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Decision Making Process

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Decision Making Process. Session 2: January, 24, 2006. Decision Making at the Top. Process Evaluation Process Design Process Leadership Process Fairness Process Improvement. Process Evaluation. Managers should systematically evaluate DM processes. Key Evaluation Criteria:

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decision making process

Decision Making Process

Session 2: January, 24, 2006

decision making at the top
Decision Making at the Top
  • Process Evaluation
  • Process Design
  • Process Leadership
  • Process Fairness
  • Process Improvement
process evaluation
Process Evaluation
  • Managers should systematically evaluate DM processes.
  • Key Evaluation Criteria:
    • Multiple alternative generation
    • Fact-based problem solving
    • Cognitive conflict
    • Affective conflict
    • Advocacy
    • Clarity of norms and goals
    • Behind-the-scenes coalition formation
process design and leadership
Process Design and Leadership
  • Leadership approach and DM process design interact with each other.
  • Key questions regarding DM process
    • How does use of subgroups and one-on-one meetings affect managerial behavior?
    • What mechanisms affect the emergence of different forms of conflict and political behavior?
    • What methods are used to choose among competing alternatives?
process leadership
Process Leadership
  • Effective general managers play multiple roles in the DM process
  • The GM wears “Two Hats”:

A time to be a member of the team, to argue, to test ideas, to have people push, to get into the rough and tumble of work…and wear the “cowboy hat”

A time to make the decision, and a time to wear a “bowler”.

  • Good leaders know when to pivot.
dm process fairness
DM Process Fairness
  • Individuals value the fairness of the DM process as much as they care about the outcome of that process.
  • Three components of fairness:
    • Engagement
    • Explanation
    • Expectation of Clarity
dm process improvement
DM Process Improvement
  • GMs must often make concurrent changes in four areas to improve the quality of DM processes.

Group Structure

Process Design

Quality of DM Process

Team Leadership

Behavioral Norms

Ultimately, effective decision-making processes are characterized by:

“Diversity in counsel, unity in command”

- Cyrus the Great