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MM Skills

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MM Skills

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  1. MM Skills • Are MM developers computer scientists? • Or they are artist, programmers, animators, or musicians? • To produce good MM project you need diverse range of skills & detailed knowledge of: computers, graphics, text, sound, video and animation.

  2. The MM project team MM project may requires as many as 18 roles: • Executive producer • Producer/project manager • Creative Director/MM designer • Art director/visual designer • Artist • Interface designer • Game designer • Subject matter expert

  3. The MM project team (2) • Instructional designer/training specialist • Script writer • Animator(2D/3D) • Sound producer • Music composer • Video producer • MM programmer • HTML coder • Lawyer/media acquisition • Marketing director

  4. Executive producer • Responsible of the devising a vision for the product and the overall development & implementation of the project • Product Plans and Operations • Ideally the executive producer arranges for financing and tries to keep the project within budget. • Responsible for the team performance & resource planning • Follow day to day operation: running meetings, scheduling and assigning tasks, team dynamics The glue that holds the project together

  5. Producer / Project Manager • The role of the production manager in a multimedia production is to define, coordinate and facilitate the production of the multimedia project. • The Production Manager undertakes the following activities. • Development of the budget control system • Hiring of all specialists involved in the multimedia development process • Contracting video and audio production crews and recording studios • Equipment rental, leasing and purchasing • Software acquisition and installation • Planning the research work of the content specialists • Development of the multimedia • application outline • schedules • Coordination of legal aspects of production

  6. Production Manager (skills) • Characteristic of good production manager: • Able to coordinate and facilitate the production • Possess knowledge of the basic principles of multimedia authoring • Skilled proposal writer • Good negotiator • Familiar with relevant legal issue • Good communication skill • Budget management skill • Experience in human resource and overall business management

  7. MM designer • Looks at the overall content of the project • Responsible for integrating all the multimedia elements by using an authoring program. • Creates a structure for the content & determine the design elements to support that structure • Decides which media are appropriate for presenting which pieces of content • Prepares the blueprint for the entire project: content, media, and interaction

  8. Art director/visual designer • The computer graphic artist is responsible for the graphic elements of the program - such as backgrounds, buttons, photo collages - and the manipulation and editing of pictures, 3-D objects, logos, animation, and etc. • Responsible for presenting screens that should present an appealing mix of color, shape, and type • Maintain visual consistency using only those elements that support the overall objective of the project

  9. Artist • Creates graphics interactive MM • Helps to show how screens would look like using paper & pencil • Develops artwork and animation for the project

  10. Interface designer Interface provides control to the people who use the software • Creates a software device that • organizes the MM content, • lets the user access or modify that content, and • presents the content on the screen. • A good interface designer will create products that will encourage use • Interface is designed from ground up & not after all programming is done. • Interface Designer should visualize ideas as they are discussed

  11. Game designer • Designs game plan and background • Creates the characters and environments of the game • Determines choices for characters • Designs game levels & strategies

  12. Subject matter expert • Responsible for performing all necessary research concerning the content of the proposed application. • Program content can be described as: • The specific information, data, graphics • Facts to be presented through the multimedia production. • This expert will advise the project manager on the nature and/organization of the product content. • The expert is also responsible for validating and evaluating the content of the product, which may be accomplished in stages • Provides access to source materials and reference items such as books, articles, videotapes, and static art

  13. Subject matter expert (skills) • The most important skill of the subject matter expert is knowledge of the subject. • Good communication skill • This knowledge could come from formal academic training or work experience.

  14. Text Editor • The content of a multimedia production, like a book or a film, needs to flow in a logical fashion and the text within it must be structurally and grammatically correct. • Text and narration will be integrated as part of the application • Development of documentation for the application must be considered. • All of the text related elements need to be revised by the text editor.

  15. Instructional designer/training specialist • Instructional designers identify instructional goals, conduct goal analyses, write learning outcomes, develop test items, write product documentation and identify skill levels. • Conducts high-level analysis of training needs • Specifies learning objectives, selects interactive exercises, and creates evaluation questions. • Supervises the formative and summative evaluations. • Instructional designers usually have a formal undergraduate and or graduate degree in instructional design.

  16. Script writer • Working after an instructional designer has created an outline, a writer creates and revises the script that actually dictates what words, images, video, and audio elements that are presented to the audience. • The writer works with the artists and programmers to ensure that what is envisioned can actually be implemented within the time, budget, and technology constraints. • It is his responsibility to apply navigation directions to the scripts, add notes indicating any special functions, links, or other software behaviors, and create alternate items, if necessary. • An effective writer has: Good communication skills. A writing style that is concise, direct, and engaging creativity to increase learner engagement.

  17. Animator(2D/3D) • Responsible for character animation, lighting MM environment, and special effects • Integration with Other MM objects • Deciding on animation methods and keeping animation fresh

  18. Sound producer • Oversee the pre-production, production, and post-production of video and audio elements. • Pre-production includes the selection and preparation of shooting locations and set up of equipment • Production encompasses the creation of raw audio/video content and • Post-production primarily refers to the editing and refinement of content to a desired duration and quality. Industry experience is particularly desired for such team member.

  19. Music composer (audio specialist) Quality of audio elements can make or brake a MM project • Audio specialist makes MM projects come alive • They design and producing music and sound effects • Responsible for scheduling recording sessions & editing recorded material

  20. Video producer • Responsible for videographers, lightning designers, and actors • Skilled with managing all phases of productions • Must be familiar with the tools & techniques used for digital editing

  21. MM programmer • The programmer prepares software code and/or works with development tools to integrate content and procedures into a multimedia product. • The programmer will combine a project storyboard and content to build a product by using a multimedia-authoring package. • Critical skills for the programmer to possess include analysis, ability to work with software and authoring tools, and the ability to be a team player. • Programmers often have skills in a number of authoring environments and/or programming language. 

  22. HTML coder • Web site producer familiar with HTML coding of tables, frames, and forms. • Responsible for maintaining/updating site content and developing new site features

  23. Lawyer/media acquisition • The Copywriter prepares and reviews text content for the multimedia project. • They work with a subject matter expert and designer to capture critical information and a style of delivery. • The copywriter must understand the vocabulary constraints of the audience and be able to translate complex ideas into words or stories that are appropriate to the audience. • The copywriter may have backgrounds in journalism, education, or even be the subject matter expert that has writing skills.

  24. Marketing director • How to approach consumers who would buy the MM product • Plans and executes advertising methods