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Entry Pathways General Administration

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Entry Pathways General Administration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Entry Pathways General Administration
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  1. Entry Pathways General Administration April 2012

  2. Entries Entries for unit codes and cash in codes (if applicable) should be made by: 21st October for January Series 21st March for June Series A cash-in code should only be submitted when the candidate has completed enough credits for the qualification to be awarded. Candidates should only be entered once a unit is completed and passed by centre assessors.

  3. All candidates must be judged to the same standard across different assessors and teaching groupsfrom year to year. Where more than one Assessor is involved, the centre must appoint an Internal Verifier. The role of the Internal Verifier is to: • check that all assessment criteria and learning outcomes are achieved; • ensure all Assessors have copies of the assessment records; • sample Assessor judgements at appropriate times to ensure that assessment criteria are correctly andconsistently applied; • co-ordinate meetings of Assessors, including arrangements to standardise their judgements; • give and record feedback to Assessors; • maintain records of the work/evidence sampled, and of the outcomes. Internal Standardisation

  4. An online sampling system will operate from June 2012 series for centre achievement for units. • The system will automatically identify the sample • candidates whose work is to be despatched to the • moderator. • The screens will be available to designated account • holders from 6th April once the entries have been • received and processed by WJEC. The name and address • of the moderator will be shown on screen and can be • printed onto blank labels. • The internally assessed work, cover sheets and assessment records for the sample candidates should then be despatched to the moderator. Online System

  5. • Each candidate’s work should be clearly marked with the centre name and number, candidate name andnumber, unit title(s) • • Ring binders (bulky to post) and plastic wallets (difficult to gain access to work)should not be used. • • Where work consists of a number of assignments these should be referenced tomatch learningoutcomes/ assessment criteria. • • Where evidence is presented to cover the assessment criteria for more than oneunit it should be referenced on the cover sheets. • Candidates’ evidence for each unit should be put together with the appropriate assessment record and candidate authentication sheet attached. Where candidates have completed more than one unit within a qualification area just one authentication may be filled in for that qualification. Presentation of Folders

  6. The moderator will verify the sample work using the published assessment criteria in the unit specification.Samples will be moderated by unit. • If there are any issues at the moderation stage, WJEC will contact the centre to inform them that a second sample needs to be sent. Results will be available via the secure website on: • 8th March for January series • 7th July for June series Feedback will be given to centres in the form of a moderator report on the day of results. Moderatorreports will provide feedback on: • the efficiency of the centre’s administration; • the appropriateness of the tasks and the coverage of assessment objectives; • the accuracy of the centre’s assessments against the criteria and in relation to the agreed standard. Moderation and Feedback

  7. Moderators will return work direct to centres as soon as possible after moderation. WJEC will handle with care material submitted for moderation, but cannot acceptresponsibility for loss or damage. Samples may be retained by WJEC for use as exemplar or archive material. • Centres are required to retain candidates’ assessed work under secure conditions, so far as practicable, until all possibility of queries on results has been exhausted, and to maintain their own archive for future internal verification. • Centres are requested to keep a record of candidate numbers and names of those candidates whose work is included in the sample sent or seen by moderators. This information may be required if there are any enquiries upon results at a later date. • N.B. Candidates should be advised not to include any items of real or sentimental value, e.g. photographs, certificates, etc. Return of Work

  8. Candidates will receive: • Credit Certificates (listing every unit they have achieved and been entered for); • and • Qualification Certificates (providing the qualification cash-in code has been entered). Certificates will be sent in May for January series and October for June series each year. Certificates

  9. For further general enquiries please contact: Pathways Qualifications: email: entrypathways@wjec.co.uk Phone: 029 2026 5444 Further General Information