motorcycle racing of the past n.
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Motorcycle Racing of the Past PowerPoint Presentation
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Motorcycle Racing of the Past

Motorcycle Racing of the Past

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Motorcycle Racing of the Past

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  1. Motorcycle Racing of the Past Jerad Stump

  2. Choose student or teacher Students Teachers

  3. Teachers Menu • Target Audience • Learning Environment • Criteria • Objectives ST

  4. Main Menu Students Video of AMA Races Importance of #1 Symbolic Racers Quiz ST

  5. Where the AMA is now

  6. Target Audience This lesson can extend to many different age groups although, it is suggested for the ages of students in middle school

  7. Learning Environment This lesson should be done on a computer whether in a classroom or computer lab.

  8. Criteria Students should read all slides in the student section and go on to receive at least a 70% on the quiz.

  9. Objectives Students will be able to distinguish different motorcycle racing styles, differences between them, and understand what it took to be #1 in the AMA national circuit.

  10. Races of the AMA National Circuit • Flat Track (half mile) • Flat Track (mile) • Road Racing • Motocross

  11. Flat Track (half mile) • This is a half mile oval track • Turns are taken sideways as seen in the picture

  12. Flat Track (mile) • Obtain speed of 100 to 130 on straight-aways and still taking turns sideways • Same track design as half-mile (oval)

  13. Road Racing • Track made of asphalt • Take turns by leaning, bike does not turn sideways • Extremely fast speeds

  14. Motocross • Racing track includes jumps, whoops, turns, and possible giant mud puddles • Riders must adjust to the track at all times

  15. Review Question #1 • Which race was not part of the AMA National Circuit? • A. Drag racing • B. Road Racing • C. Flattrack • D. Motocross

  16. Sorry wrong answer The type of racing we’re looking for involves a track that does not have turns in it

  17. CORRECT!! • Although drag racing is a very popular form of motorcycle racing, it is not part of the AMA national circuit.

  18. Review Question #2 This kind of race requires racers to adjust to the track • Half-mile Flat track • Motocross • Mile Flat track • Road racing

  19. Sorry wrong answer Hint: This style of racing is not on a track but rather is made from the mud and dirt of the earth

  20. Correct!! Motocross involves many jumps and turns which change depending on the race and forcing the racer to adjust to the course.

  21. Becoming number 1 • Criteria • Spoils of being #1

  22. Criteria • Racer must earn points by racing in 27 racers • Involved 5 different styles of racing • Endurance to race and compete in every race

  23. Spoils • Wear #1 plate on your motorcycle for the next year • Be crowned AMA Grand National Champion

  24. Review Question #3 How many races are included in the AMA National Circuit? • 15 • 20 • 27 • 76

  25. Sorry wrong answer Hint: The races took place on weekends and had to be long enough for racers to acquire more and more points.

  26. Correct!! Points were rewarded by competing in 27 different races that took on 5 different styles of racing

  27. Important Racers • MertLawwill • Malcolm Smith • Ed Kretz Sr. and Jr.

  28. MertLawwill • Became known from movie “On any Sunday” following career after being Grand National Champion • Mert’s career included 17 National Championship wins

  29. Malcolm Smith • Also a big role in “On any Sunday” • Was a man who raced different races not in the AMA National Circuit • Was known for off road racing

  30. Ed Kretz Jr. & Sr. • Sr. was known as the “Iron Man” for his endurance • Won first Daytona road race in 1937 • One of the sports first and major stars • Jr. raced with famous buddies Steve Mcqueen, Lee Marvin, and Jay Leno

  31. Review Question #4 What was Ed Kretz Sr.’s nickname? • Iron Man • Captain America • Ironclad • Spiderman

  32. Sorry Wrong Answer Hint: Was known by this for a trait he possessed while racing. Also the name of a technology based super hero

  33. Correct!! Ed Kretz was know to have great endurance while racing which earned him the nickname “Iron Man”

  34. Review Question #5 MertLawwill and Malcolm Smith were known for staring in this movie • “Motorcycle Racing” • “On the Road” • “Sunday Driving” • “On any Sunday”

  35. Sorry wrong answer Hint: Reading the title might suggest peaceful riding on a certain day of the week

  36. Correct!! “On any Sunday” is the correct name of the film. Often times its thought of as the everyday rider who goes out on Sunday to drive and enjoy the day.

  37. Quiz • This quiz contains 10 questions • Must get a score of 7 • Once you have started you must complete

  38. Question #1 One of the spoils of being #1 was • Winning $10,000 • Wearing #1 plate for the next racing season • Get all the girls • Receive a brand new motorcycle

  39. Sorry wrong answer Hint: Being a physical object to win, it may only seem special to the racer than to an outside audience.

  40. Correct!! The main spoil of winning the AMA National Circuit is pure bragging rights which exists by wearing the #1 plate on the motorcycle.

  41. Question #2 One important aspect of turning on a road racing course is to… • Get the bike sideways • Brake • Go as fast as you can • lean

  42. Sorry wrong answer Hint: remember what the track is made of and how that effects turning.

  43. Correct!! Getting the bike sideways is the method for turning on a flat track race and braking will cause a bike to lay down

  44. Question #3 The difference between half-mile flat track and mile flat track is what? • Speeds • Shape of track • On has jumps • One involves turning sideways

  45. Sorry wrong answer Hint: Both styles differ by only the length of track

  46. Correct!! Although one is longer the shape stays the same. Jumps are only involved in motocross and they both involve turning sideways

  47. Question #4 Malcolm Smith was known for this type of racing • Off road • Street • Flat track • Drag

  48. Sorry wrong answer Hint: Malcolm did not participate in the AMA National Circuit.

  49. Correct!! Malcolm was known for doing all sorts of races that usually included off of any track or road

  50. Question #5 This is the shape of both Flat Track half-mile and Flat Track mile • Circle • Oval • Figure 8 • Rectangle