APENet and EUROPEANA: Digitization Issues in the European Context - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

apenet and europeana digitization issues in the european context n.
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APENet and EUROPEANA: Digitization Issues in the European Context PowerPoint Presentation
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APENet and EUROPEANA: Digitization Issues in the European Context

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APENet and EUROPEANA: Digitization Issues in the European Context
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APENet and EUROPEANA: Digitization Issues in the European Context

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  1. APENet and EUROPEANA: Digitization Issues in the European Context RAMS Zadar, 2013

  2. Archives in digital world • majority of currently existing activities in archives aim to meet challenges facing archives as a result of the ongoing changes in society, economy and technology • this is why majority of projects encompass implementation of professional standards and practical technical solutions, as well as their integration and interoperability. • contemporary trends and initiatives regarding archival cooperation in Europe – interoperability, networking integration, sharing resources, implementation of standards

  3. Archives in digital world • establishing a network and setting a framework for archival cooperation in Europe builds the basis for creating high-quality digital content that will be integrated into portals such as APEnet or Europeana • activities: digitizing and indexing, integrating digital content into existing national and supranational portals, creating online access to Euopean written heritage, developing standards for indexing archival collections,… • issues concerning digitalization in archives mostly refer to technical problems, choosing records for digitization, its organization and presentation, as well as availability

  4. EU Archival Policy

  5. APENet Project

  6. APENet Project • first objective was to build an „Internet Gateway for Documents and Archives in Europe” as a common access point to European archival descriptions and digital collections • In February 2012 it offered: more than 14,5 milion descriptive units availble, more than 2 million of them providing further link to digital documents, cca. 64 millions digitized documents, information on archival institutions and many more …

  7. APEx – the Archives Portal Europe network of excellence –framework for European archives to collaborate for widerandenhanced accessibility of their content on the web • it continues the work of the APEnetproject (2009–2012) in which 19 European national archives and Europeana established and released theArchives Portal Europe • with the continued expansion and enhancement of the APE– in terms of participating countries and institutions, plus available content and services – APEx will contribute to the development of a coherent digital infrastructure which opens up the portal to our common cultural heritage of archives, equally accessible for citizens, researchers, businesses and governments alike

  8. APEx Project • APEx is structured into 8 Work Packages: WP1. Project Management WP2. EuropeanaInteroperability WP3. InfrastructureDevelopment & Hosting WP4. Standards & Guidelines WP5. Tools & Support WP6. Usability & Web 2.0 WP7. Dissemination & Training WP8. Sustainability

  9. the Archives Portal Europe provides access to information on archival material from different European countries as well as information on archival institutions throughout the continent. • the main goal is to meet users' expectations by providing seamless access to various archival resources held throughout Europe • to achieve this, the project team developed a common European EAD-XML schema, that will act as a pivotal format additionally enabling the Archives Portal Europe to deliver standardised data to Europeana

  10. Data retrival

  11. APE Search Facilities

  12. APE Search Facilities

  13. Archival content at APE • Archival landscape - Directory • Finding aids • Holdings guides • Source guides • Digitized documents

  14. Archival material in Europeana

  15. Archival material in Europeana

  16. Archival material in Europeana

  17. Archival material in Europeana

  18. Archival material in Europeana

  19. Archival material in Europeana

  20. Archival material in Europeana

  21. Archival material in Europeana

  22. Archival material in Europeana

  23. Archival material in Europeana