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Tender processing PowerPoint Presentation
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Tender processing

Tender processing

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Tender processing

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  1. Tender processing Guidelines

  2. Tender Entry Guidelines • Organisation name • Organisation address • URL • Country • Email • Project Name • Project location • Financier Name • Short Description • Tender details • Estimated cost • Bid bond • Tender Value • Deadline • Tender notice no • Notice Type • ICB/NCB • Other Important points

  3. Organisation Name • Never use only abbreviations. The Organisation name should be in full. And if there is any abbreviation for that Organisation is available then both should be mentioned. Eg : • Domestic: If the tender is from NTPC the Organisation should be: NATIONAL THERMAL POWER CORPORATION LTD. (NTPC) • International : EUROPEAN BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT (EBRD) UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA (UNISA) MUMBAI METROPOLITAN REGION DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (MMRDA)

  4. Organisation address • The Organisation address should be in the below format. P.O. Box/ Area/ Town name, City Name, Pincode, State Name Tele (Country Code-City Code-Telephone no ) Fax (Country Code-City Code-Telephone no ) Contact Person (if available) Eg : For India Tenders: Bandra - Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai - 400 051, State: Maharashtra Tel: 0091-22-26590001 to 26590004 (4 lines) Fax: 0091-22-26591264 For Global tenders : P.O. Box 3212, Doha Tel: 00974-44-402000 Fax: 00974-44-831125

  5. URL, Country, Email • URL : Organisation website should be entered in this field. Eg : • Country : Country should be always the country of the Organisation. For e.g. If the tender is invited by US Army and the work is in Afghanistan then the country should be United States • Email : Email ID of the Organisation or the contact person for the tender. (This should always be an official email id. Personal email ids should not be entered Eg of personal ids :,, Etc.

  6. Project Name (Applicable in funded tenders) • Project Name should be complete and if any Project ID or Loan No. is available in the tender notice it should be mentioned in the bracket along with the Project Name. For e.g. Higher Education Quality and Capacity Improvement Project (Project ID: P106605) Community Irrigation Project (Grant: 38417-02-2)

  7. Project location • Project Location is the location where the tendering work will be going on. In case of Indian tenders the Project location is the name of the State and for Global the location should be country name. In some cases the Country of Organisation is different with the Location so the Location should be selected as per the tender notice. For e.g. If the tender is invited by US Army and the work is going on in Afghanistan then the Project Location should be Afghanistan.

  8. Financier Name • This field is used for MFA/BFA funded tenders. If a tender is funded by any Funding agency like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, EBRD etc. then the name of the Funding agency should be mentioned in this field.

  9. Short Description • Short Description should be always the name of the product in case of supply tender and for services/work tenders the name of the work should be given in short. Short description should always start with either : • Supply of ……… • Provision of………. • Carrying out the work of…………

  10. Tender details • Details should contain the tendering work in detail. For supply tenders each products name should be specified with quantity. • The tender details first paragraph should always start with : • Tenders are invited for………. • Expression of Interest for…………….. • Request for proposal for……… • Request for quotation for…………….. • Prequalification notice for……………. • Procurement plan for……………… • Procurement Forecast for……………

  11. Estimated cost, Bid bond, Tender Value • Estimated cost : It is the total project cost or the tender cost (To be entered if available in the notice) • Bid Bond : It is a type of security deposit asked by the tendering authority from the bidders (To be entered if given in the notice. All Bid bond value should have Currency followed by value Eg : AED 100). In case of multiple Bid bond value enter it comma separated. • Tender Value : It is the tender document cost (To be entered if available in the notice. All Tender value should have Currency followed by value Eg : AED 100). In case of multiple Tender Value enter it comma separated.

  12. Deadline • Deadline Date means the submission of tender document. • If deadline date is not available Opening date of tender document should be mentioned. • In case both Submission/Opening of tender document are not available then put the date of Last date of tender document/application whichever is latest. • If no date information is available then put 15 days approximate date from the publication date of the tender.

  13. Tender notice no • Tender notice no. is the unique number for tenders. This number should be proper and as per the tender notice. (To be entered only if available in the notice document) • Multiple tender numbers should be comma separated

  14. Notice Type • Notice type is also one of the important fields in the entry process. • For Tenders, Bids, RFPs, RFQs, select Tender Notice from the dropdown list. • For EOI (Expression of Interest), Prequalification, RFIs, Registrations for Empanelment, select Prequalification from the list. • For GPNs and Procurement Forecast, select Procurement Forecast from the list. • And for Procurement Plan the same should be selected.

  15. ICB (International competitive bidding )NCB (National competitive bidding) • ICB : If it is given in the tender as public notice, ICB, global etc then that means its an ICB tender wherein ICB option is to be clicked. • NCB : If it is given in the tender as local, domestic, national bidding etc then that means it’s a NCB tender wherein NCB option is to be clicked

  16. OTHER IMPORTANT POINTS: • After copying or typing the text from the original tender notice to the entry field, the text should be checked properly by the user whether the text copied/typed are accurate and complete. • Formatting should be proper. Double Spaces, Double Paragraphs and Junk Characters should be avoided. Full stops, commas and quotes are to be given wherever required. • Translated text should be checked properly and special characters should be avoided. • If Bid Documents are available on the site, it should be compulsorily attached with the tender notice. • In many case the address of the Tendering Authority is not available. In such case the user have to search for the address through search engines. If all the contact details are not available then atleast search for Telephone or email. • Tenders should be posted on the same day on which it is published. Delays are not acceptable. • For Global tenders, only those tenders are to be posted for which the deadline are not less than 7 days. And for Indian tenders, only tenders with minimum 3 days deadline are to be posted. MFA tenders are excluded from this criteria.