Little house in the big woods
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Little House in the Big Woods. Luis. Grandma.

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Grandma is the mom of Laura , Mary , and Carries mom and grandma little times she come to visit the house of ma and pa and she sometimes she just come to sleep one day and then she goes to her house and stay at her house and grandma sometimes bring food for a party

Laura ingalls

Laura ingalls

She has red hair. she has a big family. she lives in a little house. has a dog name jack and has a doll name charlott that they got her on chrismas.

Au nt d ocia
Aunt Docia

She pull as hard as she could aunt Ruby’s hair. they help each other in the corsets. Aunt Docia told aunt ruby to pull harder so aunt ruby pull harder.

Ma and pa

Ma and Pa

They call ma and pa instead mama and papa. Pa goes for the food so they could eat. When pa came ma will make the table. Pa takes care of the animals. Ma takes care to make food.

Carrie ingalls
Carrie Ingalls

  • Carrie is the smallest of her sisters. she is a baby girl and Laura and Mary are more bigger than her and she stayed all the time at the house so she is safe because she is just a baby.

Marry ingalls
Marry Ingalls

Mary and her sister take turns with a pigs tail. Mary is the middle of her sisters. She help ma with the shores at the home like washing dishes. Mary likes to play with her sister Laura .

Little house in the big woods

Jacks job is to protect the door from animals and stranger people. To protect the animals of the barn. Help dad go for the food so they could eat.

Uncle george
Uncle George

Uncle George sometimes stay at Laura, Mary, and Carries house to sleep. He read the bible and when he says amen they stand and grab a candle and go to sleep. He got up to the sled and went to the top hill and slide his self and Pa got up from sleeping and catch them. He can make sugar. Uncle George live far away in the big woods.

A unt r uby
Aunt Ruby

She was very friendly with Laura ,Mary and Carrie. Aunt ruby’s hair is a pretty black. She sometimes goes to visit Laura ,Mary and Carrie. She has pretty blue eyes that look like the sky.


Grandpa and pa came from the woods. Grandpa lived far away in the big woods , where the trees were closer together and large. Grandpa must hurry away he was going to grandpa. Grandpa must be glad that there’s sugar snow.


Grandma and the aunts make good things to eat for all the people who were coming to the dance. Grandma was going to dance first in the dance and that day was cold outside.

U ncle peter
Uncle peter

Uncle peter has a black hair. Uncle peter has blue eyes. Uncle peter sometimes go to visit Laura’s parents house. Uncle peter sometimes just come to take them to a places or to invite them.

Y ankee doodle
Yankee Doodle

Yankee doodle was a old song that pa singed to Laura Mary he scare them that they hug each other. Yankee doodle was the one who make the song and Yankee doodle it’s his name.

M rs huleatt
Mrs. Huleatt

Visited and looked at a Godey’s Lady’s books which Mrs.Huleatt had brought. Pa and Mrs.Huleatt looked at the horses and the crops and smoked their pipes.

Charlo tte

charlotte is the name of Laura’s doll. Charlotte was made by Laura just Laura did it alone. Charlotte was the first doll that Laura has made in the book the little house in the big woods.

U ncle henry
Uncle Henry

Uncle Henry did not tan his hide. Then a four time he screamed louder than ever. Pa see him jumping up and down screaming.

Little house in the big woods

Mary and Eva walked nicely together and talked .She like to play with Mary.she just visit them a little time.eva has black hair


Charley kept on screaming louder and shriller. Pa didn’t say nothing but uncle Henry said let her scream and charley kept on jumping up and down screaming.

A unt lotty
Aunt Lotty

Once Aunt Lotty came to spend the day.Aunt Lotty was a big girl much taller than mary.aunt lotty is coming here get peper.which one do you like best Mary asked her.

D avid

David was very good with Laura Mary and Carrie .David has black hair and brown eyes .David was a solder and he work for the army .David just camp out side .

M rs peterson
Mrs peterson

Mrs.Petersons talked Swedish to them, and they talked English, to her and they understand each other perfectly.He has just move other let Laura and Mary go with Mrs.petersons.

M r huleatt

Mr.Huleatt and Mrs.Huleatt invite Eva and Clarence to there house with them to talk and do many things at there house and eat something.

C larence

They invite Clarence to some where like a party or what ever there are doing,talking,and dancing.They went home at night and they got finaly at home and got to sleep.

A unt polly
Aunt polly

Aunt polly has a knife with her.Aunt polly sometimes she visit Laura and Mary and stay a little time to enjoy with them some fun.Aunt Polly doesn’t have a pet at her house.

Written by l uis
written by:Luis

The part I like best is when they went to town and they buy something at the town and pa sing the song Yankee Doodle and Laura and Mary got scare. It is hard for them to get food because they don’t have no money not like us we just go to the store and buy it no they need to get it so they could eat it. My opinion of this book I think it’s a very good book because it gives lots of information about long time ago.