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Tender Writer- Skills of a Quality Tender Writer

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Tender Writer- Skills of a Quality Tender Writer

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  1. http://www.redtapebusters.com

  2. Tender Writer – Skills required by a quality Tender Writer • Tender writing is not rocket science and you don’t need a degree in economics BUT the quality tender writer will have significant relevant skills and abilities which most “lay” people just don’t have. • You can learn some of the skills and techniques by attending training or being mentored but unless you are a creative person with above average written and research skills well you probably are going to struggle being a good tender writer. http://www.redtapebusters.com

  3. Tender Writer – Skills required by a quality Tender Writer Following is a list of skills and attributes that most really good tender writers will possess:- Patience Of Job Tender writers have to have patience that only a saint or Job can match. The need to be able to wait to gather information, they need to wait for tenders to be released, they need to rely on others in the organisation – they have to wait wait wait. Impatient tender writers will jump in, they wont read all the documents required to understand the tender requirements they will be overly quick to commence writing – they will make mistakes plain and simple. http://www.redtapebusters.com

  4. Tender Writer – Skills required by a quality Tender Writer Research skills Tender Writers require great research skills to find tender opportunities and to undertake research to identify data, information, statistics etc to support their tender proposal. At times these research skills are vital within their own organisation so that documents and vital information can be found which will be essential in preparing the tender. http://www.redtapebusters.com

  5. Tender Writer – Skills required by a quality Tender Writer Organisational skills These skills are vital in preparing tenders. Tenders have specific deadlines and therefore you need to be organised and virtually project plan the preparation of the tender from start to finish taking into account the closing date for the tender and the method of lodgement required. Tender writers with organisational/project planning skills obviously will be better placed that the tender writer who is not organised and is managing chaos. http://www.redtapebusters.com

  6. Tender Writer – Skills required by a quality Tender Writer Coordination skills Again these are vital. Information will need to be gained from a variety of different internal and external sources in order to prepare a comprehensive tender response. You will need to coordinate with others, coordinate timelines and coordinate information and as such you will need to have great communication and interpersonal skills. http://www.redtapebusters.com

  7. Tender Writer – Skills required by a quality Tender Writer Interpersonal/communication skills If you need to coordinate with others within and external to the organisation to gain information, documents, statistics etc you will need to have great interpersonal and oral communication skills. People don’t mind helping someone friendly and engaging and who can communicate their requirements properly. They tend to refuse to help those with poor communication skills or those who are abrasive. In fact some people will go out of their way to subtly hinder progress and help if you are viewed with suspicion or anger within the organisation. http://www.redtapebusters.com

  8. Tender Writer – Skills required by a quality Tender Writer Notice that at no stage yet have detailed the great written skills you require to be a quality tender writer. Yes you do need good written skills however you can have the best written skills but if you don’t have these supporting skills and attributes it won’t matter how great you can wordsmith – your tender responses will generally be found wanting. Contact us at Red Tape Busters - http://www.redtapebusters.comshould you require more information about this article or if you require specialist grant or tender writing experience to help your organisation or business win grant funding or achieve successes with tenders. http://www.redtapebusters.com

  9. Tender Writer – Skills required by a quality Tender Writer We are specialists in providing the following services:- • Lobbying; • Tender Writing; • Grant Writing; • Resumes/Job Applications; • Organisational/Business Development. http://www.redtapebusters.com

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