pricing procedural steps basics of sap mm n.
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SAP MM module deals into several components such as master data, purchasing, goods receiving, material storage, consumption-based planning, and inventory management. SAP MM is integrated with other SAP modules to enhance its functionality further. SAPVITS servers best SAP MM Online Training by providing SAP mm PDF, SAP MM PPT & all study material.\nContact us:\nWebsite:\nEmail id:\nIND: 91 992 284 8898\nUSA: 1 678 389 8898\nUK: 44 141 416 8898

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pricing procedural steps basics of sap mm

Pricing Procedural

Steps & Basics of SAP


SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. SAP ERP (Enterprise

Resource Planning) is business software that will coordinate all data in single software

considering various factors like time and cost. Organizations can easily meet their business

requests with the assistance of SAP.

What is SAP MM?

SAP MM (Material Management) is one of the most important module in ERP that is the part of

logistics area which supports the procurement & inventory functions in daily business

operation. SAP MM is a strong backbone of logistics area which includes sales & distribution,

inventory management, production planning, plant maintenance, purchasing etc. It is fully

integrated with SAP Finance(FI), Controlling(CO), sales & Distribution(SD), Quality

Management(QM), Plant Maintence (PM), Production Planning (PP) etc.

sap mm


What is Pricing Procedure?

The primary idea of evaluating system is combination of various type charges, similar to Gross

value, freight, discount, surcharges etc. We using theses pricing procedure to decide these all

conditions into one methodology, where we can discover the sub-add up to for net sum. To

explore the pricing procedure there are some below points to be consider.

1. Condition Table

2. Access Sequence

3. Condition Type

4. Condition Record.

5. Schema Group

6. Computation Schema

7. Schema Determination

Pricing Procedure of SAP MM

1. Condition Table

It's table where framework spares the all fields with the combination for singular condition

record. Assume on the off chance that I utilize Plant as condition table, at that point the condition

record will be made for plant as it were. We can utilize numerous fields in a single condition


2 access sequence the principle idea of access

2. Access Sequence

The principle idea of Access sequence is; it searches condition record for condition write from

condition table. One access sequences can contain one or numerous condition tables.

Assume we keep up 4 condition tables in a single access sequence. At that point when a

condition write will look for condition record by means of this entrance succession, the entrance

sequence will permit to seek just these 4 condition table.

3. Condition Type

In simple word, condition type is utilized for various sort of charges. Like gross discount, freight,

rebate etc. Assume we buy a material for value 10, we get a discount of value 2. At that point the

value 10 will go to a condition type and the price 2 will go to another condition type.

4. Condition Record

Condition record contains the record which is kept up against condition table concerning

condition type. It can be gotten through access sequence and condition type.

Assume we keep up a condition record against condition table (seller) concerning condition type.

At that point at whatever point the merchant utilized this condition compose, the condition

record will be fetched.

5. Schema Group

It's assigned to our vendor and Purchase Organization, It helps the vendor and purchase

organization to pick pricing procedure. Our schema group is allotted to vendor and one schema

group will be appointed to Purchase organization. With this blend, framework will bring the

pricing procedure.

6. Computation Schema

Here we keep up sequencing for the pricing calculation, similar to net value, discount, rebate,

surcharges etc. Here we keep up the estimation for all condition writes and gather together all

required condition composes for our pricing procedure.

7. Schema Determination

Here we keep up the pricing procedure for purchasing document. We keep up computation

schema combination of per every vendor – composition group and each buy organization schema



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