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The Little Big Science - Gary Stix

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The Little Big Science - Gary Stix - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Little Big Science - Gary Stix
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  1. The Little Big Science - Gary Stix Arthi Perka

  2. What is a Nanometer? • A nanometer is a unit of spatial measurement that is 10-9 meter, or one billionth of a meter.

  3. Nanotechnology as an emerging field • Interdisciplinary • Nano generates the buzz • What`s in a name?

  4. Nanotechnology deals with materials and systems having these key properties: • they have atleast one dimension of about 1 to 100nm • they are designed through processes that exhibit control over the physical and chemical attributes of molecular-scale structures • they can be combined to form larger structures

  5. Fabrication • Top down approach • Bottom up approach Other tools • Scanning Probe Microscope • Scanning Tunneling Microscope • Atomic Force Microscope

  6. Beyond Silicon “Once conventional silicon electronics goes bust, new nanoelectronic devices are a good bet to replace them. A likely wager, though not a sure one.” • real applications in bio-nano • improvement of material properties • government hopes

  7. National Nanotechnology Initiative

  8. “Nanotechnology`s bid for respectability is colored by the word`s association with a cabal of futurists who foresee nano as a pathway to utopia.” • Eric Drexler`s : Engines Of Creation • Dangers of nanotechnology

  9. Dip-Pen Nanolithography

  10. Graphic of Lithography Words written on a silicon substrate using a carbon nanotube tip of 10nm in diameter

  11. Nanotechnology Highlights • Development of vault nanocapsules • Properties of deformed nanotubes • Magnetic microlevitation chips

  12. Development of Vault Nano Capsules • Vaults are abundant cellular particles found in all cells containing a nucleus • It is possible to produce large quantities of Major Vault Protein (MVP) • The protein is able to self-assemble into vault-like particles • UCLA scientists think that bioengineered vaults can aid in drug delivery, biological sensors, enzyme delivery, etc.

  13. Properties of Deformed Nanotubes • Stretching a CNT, using an atomic force microscope by less than 1% changes it from a metal similar to copper to a semi-conductor similar to Graphite or Silicon • By bending a CNT, the metallic region is confined to the bend- a very low noise source of free electrons

  14. Magnetic Microlevitation Chips • MMC use magnetic field to levitate/trap nanoscale particles • MMC has enormous potential for applications in chemistry, biochemistry, biology etc. • Assembling a chain of red blood cells in a magnetic trap inside a buffer solution

  15. Challenges of Nanotechnology • The Challenge of Technological Development • The Challenge of Technological Foresight • The Challenge of Credibility and Understanding • The Challenge of Formulating Public Policy

  16. References