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Bidders Conference Veterans' Employment-Related Assistance Program 2008-09 Solicitation for Proposal (SFP) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bidders Conference Veterans' Employment-Related Assistance Program 2008-09 Solicitation for Proposal (SFP). Employment Development Department Workforce Services Branch Lynora Sisk and Melissa Ochoa. Where Can I find SFP documents ?. Announcements

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Presentation Transcript
Slide1 l.jpg

Bidders Conference

Veterans' Employment-Related Assistance Program

2008-09 Solicitation for Proposal (SFP)

Employment Development Department

Workforce Services Branch

Lynora Sisk and Melissa Ochoa

Where can i find sfp documents l.jpg
Where Can I find SFP documents?

  • Announcements

    • Made through the WIA Information Notice publications on EDD’s Web site

  • SFPs are posted on Web site

    • EDD’s Workforce Development Solicitations for Proposals Web page: Development_Solicitations_for_Proposals.htm

  • EDD’s free e-mail subscription services

    • Receive e-mails notices when new items are posted to the Web site

What is the sfp layout l.jpg
What is the SFP Layout?

Three Main Components to the SFP

  • Main SFP Document – overview, deadlines, submission instructions, requirements, proposal evaluation criteria

  • Proposal Package Instructions – Detailed instructions on completing the forms

  • Proposal Forms

Section 1 overview l.jpg
Section 1 - Overview

  • Purpose

    • $12 million of Workforce Investment Act funds to provide services to veterans

    • Priority given to recently separated veterans

  • Eligible Applicants

    • Public, private non-profit and private for-profit organizations

    • Regional collaboratives

Section 1 overview con t l.jpg
Section 1 – Overview con’t

  • Eligible Veterans

    • Must be in at least one of the priority groups

      • Service-Connected Disabled Veterans,

      • Recently-Separated Veterans,

      • Campaign Veteran,

      • Veterans with Significant Barriers, and

      • Eligible Spouses

    • Focus on Recently-Separated Veterans

Section 1 overview con t6 l.jpg
Section 1 – Overview con’t

  • Funding

    • Applicants must request equal amounts of 15 & 25 Percent funds

    • Total request cannot exceed $1 million

    • Funds awarded from two Program Years (PY),

      • $6m - PY 2008/09 and

      • $6m – PY 2009/10

    • Up to $500k will be awarded initially

    • To receive additional funds, grantees much achieve at least 80% of plan for each performance benchmark

Section 1 overview con t7 l.jpg
Section 1 – Overview con’t

  • Allowable Uses of Fund

    • Governed by WIA, federal regulations, state and federal directives and OMB Circulars

  • Administrative Cost Limits

    • Maximum of ten percent for administrative costs

  • Length of Project

    • 18-36 month projects - dependent on awardee meeting the required benchmarks and receiving the second year allocation

  • Priority of Service to Participants

    • Veterans Priority Provisions of Job for Veterans Act, PL 107-288

Section 2 significant dates l.jpg
Section 2 – Significant Dates

  • Proposal due date – October 24, 2008 before 3:00 p.m.

  • Last date to submit questions – October 3, 2008

  • Award announcements – November 2008

  • Estimated project start date – December 1, 2008

Section 3 bidders conference questions answers web site l.jpg
Section 3 – Bidders’ Conference/ Questions & Answers Web site

  • E-mail questions to [email protected] by October 3, 2008

  • Q&As will be posted to the web site on a flow basis with final Q&As posted by October 15, 2008

  • Bidders Conference Power Point Presentation and Q&As will be posted to the web site

Section 4 proposal submission instructions l.jpg
Section 4 – Proposal Submission Instructions site

  • Proposal deadline – October 24, 2008 at 3 p.m.

  • Late proposals will not be accepted

  • Proposals maybe mailed, hand-delivered or courier delivered – see pg 8 of the SFP main document for addresses

Section 5 required proposal content l.jpg
Section 5 – Required Proposal Content site

  • Minimum Requirements

    • Proposals that do not adhere to these requirements will not be scored or considered for funding:

      • Must request an equal amount of 15 & 25 Percent funds

      • Must use the forms package provided and complete all requested forms

Section 5 required proposal content con t l.jpg
Section 5 – Required Proposal Content sitecon’t

  • Other Requirements

    • Must meet other requirements or lose points:

      • 5 copies, two with original signatures

      • 12 point font

      • Narrative limited to 20 pages

      • Each copy stapled, no special bindings, report cover or tabbed separators

      • Include a compact disk or diskette

Section 5 required proposal content con t13 l.jpg
Section 5 – Required Proposal Content sitecon’t

  • Cash and/or In-Kind Match

    • WIA or Non-WIA funds may be used

    • Match 20 to 30% - 3 bonus points or

    • Match greater than 30% - 6 bonus points

  • Recently Separated Veterans – Bonus Points

    • 3 bonus points for serving at least 50 percent recently separated veterans

    • Recently separated eligibility

      • Separated from military within last 48 months

      • DD214 for conditions other than dishonorable

Section 5 required proposal content con t14 l.jpg
Section 5 – Required Proposal Content sitecon’t

  • Past Performance Verification – Bonus Points

    • 5 bonus points awarded to applicants that demonstrate successful track record in serving veterans

    • Complete SFP Form 6

  • Proposal Package Instructions

    • Available on EDD’s Web site

  • Format and Document Order

    • Checklist to ensure all required documents are included

Section 6 award and contracting process l.jpg
Section 6 – Award and Contracting Process site

  • Proposal Evaluation and Recommendation for Funding

    • Proposal criterion and associated points

    • Concentrate your efforts on the areas with the most points

    • Proposals read by a team of 3 readers; scores are averaged

    • Ranked scores will be primary basis for making recommendations

    • Past WIA performance, monitoring/compliance and outstanding audits are checked

    • Recommendations made to EDD Director, CWIB Director and LWDA Secretary

Section 6 award and contracting process con t l.jpg
Section 6 – Award and Contracting Process sitecon’t

  • Notification of Recommendation for Funding

    • Notice posted to the website and in a news release

    • Successful applicants will be notified by phone

    • Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by mail

  • Contracting

    • EDD uses subgrant agreements – see Appendix C for General Provisions and Standards of Conduct

    • EDD may request to incorporate changes to original proposal

    • Contract negotiations in November

    • Earliest project start date December 1, 2008

Section 7 appeal process l.jpg
Section 7 – Appeal Process site

  • May be disqualified for not meeting the minimum requirements and an appeal of that disqualification may be filed

  • No appeal for not meeting the proposal submission deadline

  • Timeframes for the appeal process on page 13 of the SFP

Section 8 administrative requirements l.jpg
Section 8 – Administrative Requirements site

  • Monitoring and Audits

    • Awardees will be monitored and/or audited by the State

    • Grantees may be subject to single audit requirements in OMB Circular A-133

  • Record Keeping

    • Awardees must retain all records pertinent to this contract for three years from the date of final payment of the contract

Section 8 administrative requirements con t l.jpg
Section 8 – Administrative Requirements sitecon’t

  • Reporting

    • Must report expenditure, participant and outcome data to the state

    • Job Training Automation System is vehicle for reporting

    • Appendix E contains information on the hardware and software requirements

    • Monthly participant and expenditure reports required

    • Grant funds subject to revocation for failure to meet performance criteria or reporting requirements

Section 8 administrative requirements con t20 l.jpg
Section 8 – Administrative Requirements sitecon’t

  • State Performance Goals

    • WIA performance goals provided as a point of reference

    • If planned performance goals are different than the State’s goals, applicants must provide an explanation

  • Closeout

    • Required 60 days after the completion of the grant

    • WIAD06-3, WIA Closeout Handbook provides specifics

Section 8 administrative requirements con t21 l.jpg
Section 8 – Administrative Requirements sitecon’t

  • Compliance

    • All funds subject to state and federal statutory and regulatory requirements

  • Evaluation

    • The state may conduct a statewide evaluation of the projects

    • Grantees will be required to participant by providing requested data and information

Sfp proposal package instructions l.jpg
SFP Proposal Package Instructions site

  • Provides detailed instructions for completing the proposal narrative and forms

  • Each section contains a link to the applicable form

Sfp forms l.jpg
SFP Forms site

  • Cover/Signature page

  • Proposal Narrative Form

  • Target Group Planning Chart

  • Project Work Plan

  • Partner Roles and Responsibilities Chart

  • Budget Summary Plan

  • Supplemental Budget Information (if applicable)

  • Past Performance Bonus Points Verification (if applicable)

  • Regional Collaborative Form (if applicable)

Cover signature page l.jpg
Cover/Signature Page site

  • Amount of funding requested

  • Applicant contact information

  • Proposal Summary

    • Limited to 100 words

    • Clear, concise description of project

    • Include number of participants, target population, occupations, range of wages, types and length of training

Cover signature page cont l.jpg
Cover/Signature Page Cont. site

  • Regional Collaboratives

    • If submitting an application on behalf of a Regional Collaborative check the “yes” box on the Cover/Signature Page and attach Regional Collaborative SFP Form 7

  • Authorized representative’s signature

Proposal narrative form l.jpg
Proposal Narrative Form site

  • Limited to 20 pages

  • Contains 9 Sections

    • Statement of Need

    • Target Group

    • Planned Approach

    • Integration of 15 & 25 Percent funds

    • Goals and Objectives

    • Local Collaboration

    • Resource utilization

    • Statement of Capabilities

    • Budget Summary Narrative

Statement of need 10 points l.jpg
Statement of Need – 10 points site

  • Geographic area, economic and workforce conditions, number of veterans

    • Short concise picture of the targeted region

  • Demonstrate the unmet need

    • Clear, concise facts on how need was determined what factors contributed

    • Well-supported with data and sources

  • Inadequate existing resources

    • Tell why the existing resources cannot address the unmet need

Target group 10 points plus 3 bonus points l.jpg
Target Group – 10 points, plus 3 bonus points site

  • Characteristics of the target population

    • Paint a picture of who they are

    • Barriers – what is preventing them from finding employment on their own

    • What are their basic and occupational skill needs and why do they need help

Target group con t l.jpg
Target Group sitecon’t

  • Outreach and recruitment methods

    • Demonstrate how they will enable you to contact and recruit veterans

  • Bonus Points – Recently separated veterans

    • Three bonus points for serving at least 50 percent or more recently separated veterans

Planned approach 20 points l.jpg
Planned Approach – 20 points site

  • Service Approach

    • Provide a flowchart, then describe in detail each step of the service process

    • Describe specific types of services and training and who will provide

    • A comprehensive approach includes all of the items above

Planned approach con t l.jpg
Planned Approach sitecon’t

  • How does the Service Approach address barriers and transition clients into employment

    • Relate back to the barriers identified under Target Group Description

    • Provide specific examples

  • How will transferable skills obtained in the military be evaluated and used

Planned approach con t32 l.jpg
Planned Approach sitecon’t

  • Demand Occupations, career growth potential

    • Use LMI data, quote sources

    • Make relative to your area and this population

    • Clearly describe the potential for career growth

  • Achieve goals and objectives in timely manner

    • Action plan – complete and attach Project Work Plan (SFP Form 2)

    • Demonstrate that it is doable

Integration of 15 25 percent funds 5 points l.jpg
Integration of 15 & 25 Percent Funds – 5 points site

  • Demonstrate how will you integrate both funding streams and ensure equal use.

  • If Non-LWIA, must attach a letter of support from the LWIA

Goals and objectives 10 points l.jpg
Goals and Objectives – 10 points site

  • Enrollment and Cost Matrix

    • Complete planned participant information for each funding cycle and the total

    • Enter cost information for total funds requested (Col. B) and for all resources (Col. C)

  • Performance Goals Matrix

    • Enter planned performance goals percentages for the Adult (15% funds) and Dislocated Worker (25% funds)

    • If goals are different than the State goals, clearly explain why

Goals and objectives con t l.jpg
Goals and Objectives sitecon’t

  • Expected Outcomes/Benefits

    • Complete Column B. of the Target Group Planning Chart for each target population

    • Outcomes may include skills attained, degrees, licenses, certificates etc.

    • Describe how these outcomes will be measured

Local collaboration 15 points l.jpg
Local Collaboration – 15 points site

  • Two Parts - LWIAs or Non-LWIAs

  • Part A – LWIAs only

    • Effective partnerships with CBOs, military, employers, education, other veterans representatives

    • How do these organizations complement the services you provide

    • Complete Partner Roles and Responsibilities Chart (SFP Form 3) – thoroughly describe partners roles and responsibilities.

Local collaboration con t l.jpg
Local Collaboration sitecon’t

  • Part B – Non-LWIAs only

    • Effective linkages with LWIA – Actions taken, formal/informal agreements, letter of support

    • Roles and responsibilities of the LWIA in conjunction with this proposal

    • Complete Partner Roles and Responsibilities Chart (SFP Form 3) – thoroughly describe partners roles and responsibilities including, CBOs, military, employers, education etc.

Resource utilization 10 points plus 6 bonus points l.jpg
Resource Utilization – 10 points plus 6 bonus points site

  • Resource Utilization Chart

    • Identify provider, fund source, type of match and amount

    • Attach a commitment letter from the provider

    • Letter must include the dollar amount, how it will be used for this project, contact person and phone number

    • If applicant is providing match, must have a letter of commitment

Resource utilization con t l.jpg
Resource Utilization sitecon’t

  • Match Bonus Points

    • 20 to 30 Percent – 3 bonus points, or

    • Greater than 30 Percent – 6 bonus points

  • Non-duplication and sustainability

    • How will each provider contribute to the goals of the project, ensure non-duplication and provide future sustainability

Statement of capabilities 10 points l.jpg
Statement of Capabilities – site10 points

  • Demonstrate your abilities to administer a federally funded project with facts and examples

  • Describe organization infrastructure and staff that support your ability to achieve project goals

Budget summary and narrative plan 10 points l.jpg
Budget Summary and Narrative Plan – 10 points site

  • Budget Summary Plan (SFP Form 4)

    • Complete, reasonable and allowable

    • Enter budget detail for two Program Years and for each fund source

  • Budget narrative

    • Detailed line item justification for all line items in the Budget Summary Plan

    • Include how costs are necessary/reasonable

  • Cumulative plan for expenditures and match

How do i write a better proposal l.jpg
How do I write a better proposal? site

  • Thoroughly read the SFP and the proposal package instructions

  • Never assume that what you have written in a previous solicitation will meet the requirements of a new SFP

  • Proposal instructions contain the detail criteria used in evaluating your proposal

  • Readers use a scoring rubric based on the exact criteria contained in the proposal instructions.

Keep the writing on target l.jpg
Keep the Writing on Target site

  • Does the proposal answer the question(s)?

  • Is the proposal specific to the SFP?

  • Does the proposal clearly state how the project will meet the specifications of the SFP?

  • Is the proposal action oriented, are verbs used to clearly describe what is to be done, who will be involved/responsible, how the project will operate, etc?

  • Take the time to have someone else read it

Contact information l.jpg
Contact Information site

  • Lynora Sisk

    Communications, Research and Grants Section Manager

    (916) 654-7854

    [email protected]

  • Melissa Ochoa

    Solicitation and Grants Unit, Manager

    (916) 653-1263

    [email protected]