Futurict as a glance potential national networks in complex systems
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FuturICT as a glance: Potential National Networks in Complex Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FuturICT as a glance: Potential National Networks in Complex Systems. Prof.dr.Carmen Costea ASE & ASA. The world is changing. Changes our attitude and expectations requiring new approaches of life and profit.

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Futurict as a glance potential national networks in complex systems

FuturICT as a glance: Potential National Networks in Complex Systems

Prof.dr.Carmen Costea


The world is changing
The world is changing

  • Changes our attitude and expectations requiring new approaches of life and profit.

  • Ancient Chinese Science – Feng-Shui - promoted the Profit of Life (as a space harmony with the environment)

  • These unusual tools have reliable correspondents in the western managementpractices, life, finances and personal relationships.

  • Every day life teaches us, a lesson that science has only recently acknowledged, that life is complex.

  • The need of durable development asfulfilment and harmony, a better life inside a sounder society and environment (as a living entity) where people need to learn, think and consider, the role of the community and the value of being.

  • People have acted differently thinking benefits and looking for tools of getting their goals

Futurict as a glance potential national networks in complex systems

As a consumer: what you get is what you learn to haveAs a business owner:what you get is what you understand to finance

Futurict as a glance potential national networks in complex systems

Need to rethink both Science and Developmentof Life under a new approach from Uni-dimensional versus Multi-dimensional

Promote a new way of considering the real meaning of living and analyse it, under the label of “E” Theory (of sound education, effusiveness, social emancipation, elegance of thinking and economic emergence).

A new philosophy of life and action within economies and societies.

Franchising the knowledge (SHAPE THE CHANGE)

This new perspective = Capitalizing the added value by PRO-ACTIVE auto-governance : agility, flexibility, versatility, adaptability

From complicated to complex
From Complicated to Complex

“Markets .... are now more and more turbulent and complex, and the game rules become less clear or they change to such a speed that adaptability and flexibility begin to be considered by many authors as the only key to managerial success. “

Wilkinson and Young, 2002


Effects: fragmentation; transformation





Society as a propagation medium for information and knowledge

Vehicles of change
Vehicles of change

IT+ Complexity science = KBS

Cognitive science

Performance in the kbe needs a new global vision
Performance in the KBE needs a new, global vision






Products and Technology








Knowledge flow



Knowledge diffusion


Some new opportunities for sme
Some new opportunities for SME

Knowledge markets – the emergence of non-tangible goods

Triggering firms

Facilitator firms

Mentoring, training, coaching


Knowledge management

Patenting and licensing

Evaluation mechanisms

Education markets – new functions: inducing “disruption” by creating new socio-economic structures needed by “breakthrough professionals”; knowledge dissemination to businesses; generation of clusters, networks, spin-offs;

Continuous learning for mentors and parents

Science Shop, Science fun, Hands-on Science

New markets

Some new opportunities for sme1
Some new opportunities for SME

New professions

Breakthrough professions – create the knowledge stock; inventions necessary for the KBE (researchers, elite professionals, knowledge managers);

  • Trans- and interdisciplinary professionals: legal physics, econophysics

  • Structuring the framework, organization scheme and methodology

  • Recruitment, formation, and mentoring of professionals

  • Transfer specialists at the interface with Society (3rd Culture)

    Development professions – take over knowledge and inventions produced by the first group and infuse it into production cycle. Generate innovation (hardware and software, nanotech, biotech, new materials); ensure industrial competitiveness.

What to do think differently from the linear systems to the non linear ones
WHAT TO DO : Think differentlyFrom the linear systems to the non linear ones



Linear Paradigm

Non-linear Paradigm

Futurict as a glance potential national networks in complex systems

INNOVATION and its limits

  • Prohibitive dimensions of EU Standards for local employment and products

  • Inappropriate infrastructure and limits in harmonizing it with demands and conditions

  • Statistics and reality differences: e.g. RO the youngest retired people of EU, the greatest number of active population

7 pillars of social innovation euclid network


Civic awareness and realvalue-based action

Multiple approach of stakeholders

Networked society

New & revolutionary technologies

Implement “Just do it!” principle

Risk taking principle

Social Innovation Europe

Bridging together projects and persons with similar experiences and motivation of working andlearning together

Development of a Bank of resources easily accessible

Develop new relations between civil society – GOV – entities of all sort

7 pillars of Social Innovation - Euclid Network):

Futurict as a glance potential national networks in complex systems





Labor migration

Networks (transport, internet)


to reconsider the value and economic approaches based on institutional and ideological needs for changements

Sensors : Education, Society, Environment


Futurict as a glance potential national networks in complex systems

Potential Conclusions: right “E” approaches, strategies, behaviour




Data sources:

National Office of Statistics

National Commission of Economic Forecasting

Ministry of Education and Research

Institute of Academic Education

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Labour

Ministry of Home Affairs

NGOs Report

Governmental Agencies


Iterative fluctuation,


Fixed points


Characteristics of the new type of life

Opportunity/scoping behaviour

Commitment to action

Self motivation and assumed responsibility

Constant innovation

Flawless execution


Status spheres: traditional, transient, online, eco, giving, participative


Snack culture

Online Oxygen


Brand Butlers

Make it yourself

Crowd mining

Good learning

Good jobs

Good quality of employers

(Family) spousal coverage

Look in: Enhance CI practices

Look out: Learn about best of others

Look ahead :Opportunity /Scoping

Take action: Move execute, and raise the bar

Characteristics of the new type of life

Futurict as a glance potential national networks in complex systems

Lead Market Initiative correctly read behaviour:

Social Innovation

Regional Innovation



New standards (Quality)


Public Auctions

Knowledge and technology transfer with competencies

Eco-innovation (soft skills)

Ideas for educational projects:

New types of Partership proving awareness,


freedom to accept responsibility

Learning to create a better elder generation

Eliminate Social stress

Complex Integration of public and private initiates and projects

Mediating Innovation more jobs, improved lives, better society

Development of a hybrid world is emergent, thrives on MUTATIONS that arise in the GAP between PAST & FUTURE, between the crises in education & culture.

DESIGN EDUCATION focuses on freedom of being sustainable responsible & systems thinking to counter crisis even inside the boom. It must serve the future!!!

Futurict a super hub mediator
FuturICT – a super hub mediator behaviour

  • Diversity of reforms

  • Methodology of reforms and norms of correct applications

  • International recognition of local changes

  • Persistence of problems in all countries no matter the development degree, political regime resulting in complex inequality

  • The inadaptability of all systems

  • FuturICT could become a great solution for retraining – long life education as secondary education in alternance developed on the basis of educational policies combined with employment policies (national & regional education authorities associated with economic planning or employment policy matters) to bring each side closer to the other interests

  • The vocational education could be developed close to the handcraft artistic abilities

Components of life and work

Environment behaviour

Integrated programs



New Roles



Value Conflicts




Components of Life and Work

Futurict vision develop intuition imagination and intelligence
FUTURICT Vision: behaviourdevelop intuition, imagination and intelligence

  • Expanding the Inner Self building for ‘presencing’, deep connectedness with nature, finding the “self” and creating generational moments.

  • Designing the Mind- involves working with simplicity at the right scale, an efficient and frugal use of resources, sound regional economics and social resilience. It is often targets the uniqueness of places and uses play, as a preamble to real life.

  • • Wellness -this addresses vulnerabilities, targets deprivations, involves being critical and often, in curricular terms this means including the excluded.

  • • Generating the freedom of being responsible- fundamentally this involves creating conditions for the expression of constructive dissatisfaction or creative discontent.

The immediate stept cross cultural shift
The IMMEDIATE STEPT: Cross Cultural shift behaviour

FROM: “Culture is being destroyed in order to yield entertainment …Those who produce for the mass media ransack the entire range of past and present culture in the hope of finding suitable material …this material, moreover, cannot be offered as it is; it must be altered in order to become entertaining, it must be prepared to be easily consumed.”

TO: “A real cross-cultural attitude demands that the very paradigms, the very categories, the very forms of thinking, and the presuppositions of that other culture become integrated in the very vision I have of my own culture and the other culture. . . .

It is not that there are new things in the panorama; it is that the panorama is a different one.”