by kosta botsikas n.
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Good and Evil PowerPoint Presentation
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Good and Evil

Good and Evil

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Good and Evil

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  1. By Kosta Botsikas Good and Evil

  2. Super Hero, designed by DC comics. Powers: Super Speed. Uses his powers to save people from the evil super villains. Alias/ Alter ego: Wally West Flash – The Fastest Man Alive • Part of the Justice League, a team of super heroes dedicated to fighting villains and keeping the Earth safe. • Has had many close calls with his life, only just saving himself in the knick of time. The Justice League

  3. A Saint canonized on April 18th 1999 by Pope John Paul II. Born: May 20th 1789 Rozet, village of Marlhes, France Died: June 6th 1840 Attributes: Compassion, Empathy Patronage: Education and teachers He was dedicated to teaching and spreading education and the gospel. A man whom founded the Marist Brother. Founded a primary school in La Valla to teach the children about the gospel. St MarcellinChampagnat

  4. Super Villain designed by Marvel Powers: Genius – level intellect, powered armour, skilled scientist, sorcerer and mind transferral. Alias/ Alter ego: Victor Von Doom Dr Doom • Plots and schemes to use his powers to destroy mankind and have total domination of the Earth. • However, his plans have been foiled thanks to the Mighty Avengers and the Fantastic Four. Some of the Avengers: Thor, Captain America and Iron man

  5. Born January 17 1899, Brooklyn, New York, America. Died January 25, 1947 (aged 48) Palm Island Florida. Charges: Tax Evasion Penalty: 11 year sentence in Alcatraz. Al Capone born as Alphonse Gabriel Capone, was dedicated to smuggling, bootlegging liquor and other illegal activities, in Chicago from the early 1920s to 1931. Sent to Alcatraz for tax Evasion. He died of a fatal cardiac arrest. As a Mafia crime boss had killed many people. Al Capone, Gangster , Mafia Crime boss