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Background and Contact Information PowerPoint Presentation
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Background and Contact Information

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Background and Contact Information
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Background and Contact Information

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  1. Background and Contact Information Pat Agard Mathematics teacher at Highlands High School (14thyear) Teach: AP Stats, Pre-Calculus Adv., Algebra II Reg. B.A. in Mathematics and Economics - University of Virginia M.S. in Secondary Mathematics Education - Virginia Tech Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) – Virginia Tech Contact Information:email:  pat.agard@fortthomas.kyschools.usphone: (859)  815-2616

  2. Pre-Calculus Advanced The purpose of the Pre-Calculus course is to solidify students’ algebraic skills and their understanding of functions, and to extend their knowledge of trigonometric concepts. The course focuses on topics that are necessary for the successful study of calculus. Students will study the following topics: Factoring polynomials and Rational expressions Polynomial and Rational functions Exponential and Logarithmic functions Trigonometric functions and Additional Topics in Trig Sequences and Series Limits Topics in Analytic Geometry

  3. A “Normal” Day in Pre-Calculus Students are: • Working with partners and in small groups of 3-4 • Working problems on the board and/or the tablet • Taking notes during teacher explanations • Teaching some topic that their group has been assigned to study and present • Discussing ideas and comparing solution strategies Hopefully having some fun !!

  4. Binder • An organized binder is one of the keys to academic success. • All students should keep their notes and any other hand-outs in their binders. • Homework is to be done in a graph paper notebook.

  5. Homework • Homework is assigned almost every night. • Homework is checked for completion by the teacher during class the next day. • Students correct their own homework using the text and answers provided by the teacher. • Each group of 4 asks to see one problem that nobody in the group could solve. • Students volunteer to write their solution processes on the board and explain them. (Bonus points !) • If at any point during the quarter, a student’s homework grade drops below a 70%, the parents will be notified. The student will be required to complete the missing assignment(s) under my supervision either before or after school. Failure to do so will result in an Academic Saturday.

  6. Re-Takes and Extra Help • If a student does poorly on a quiz or test, s/he is offered the opportunity to re-take the assessment. • Prerequisites to Re-Take: All class notes are complete and up-to-date All homework assignments are complete and up-to-date Corrections have been made on the original quiz/test

  7. Re-Takes and Extra Help (Cont’d.) The final grade is a weighted average with the original grade counting 40% and the re-take grade counting 60%. All re-takes must be completed usually within a week of the original assessment being returned to the students. Students may seek extra help from me either before school (7:30 – 8:00) or after school (2:45 – 3:30).

  8. Determining Grades • The quarter grades are determined as follows: • Homework 10% • Quizzes 30% • Tests 60% • The grade is based on a 10-point scale.