold on and swing freely Sentence: The man was hanging from the tree. Word: Skin (noun) Definition: Outer protective part of the body Sentence: He had very dry skin.

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word hang verb definition to hold on and swing freely sentence the man was hanging from the tree
Word:Hang(verb)Definition:To hold on and swing freelySentence: The man was hanging from the tree.
word hold verb definition to have in your arms or hands sentence hold on to my arm so i do not fall
Word: Hold(verb)Definition: To have in your arms or handsSentence: Hold on to my arm so I do not fall.
Word: Ladder (noun)Definition: Device for climbing Sentence: The teacher lost her balance and fell off the ladder.
word jewelry noun definition objects worn for decoration sentence the jewelry was made of gold
Word: Jewelry(noun)Definition: Objects worn for decorationSentence: The jewelry was made of gold.
word get dressed verb definition to put clothes on sentence i get dressed when i wake up
Word: Get dressed (verb) Definition: To put clothes onSentence:I get dressed when I wake up.
Word: Garden(noun)Definition: Land used for flowers or vegetables Sentence: We have a small flower garden.
word jog verb definition to run a slow speed sentence i jogged to the store for a snickers bar
Word: Jog(verb)Definition: To run a slow speedSentence: I jogged to the store for a Snickers bar.

Word:Hook(noun)Definition: A curved piece of metal used to catchthings, or hold things on.Sentence: I got a fish hook caught in my ear.

word flood noun definition a river overflowing its banks sentence our car floated away in the flood
Word: Flood(noun)Definition:A river overflowing its banksSentence: Our car floated away in the flood.
word forest noun definition a very big area of trees sentence the big bad wolf lives in the forest
Word: Forest(noun)Definition: A very big area of treesSentence: The big, bad wolf lives in the forest.
Word: Frozen (adj)Definition: To become solid from freezingSentence: They found their dog frozen in the ice.
Word: Glove(noun)Definition: A protective cover for hands Sentence: She wore pink gloves when it snowed.