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E! Target Audience PowerPoint Presentation
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E! Target Audience

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E! Target Audience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Create a PowerPoint Presentation consisting of 5-10 slides and make an oral presentation that lasts about 5-10 minutes. Among the choices you need to make: Will the show be scripted (example: drama) or unscripted (example: reality). If you plan to create a drama, then you should describe the program's casting and its potential as an audience drawing card. The stars of the new show must be free of commitments in order to work on the project. In other words, do not choose actors and actresses involved in existing shows. Also, do not choose well-established Hollywood film actors -- because only a few TV producers can afford them. Who is the target audience for this program? Develop possible scenarios or storylines. Get to the point. Highlight only the most interesting aspects of the new show. Entertain us. Use Power Point or to create your presentation. If you use some other software program, such as OpenSource, make sure the presentation has been converted to .pptx. If you use the online program prezi, make sure you use settings that allow the public to see it. Then, create a document using Microsoft Word or a similar software program and simply insert the hyperlink to your presentation, Save it. Upload your .pptx file (or your .doc if you're using prezi) to the Drop Box of TRACS. Do NOT e-mail the presentation to me. You may, however, inform me that the upload has been made if you want confirmation that I can see it, too.


Young hopefulls

e target audience
E! Target Audience
  • Ages 18-49
  • Young hopefuls
  • Single
  • Frequent TV watchers
labels of this audience
Labels of this Audience
  • Connecters
  • Self-improvers
  • The insiders
the show
The show
  • People who followed there dreams on Instagram and became famous because of there social media websites.
  • Unscripted(reality)

@newyorkcity Liz Eswein

  • @zakshelhamerZak Shelhamerphotographer
  • @othellonine Scott Rankin photographer
  • @thecoveteur The Coveteur
  • @showstudio_nick_knight Nick Knight
liz eswein @newyorkcity
Liz Eswein @newyorkcity
  • 23 year old, recent NYU graduate
  • 1.2 Million followers
  • More followers than Lady Gaga
  • Co-founder the mobile media lab
  • Known for taking pictures of the big apple and its surroundings.
z ak shelhamer @ zakshelhamer
Zak Shelhamer @Zakshelhamer
  • Lifestyle and action photography that give a sense of adventure
  • Exotic locations
  • San Francisco
  • Works in action sports industry
  • Documents his travels using his iPhone and GoPro cameras.
  • Snapseed and PicBoost-editing apps of choice
scott rankin @ othellonine
Scott Rankin @othellonine
  • Form and Symmetry photography
  • Man made and Natural
  • British Columbia
  • Originally was a realtor
  • In 2011 Instagram sparked his interest.
  • iPhone 5-only camera he owns
  • Snapseed/PicFX/VSCO to edit pictures
the coveteur @thecoveteur
The Coveteur, @thecoveteur
  • Founded in 2011 by childhood friends
  • Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark
  • Instagram feed offers a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the lust worthy shoots.
nick knight @ showstudio nick knight
Nick Knight @showstudio_nick_knight
  • Founder of online fashion platform Show studio.
  • Uses snap app to create such amazing pictures.
drawing attention
Drawing Attention
  • Connecters, Self-improvers, The insiders
  • People who follow there dreams on Instagram are young hopefuls when they begin.

It will reveal the luxurious lifestyle in traveling, photographs, art, and fashion.

  • Young hopefuls, the target audience would be interested in the lives of the young individuals who made there dreams come true through websites such as Instagram.