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Introduction to Commercial Performance Systems “De-mystifying CPS” Glen-Gery Corporation January 11, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Commercial Performance Systems “De-mystifying CPS” Glen-Gery Corporation January 11, 2012

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Introduction to Commercial Performance Systems “De-mystifying CPS” Glen-Gery Corporation January 11, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Commercial Performance Systems “De-mystifying CPS” Glen-Gery Corporation January 11, 2012. Agenda Topics. Oldcastle Business Goals & CPS Objectives About the CPS Team… Best Practices: Overview Key Terms Capstone Sales Execution Plans Logistics and Calendar Expectations

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Presentation Transcript
Introduction toCommercial Performance Systems“De-mystifying CPS”Glen-Gery CorporationJanuary 11, 2012
agenda topics
Agenda Topics
  • Oldcastle Business Goals & CPS Objectives
  • About the CPS Team…
  • Best Practices: Overview
  • Key Terms
  • Capstone
  • Sales Execution Plans
  • Logistics and Calendar
  • Expectations
  • Q&A

This is not a presentation. We seek your active participation in discussion.

business goals cps objectives
Business Goals / CPS Objectives

Oldcastle Goals

  • Exceed market growth by at least 5% annually
    • GDP is barometer
  • Achieve 12% PBIT by 2015

CPS Objectives

  • Drive performance given the new economic reality; position GG and Oldcastle for sales and profit growth
  • Upgrade our skills to keep value captured…not give it back to the market
  • Implement standard and repeatable best practices focused on growth (volume and price)

The new economic reality is the CASE FOR CHANGE. We must achieve share gains against the competition and grow sales. Remember the definition of insanity?

the cps team
The CPS Team
  • We are a group of your peers; not consultants
  • The 11 of us are called “Sales Development Managers” (SDMs)
  • 9 of the 11 of us come Oldcastle companies
  • 100+ years of sales experience
  • 50+ years of sales management experience
  • Several with GM/Director/VP experience
  • Implementing CPS across Oldcastle for nearly 2 years
  • What we’ve learned:
  • No two businesses are the same
  • Every implementation is different
  • Regardless the business (or industry), the principles apply
  • Legitimate, quantified business opportunities are identified in each implementation
best practices overview account management
Best Practices Overview: Account Management
  • “Plan your work, work your plan.”
  • Key elements:
  • Customer Segmentation based on current sales and profitability; different strategies for customers in different segments
  • Time and Effort Prioritization based on growth opportunity
  • Account Plans developed for customers based on growth prospects
best practices overview customer retention
Best Practices Overview: Customer Retention
  • “Tools used to minimize customer attrition.”
  • Key elements:
  • Churn analysis: trends in buying from each account
  • Cases: capture both positive and negative feedback from customers; helps in evaluating customers at risk
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: additional feedback on performance
best practices overview customer acquisition
Best Practices Overview: Customer Acquisition
  • “Project and opportunity management”
  • Key elements:
  • Lead Management, includes searching for projects and tracking opportunities through their lifecycle. Sources include Reed project data and dealer/contractor leads
  • Account Prospecting; prioritized based on research and value delivery capabilities
best practices overview go to market architecture
Best Practices Overview: Go-to-Market Architecture
  • “Analysis of sales channels, geographic coverage and rep utilization to achieve targeted results.”
  • Key elements:
  • Channel tree: design and review sales channel structure with each manager to scan for opportunities
  • Coverage Maps: identification of coverage gaps using demographic data and existing customer radius of influence
  • Rep Utilization Model: used to evaluate contact strategy based on current book of business and planned growth strategies

Note: These sessions held with managers of sales staff.

best practices overview performance management
Best Practices Overview: Performance Management
  • “Goal alignment, sustainability, and accountability”
  • Key elements:
  • Time and priority management…managers and reps alike
  • Goal alignmentfrom rep to region to corporate level
  • Standards and expectations established and agreed to throughout the company
  • Sales execution plansdeveloped by each manager with reps before CPS is completed

Note: These sessions held with managers of sales staff.

salesforce com
  • “Are you wondering why we’re just now discussing SFDC?”
  • Key elements:
  • SALES…is what we do.
  • CPS…is how we do sales
  • SFDC…is where we document and record our notes and information and track results
  • SFDC is introduced and utilized in “bite-size” portions. SDMs schedule lab time during several CPS sessions to provide support and additional training. It is not optional and must be used.

SFDC is an enabler of profitable sales growth…a tool that helps us prioritize our efforts, track our results, and manage our book of business. NOTHING MORE.

key terms activities
Key Terms / Activities
  • Total wallet
  • Share of wallet
  • Customer segmentation
  • Discovery meetings
  • Ride-along Program (coaching)
  • Value Proposition
  • Role play
  • Labs
  • Green/Yellow/Red Activities (time management)
  • Sustainability
  • BP Champs
capstone meetings
Capstone Meetings

CPS Best practices drive performance…and so does each team’s understanding and agreement to performance expectations

Definition from Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

  • Capstone: the high point; crowning moment; peak or apex
  • CPS Use: Outline of expectations of reps regarding BP implementation


  • Each manager conducts a group meeting with his team to outline expectations of reps in applying best practices
  • This session is meant to be very interactive; may include some simple role play
sales execution plans
Sales Execution Plans
  • Managers will develop a 12 month plan with their teams to execute against their identified opportunities
  • These plans are presented to Oldcastle Executive(s) and President, VP-Sales
  • SDMs provide support in the development of the plan
  • Includes the“what” and (more importantly) the “how”
logistics and tentative schedule


Logistics and Tentative Schedule
  • Week of:
  • Jan 30: Boot Camp for BP Champs only (Wyomissing)
  • Feb 13: Mgr sessions, week #1 (Wyomissing)
  • West BP Champs (Mundelein)
  • Feb 20: Mgr sessions, week #2 (Wyomissing)
  • East BP Champs (Wyomissing)
  • Feb 27: CPS Kick-off (all) in Wyomissing, PA
logistics and tentative schedule pg 2


Logistics and Tentative Schedule, pg. 2
  • Training at two locations (Mundelein, Wyomissing) simultaneously
  • Week of:
  • Mar 05: CPS sessions (Mundelein, Wyomissing)
  • Mar 12: First Discovery Meetings (in field)
  • Mar 19: CPS sessions (Mundelein, Wyomissing)
  • Mar 26: CPS sessions (Mundelein, Wyomissing)
  • Apr 02: Off week
  • Apr 09: CPS sessions (Mundelein, Wyomissing)
  • Apr 16: CPS sessions (Mundelein, Wyomissing)
  • Apr 23: Second Discovery Meetings (in field)
  • Apr 30:CPS sessions (Mundelein, Wyomissing)
  • May 07: CPS sessions (Mundelein, Wyomissing)
  • May 14: CPS sessions (Mundelein, Wyomissing)
  • May 21: CPS sessions (Mundelein, Wyomissing)
  • May 28: CPS sessions (Mundelein, Wyomissing)
  • Jun 04: Final Review Week; CPS Training completed

Note: In some weeks there will be 2 days of training sessions (TBD). We will fine-tune schedules week of Jan 23.

cps rep typical week schedule
CPS: Rep. Typical Week Schedule
  • Monday: Travel Day to Wyomissing or Mundelein
  • Tuesday: Training Day
  • Wednesday: Training Day* or departure home
  • Thursday: Application of training in everyday activities
  • Friday: Application of training in everyday activities
  • *Several weeks of CPS training may require 2 training days. Team will fine-tune schedule week of Jan 23 and advise accordingly.
  • Attendance for all sessions…by everybody
        • Schedule conflicts managed with make-up sessions
    • An open mind
        • We accept responsibility for creating value in this program for you
        • We expect to earn your attention and your enthusiasm!
        • PARTICIPATE!
    • Interaction with SDMs during training
        • Ask questions
        • Challenge us
        • Active participation in role-playing
        • Support each other…some will get things quicker than others
    • Be on time…every time
        • Phones off
        • Computer screens down (unless instructed otherwise)