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Tender Briefing ________

Tender Briefing ________ Appointment of Professional Service Providers to render professional multi-disciplinary services TENDER NO. WP0485 WTE DEPARTMENT OF WATER AFFAIRS 06 SEPTEMBER 2012 Nathi Mdletshe. 1. PRESENTATION OVERVIEW. Overview of DWA’s mandate

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Tender Briefing ________

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  1. Tender Briefing • ________ • Appointment of Professional Service Providers to render professional multi-disciplinary services • TENDER NO. WP0485 WTE • DEPARTMENT OF WATER AFFAIRS • 06 SEPTEMBER 2012 • Nathi Mdletshe 1

  2. PRESENTATION OVERVIEW • Overview of DWA’s mandate • State of our infrastructure and NWRI’s programmes • Current process of sourcing the services • Terms of Reference 4.1 Disciplines 4.2 Special conditions 4.3 Evaluation criteria (emerging & established co.) 4.4 Standard Bidding Documents 4.5 Professional bodies registration 4.6 Tender Data 2

  3. 1. DWA Business definition The aim of the Department of Water Affairs is to ensure the availability and supply of water at national level, facilitate equitable and sustainable social and economic development, and ensure the universal and efficient supply of water services at local level. The Department’s core functions are: policy formulation, water resource management, infrastructure development, capacity building, intergovernmental and intra-sectoral coordination, and water regulation. 3

  4. 2. NWRI Business The National Water Resources Infrastructure Branch exists to ensure a reliable supply of water from water resources infrastructure, with acceptable risk, to meet sustainable national, regional, social, economic and environmental objectives for all South African citizens. The Branch solicits and source funding to implement, operate and maintain water resources infrastructure in an efficient and effective manner (by strategically managing risks and assets) 4

  5. 2. NWRI Business (cont…) Strategic Priorities Contribution to economic growth and social development Strategic Objectives Develop, maintain, rehabilitate and refurbish bulk water infrastructure Effective creation of decent employment through infrastructure delivery Promotion of Small Medium Micro Enterprises through procurement of goods and services 5

  6. 2. NWRI Business (cont…) Sub-programmes: Engineering Services Infrastructure operations and maintenance Infrastructure development Construction management 6

  7. 2. NWRI Business (cont…) Engineering Services: Civil Engineering Services; Hydrological Engineering; Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services; Integrated Environmental Services; Technical Engineering Services 7

  8. Tasks required: Design, Draughting services, Site supervision, Plant/site inspections (Mechanical/Electrical), Training of DWA personnel, Management of projects, Project management, Quantity surveying, Revision of standard specifications, updating/development of plant log books, Environmental authorisations, Dam Safety assessments, Probabilistic evaluations, Geophysical investigations, Monitoring of dams, Maintenance plans, Operation and Maintenance Manuals on Dams and Monitoring of conveyance structures and systems 8

  9. Background of Tender Initially advertised: Tender Bulletin and City Press Compulsory briefing session: 17 July Addendum 1 issued: July First closing date extension: 2 August Second closing date extension: 4 October Provincial sessions: WC- 29 Aug NC- 04 Sept EC- 30 Aug NW- 05 Sept KZN- 31 Aug LP- 06 Sept FS- 03 Sept MP- 07 Sept 9

  10. 3. State of our infrastructure 10

  11. Major Water Resources Development Projects • MOKOLO AND CROCODILE RIVER (WEST) • AUGMENTATION PROJECT • 7 million m3 water for ESKOM (Medupi PS) • and 5 million m3 water for domestic use • - Direct Jobs: 250 • OLIFANTS RIVER WATER RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (de Hoop) • 40 million m3 of water for domestic use and 40 million m3 water for mining • - Direct Jobs: 800 VAAL RIVER EASTERN SUB SYSTEM AUGMENTATION PROJECT - 96 million m3 of water for ESKOM and 64 million m3 of water for SASOL 7 • KOMATI WATER SYSTEM • AUGMENTATION PROJECT • 54 million m3 of water for ESKOM • - Direct Jobs: 466 2 461 1 4 • MOOI MNGENI TRANSFER SCHEME (PHASE 2) • 60 million m3 of water for domestic use • - Direct Jobs: 450 3 5 • CLANWILLIAM DAM • 70 million m3 of water • for existing and new • irrigation farmers • - Direct Jobs: 678 Durban 6 • HAZELMERE DAM • 10 million m3 of water for domestic use Cape Town 11


  13. Existing Infrastructure 13

  14. 3.1 Age Profile of Assets 14

  15. 3.2 Age profile of assets 15

  16. 3.3 Remaining Useful Life 16

  17. 3.4 DAM SAFETY REHABILITATION PROGRAMME (DSRP) • 359 dams on the asset register (218 listed in the ICOLD world register of large dams) • 36 dams in various stages: feasibility study, detailed design or construction

  18. 3.5 Rehabilitation done due to: • Insufficient spillway capacity: 80% • Slope stability problems: 10% • Inadequate maintenance eventually resulting in dam safety problems: 60% • Geological/foundation problems: 10% • Inadequate outlet systems: 80% 18

  19. Current procurement system: in terms of PFMA and PPPFA per project Challenges: time wasted on SCM processes; delays in projects; poor contract management; over-utilisation of established PSPs; lack of competition in the sector; extent of fronting and lack of skills transfer to emerging entities 4. Sourcing of services 19

  20. Envisaged system: pre-approved database of Engineering PSPs (+/- 30) for 3 years Principles of the envisaged route: Pre-approved PSPs to be called as an when they are needed; Services will be procured by means of Project Execution Plans (PEPs); Contracts will be used to pave entry for emerging service providers and entities owned and managed by historically disadvantaged individuals (HDIs) DWA reserves the right to appoint the established PSPs and pair them with HDI service providers, with clear skills transfer outputs. 4. Sourcing of services (cont…) 20

  21. DWA transformation objectives: aligned with Government’s priorities and strategic thrust on job creation, economic emancipation of the previously marginalised, promotion of SMEs, industrialisation, etc What informs us?: DWA legislative and policy direction; Priorities of the government; New Growth Path; Preferential Procurement Policy Framework; BBBEE National Development Plan/ Vision 2030; Roll-Out Infrastructure Plan 4. Sourcing of services (cont…) 21

  22. 5. Terms of Reference (ToRs) 22

  23. 5.1 Special Conditions 23 DWA reserves the right to accept or reject any bid or all bids, and to cancel the procurement process if there is a justifiable reason in line with relevant prescripts. Only those Tenderers who have in their management and employment suitably register professional persons can tender. Latest tariff of fees will be applicable (ECSA tariff of fees- latest gazetted fee).

  24. 5.2 Evaluation criteria 24 • The evaluation of Bids will be executed in a 3 staged process: Phase 1- administrative compliance (page 12) Phase 2- technical evaluation (pages 13 to 18) and Phase 3- BBBEE (page 19). • Criteria for categories: • Category 1- Emerging PSPs (projects valued R0,1 – R10 million) • Category 2- Emerging PSPs (projects valued R10 – R50 million) • Category 3- Established PSPs (projects valued R50 – R100 million) • Category 4- Established PSPs (projects valued R100 – R250 million) • Category 5- Established PSPs (projects valued R250 – R500 million) • Category 6- Established PSPs (projects valued R500 million and higher)

  25. 5.3 Standard Bidding Documents/Forms 25 • All bidding documents or forms must be filled in and signed. Failure to do so will invalidate your Bid 5.4 Registration with professional body • DWA will only accept bids from companies with properly qualified and professionals registered with the relevant professional bodies . This excludes professional with suspended membership, professionals with unpaid membership fees and people who are still in the process of registration. 5.5 Tender data • Technical enquiries, SCM enquiries • Closing date: 4 October 2012 at 11:00

  26. 5.5 Tender data (continued…) 26 ADDENDUM 1: • Responses to the questions asked at the briefing session (17 July) • Posted in DWA website. • Sign and return with bid responses. ADDENDUM 2: • Responses to the questions asked after the briefing session (17 July) • Minor amendments, clarifications and/or additions to the bid document • Will be posted in DWA website on the 29 August 2012. • Sign and return with bid responses.

  27. 6. Rotation 27 • Rotation Framework will be presented to approved PSPs • Rotation of PSPs will be implemented by the Office of DDG, with assistance of SCM and the appointed external expert assistance. • Considerations for rotation: • Location of the project; • Location of a PSP/s; • Size of the project; • Amount of existing work already awarded to a PSP; • Delivery time; • Previous performance in a project;

  28. THANK YOU 28

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