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Contact Information. Mary Anne Alvin National Energy Technology Laboratory Research Group Leader  Advanced Materials Research Separation & Fuels Processing Division Office of Research and Development Pittsburgh, PA 412-386-5498

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contact information
Contact Information

Mary Anne Alvin

National Energy Technology Laboratory

Research Group Leader  Advanced Materials Research

Separation & Fuels Processing Division

Office of Research and Development

Pittsburgh, PA


Materials and Component Development

For Advanced Turbine Systems

experience expertise
Experience / Expertise
  • Thirty years of experience in the area of advanced energy systems at Westinghouse and Siemens Westinghouse.
    • As a Fellow Scientist, program management and principal investigator efforts between 1987-2004 encompassed procurement and successful conduct and completion of programs in the area of high temperature, particulate removal, porous ceramic (oxide- & nonoxide-based, monolithic & CFCC/CMC), intermetallic, and metal/superalloy filter materials and component development/bench-scale assessment; performance in domestic and off-shore pilot- and demonstration-scale, pressurized, gasification and combustion coal-fired power generation facilities targeted for hot gas filtration commercialization & integration with the gas turbine power island.
    • In 2000, technology areas were expanded to include development of advanced high temperature catalyst systems and substrate supports for combustion turbines, and gas separation membrane components.
  • In 2005 joined DOE/NETL where primary focus includes ORD program development and execution via conduct and management of both internal and collaborative external materials technology efforts for 2015 advanced land-based syngas, hydrogen-fired, and oxy-fuel gas turbines.
    • Project includes >25 professionals in industry, small businesses, universities, and the National Laboratories.
    • Project encompasses materials development, aerothermal heat transfer, and NDE technology areas.
  • Chair of the Materials TAT Technology Team for the Power Propulsion Systems Alliance (DOD, DOE, NASA, WPAFB, Army, Navy, and FAA Collaboration).
  • ORD Representative on NETL’s PM Turbine Technology Team & NETL’s PM Gasification Technology Team.
materials related facilities and other assets
Materials-Related Facilities and Other Assets


Advanced Land-Based Turbine Applications

 1425-1700ºC, High Steam-Containing, Pressurized Hydrogen-Fired and Oxy-Fuel Systems 

    • Development of new novel bond coat systems and advanced thermal barrier coatings (TBC)  MAAlvin* (NETL-Pgh); Commercial Suppliers; Westinghouse Plasma Corp; Testing/Assessment: FPettit/JMeier/MYanar (UPitt)
    • Advanced APS YSZ development  JMeier/FPettit/MHelminiak/MYanar, (UPitt) & Praxair/GE
    • Advanced HT overlay TBC system development  Commercial Suppliers; SMao (UPitt)
    • ODS alloy development  BKang (WVU)
    • Advanced refractory (Mo, Nb) and nickel-based diffusion bond coat development  BGleeson (UPitt)
    • Internal and external heat transfer computational modeling assessment including film, transpiration, pulse cooling configurations; Experimental validation & configuration/component development  MChyu/SSiw/PGanmol/ WSlaughter/VKaraivanov (UPitt); TShih (Ames/Iowa State Univ)
    • Predictive 3D life assessment modeling of airfoil high temperature creep, fatigue, and crack growth; Experimental validation of predictive models  WSlaughter/VKaraivanov/MChyu/SSiw (UPitt)
    • Aeorthermal test facilities development; Current focus: Air/steam/CO2 cooling; Film cooling hole configuration  MChyu/SSiw (UPitt) & KCasleton/DStraub/TSidwell (NETL-Mgn)
    • Development of micro-indentation methodology and RT/HT hand-held devices demonstrating stiffness, Modulus, and material life of thermal barrier coatings and advanced substrate matrices  BKang/CFeng/JTannenbaum (WVU)
    • Development of acousto-ultrasonic NDE techniques for assessment & prediction of TBC life  RChen/BZhang (WVU)

* Collaborative Effort on All Task Areas

future research interests in the energy related materials area
Near-Term Technology Area Focus

Assessment of Commercial CMC/CFCC & ODS Alloys

HT Cyclic Oxidation (>1150C for CMC/CFCCs)

Predictive Life Modeling for Oxy-Fuel Applications

Design/Develop Automated, NDE Micro-Indentation Stiffness/ Modulus Measurement Hardware for Full-Scale Turbine Airfoils

Alternate Component Geometries

Alternate Power Applications


Long-Term Technology Area Focus

 Stretch Goals 

Integration of Materials-Aerothermal Approaches for Enhanced Component Manufacturability, Durability, and In-Situ Monitoring

Interdisciplinary NETL-University Collaborative Team

Concept Design Development of Advanced Architectures

Bench-Scale Proof-of-Concept Assessment


Future Research Interests in the Energy-Related Materials Area

Materials and Component Development For

Advanced Turbine Systems

  • Programmatic
    • Interagency & OEM Involvement
      • NASA, DOD, Turbine Manufacturers, etc.
    • Applied Technology Transfer/Product Commercialization
      • Materials (Bond Coat/YSZ/Overlay/Substrate)
      • Aerothermal
      • Component Architecture
      • NDE Techniques