decision making process n.
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Decision Making Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Decision Making Process

Decision Making Process

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Decision Making Process

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  1. Decision Making Process Steps that enable you to make a healthful decision are known as…

  2. Decision Making

  3. What is the first thing that you do every morning? (Keep this school appropriate please) You make a Decision

  4. How Does ________ play a part in your decision making? - Self Esteem?

  5. Think of a time… • Where you had to make a choice at some point in your life. What did you decide and how did you come to that conclusion. Looking back was it the right decision?

  6. Decision Making ● Why do you make decisions? ● How do you make decisions? Why do you make them that way? ● ● What influences the “how” and “why”?

  7. 3 Types of Decisions • No Decision – Letting others decide what you will do. • Snap Decision – A quick choice you make with no consideration of the result. • Responsible Decision – Considering others (Not only me) and your future (Not only now) when you make a decision.

  8. Three different ways that you make decisions Instinct ● Using a process ● By Chance ●

  9. Factors that Affect Decision Making Limited life experience ● ● Media/advertising ● Peer pressure Parents/family ● ● Religious beliefs ● Personal values ● Environment

  10. Values • Ideas, Beliefs, Attitudes about what is important to you (helps guide behavior)

  11. DECIDE MODEL D-Define the Situation E-Explore the Options C-Consider the Possible Consequences / Outcomes I-Identify Values D-Decide on an option and Act on It E-Evaluate the Decision

  12. Define Situation Clearly identify the situation. -Ask yourself: What decision do I need to make? Who is involved? Am I feeling pressure to make a decision? How much time do I have to decide?

  13. Explore Options -What are all the possible choices you could make? (Brainstorm) -Remember sometimes it is appropriate not to take action. -Share your options with parents or guardians, siblings, teachers and friends. Ask for their advice.

  14. Consider Consequences/Outcomes -Weigh the consequences of each option.

  15. Identify Values -A responsible decision will reflect your values.

  16. Decide on an option and act -Use everything you know at this point to make a responsible decision. You can feel good that you have carefully thought about the situation and your options.

  17. Evaluate the Decision -After you have made the decision and action taken, reflect on what happened. -How did your decision affect your health and those around you? -What did you learn? -Would you take the same action again? If not, explain!

  18. Mr. Hickey Example • 1. State the situation • 2. List the options • 3. Consider your values • 4. Weight the possible outcomes • 5. Make and decision and act on it • 6. Evaluate the decision

  19. Conflict Resolution Strategies • Compromise • -an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions • Communication • -the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings

  20. Decision Making Process What’s the ultimate goal of this process? So that you hopefully make wise decisions ● So that you the outcome is safe for you both physically and mentally ●

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