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Classroom Procedures & Expectations PowerPoint Presentation
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Classroom Procedures & Expectations

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Classroom Procedures & Expectations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Classroom Procedures & Expectations

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  1. Classroom Procedures & Expectations Mr. Mark Nickelson Audio & Video Productions I, II, III Office 832-386-4286

  2. Am I in the right room?

  3. Stand, Raise Your Hand, Pair Up & Introduce • Each student will get a piece of paper. • You will walk around the room with your hand up and introduce yourself to at least 4 new people. • You will answer questions (on the next slide) about the person you met. • PLEASE write down what they say. • After the music stops, I will then call on people to “introduce” that person to the rest of the class.

  4. Stand, Raise Your Hand, Pair Up & Introduce • Shake hands & ask the following questions: • Name • Age • Favorite TV show or Movie • Why did you take this class?

  5. Who is this teacher as a person?

  6. What will I be doing this year?

  7. Contests & Festivals

  8. Contests & Festivals Accomplishments 2009-2010 “Re-Do” Won 1st place for Bridges XAP PSA Contest (2010) 2010-2011 “Z” Finalist for SXSW Film Festival (2011) “Codename:Flyswatter” Winner of “Best Use of Prop” Youth M.A.F.I.A SXSW (2011)

  9. Contests & Festivals Accomplishments 2011-2012 “CTE: Careers Through Education” Won 1st place for “Best PSA” (2011) ACTE PSA Contest “Drones” Texas Thespians Film Festival National Finalist (2012) “Drones” Finalist for SXSW Film Festival (2012) “With the Help of Love” Winner of “Viewer’s Choice Award” (2012) 2012-2013 “CTE: What Does Your Future Sound Like?” Won 1st place for “Best PSA” (2012) ACTE PSA Contest “CTE: Passion Into a Paycheck” Won 2nd place for “Best PSA” (2012) ACTE PSA Contest

  10. Contests & Festivals Accomplishments 2013-2014 “CTE: “CTE Heroes” Won 1st place for “Best PSA” (2013) ACTE PSA Contest “Just Skate” Finalist for SXSW Film Festival (2014) “Just Skate” Semi-Finalist for UIL Young Thespians Film Festival (2014) “The Dominator” Semi-Finalist for UIL Young Thespians Film Festival (2014) “The Photographer” Semi-Finalist for UIL Young Thespians Film Festival (2014)

  11. Student Goals • You will enter at least 2 contests/festivals in the Fall & Spring Semesters with 2 different projects. • You will become certified in Adobe Premiere or Photoshop. • You will perform the duties of the director, producer, artist & a technician in different projects. • You will MASTER one of these roles. • You will go ‘ALL IN” on every project. • REQUIRED to film at least 2 events a 6 weeks. (signup genius) • AV 2 • If available, you will interview for and complete an in-school internship or work at the stadium. (Sports, TIS, or Teacher) • AV 3 • You will complete 2 internships (1 Fall & 1 Spring) for course creditor work at the stadium.

  12. Student Materials • You will need to purchase at least 1 composition notebook for this class. This will become your reference book for everything from writing to filming. You might need a second one for the Spring Semester. • You will need a USB Jump drive for all work. I highly recommend at least a 16gb drive.

  13. Jump Drives • Your Jump drive is your responsibility. • If I find one left behind, I will lock it up and hold it for you. • I recommend you write your name somewhere on it. • If you are caught with any software, music, or program that is not allowed by the GPISD Student Acceptable Use Policy you will face consequences.

  14. Grading • Our Grading Scale • 90-100% = A • 80-89% = B • 76-79% = C • 75-70% = D • Below 70% = F • Grades are calculated on cumulative percentage and are rounded up whenever possible. • Points are based on: • 50% Daily Grade • 50% Test & Projects • Grades are posted online every Thursday.

  15. Student Expectations • Be prompt • -Be ready to learn when class begins. • Be prepared • -Have materials with you and know due dates. • Be a polite and positive participant • -Speak in a normal tone of voice, and listen attentively. • Be productive • -Turn in work on time, and always do your best. • Be a problem solver • -Correct problems quickly and peacefully before they escalate.

  16. Special Expectations This classroom is a “NO Whining Zone”. That means that there will be no whining, for any reason. Everything I do is in your best interest, so please…. Respect the “NO Whining Zone” this year. No DRAMA!!!

  17. Show Respect • Value yourself. • Be honest and ethical, and practice strong moral values. • Treat all members of the school community and all visitors with politeness and respect. • Honor the ideas and opinions of others. • Offer to help. • Be responsible with property and belongings.

  18. Responsibility for Coursework • Have a Composition notebook and appropriate writing tools to class. I prefer pencil. • Know due dates (class calendar), and submit all coursework on time. Please always check the website and class calendar. • All assignments are posted on the white board at the front of the class or through PowerPoint. • If you fail to complete work, you must attend after school D-hall and complete. No zeros are allowed.

  19. Policies • Food and beverages are not allowed in the classroom. (Water bottles only with a top) • Please be in your seat when the bell rings, as class begins at that time. • Major assignments and projects can be resubmitted. They will be scored at a 20% deduction. • Absences • Ask team members or a classmate first for assignments. • Each absence has a two-day grace period. Points are deducted any day after the grace period. • All assignments will be on the website if you are absent.

  20. Responsibilities • Students must have signed permission to use equipment. • If you misuse equipment, you will lose that privilege and possible removal from class. • If you break equipment, you are responsible for repairs or replacement of equipment.

  21. Following the Expectations will result in: A stress free learning environment (Trust me..we are already going to have enough stress learning the software & meeting deadlines.)

  22. NOT Following the Expectations or Procedures will result in: 1st- Warning and documentation 2nd- Teacher conference 3rd- Parent Contact 4th- Detention 5th- Office

  23. Expectation Any student who uses profanity, fights, damages school property (this includes the property of the student and other students), or is disrespectful (as defined by the teacher) will be sent to the office IMMEDIATELY.

  24. The Jar “Street Language” is not appropriate for school and is not allowed in this class. I do understand if it “slips”, but you will have to pay a quarter anytime I hear inappropriate language.

  25. Classroom Procedures Explain, Rehearse, and Reinforce!! It is up to you to make this a safe and fun place to work.

  26. Entering Room • Please enter quietly and in dress code. • Have a seat in your assigned seat or area. • Take out your materials and begin the assignment on the projector or get your production journal from the back if an assignment is not up. • Begin working. • When the bell rings, I will instruct you on what to do next.

  27. When you are tardy • I do not accept bribes or go to the Tardy Sweep when the bell rings. • (For the first week, you will have a grace period.) • Please enter quietly • Place your slip on the front table. • Have a seat in your assigned seat or area. • Listen to the instructions that are in progress. When I am done speaking, a team member can explain what you missed or you can ask me for clarification.

  28. Getting your attention I will: Stand Quietly & Wait for everyone to get quiet. Then I will Begin speaking. If I whistle..get quiet now!

  29. Finish Class work Early What do I do next?

  30. Finish Class Work Early Activities • Work on any assignments that you need to finish. • Write down some ideas for school commercials or PSAs in your composition notebook. • Review Media Terminology or notes in your composition notebook. • Help other people out. You never know when you might need them!

  31. Scheduled Checkout • (Going home early for any reason) • Please let me know as you enter the classroom. I will be at the door. • Quietly raise your hand to get my attention. • Pack your materials and leave at the scheduled time. • If it is an emergency, quickly get my attention and I will assist you. • I do this because we do many projects outside of the room. I do not want to get a call from the attendance office telling me you are going home, and we can’t find you.

  32. Turning in Papers • Class work will be put in your composition notebook or emailed to me. • It will be graded in class and then discussed. • I will take up your composition notebooks periodically to see if you are doing the assignments. • Any (Paper) project will be turned into me personally.

  33. Classroom Discussions • Please participate, but raise your hand!! • I WANT to hear what you have to say. • Make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion. • If your question is off topic, write it down and ask later or use Today’s Meet. • If we are in a lab setting working on projects, please use the green question mark to get my attention.

  34. Moving around the room • You must ask permission. • DO NOT ask during a classroom discussion unless it is an emergency.

  35. Class Dismissal • The teacher dismisses you, not the bell; Do not start packing up prior to the bell • You will work until you hear the duck alarm on my phone. This is a one minute warning to you so you can save anything you have and to clean up your area. • Wait until the teacher finishes and officially dismisses you. Please do not line up at the door.

  36. Production Voices • There is a concept called “Production Voices”. It basically means that a crew’s voice level should be so low, that you can tell they’re talking, but can’t make out what they say between crews. • If voices get out of control, I will say “Quiet on the set!” • The reason for this rule is that I don’t want your great idea to influence or change someone else's. • Trust me it has happened.

  37. Cell Phones • By district policy, you are allowed to have a cell phone on you for an emergency. • You are NOT allowed to use it during school time, unless it is in our lesson. • Please do not ask to charge your phone. Do that at home. If you aren’t texting in class, it won’t go dead. • If I see a phone, I will take it up and we will follow the new cell phone policy.

  38. Fire Drill • The fire drill route is posted on the wall next to the front door. • We will line up at the door and travel in a single file line out to the softball fields. • The last person out the door will turn off the lights and close the door. • A volunteer (I’ll assign) will grab the flags and the attendance book. • I will take attendance outside. If you are not in line & do not respond, you will be counted missing and receive a consequence from the principal’s office.

  39. Working Together • In the “Real World” you have to work together. You don’t always have to like the person you are with, but you have to be courteous and fair with each other. • I encourage you to work with other people besides your friends. Some of the best films come from groups of people who have different ideas.

  40. Outside Filming Projects • Students will follow all Handbook Rules. • ALL students must have a valid picture ID & a Stampede Studios ID badge at all times. First one free; lost one $5 • You will address ALL adults with respect. • You will be mindful of the time and return when you are finished. No excuses. No Tardy Passes. • We do this because we have to make sure the equipment is returned and in working order.

  41. Equipment Room • The equipment room is very different & has some new toys in it. We will discuss & play with them later. • We must checkout all equipment using the scanner. No one is allowed in the room unless you are assigned to work it. • You will trained on how to use this properly & each of you will be assigned a 2-week period in the room.

  42. Field Trips • AV 1 • Will be invited to attend a college tour & SXSW. • AV 2 • Will be invited to attend a college tour & SXSW. • AV 3 • Will be invited to attend a college tour, SXSW, and a Stadium Tour. • All trips do have a cost involved. When the time comes, I will address how much it will be.

  43. Special Guest • We will have special guests from time to time. • Please treat them with the respect that they deserve or we will not have guests. • If it is a presenter, listen until they are finished and then ask questions. • If it is a substitute, do the work you are given, EVEN if you feel that you don’t have to.

  44. Studio • You are always welcome to use the studio for a project that you are working on. • I do ask that you schedule this time, as to not interfere with other things that are going on. • We share this studio with Mrs. Barajas & Mr. Smith. Be respectful. • Procedures & expectations for this room will come at a later date.

  45. My Pledge to Students • I will TRUST you until you give me reason to do otherwise. • I will RESPECT you and work with you to solve problems. • I will promptly correct and offer FEEDBACK on your work. • I will WORK WITH YOU to meet your learning goals. • I will OFFER EXTRA HELP after school, if you ask.

  46. Golden Rule • Treat others and equipment with respect. • When in doubt, ASK.

  47. Stampede Studios Dues • $ 40 • Covers your 1st T-shirt & College Trip • You are not required to join Stampede Studios.

  48. YOU are now a part of an amazing program!!

  49. Websites to check out • Online Dictionary • Wikipedia • Media College

  50. Student Information Card • Go to Media Share • Open the AV folder you are enrolled in • Copy the file Student Information Card to your desktop • Fill out the information • If you have a question hold up the green question mark paper.