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Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Reagan. Student 1 8017-16 Mr. Szaro President PowerPoint Project. Introduction. Ronald Reagan. 40th President. Best known for at age 69, he was the oldest man ever elected President, while looking much younger. Football scholarship at Eureka College. Graduated in June 1932.

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ronald reagan

Ronald Reagan

Student 1


Mr. Szaro

President PowerPoint Project

  • Ronald Reagan.
  • 40th President.
  • Best known for at age 69, he was the oldest man ever elected President, while looking much younger.
  • Football scholarship at Eureka College.
  • Graduated in June 1932.
overview of early life
Overview of Early Life
  • Born on February 6, 1911

In Tampico, Illinois

  • Grew up During Pre World War I in Dixon, Illinois and Tampico, Illinois
  • Parents were Nelle and Jack.
  • Brother was Neil.
  • Moved to Dixon, Illinois when he was 9 years old.
  • Enjoyed football, ice skating, and sledding.
  • In High School he played football, was captain of the swimming team, and appeared in school plays.
overview of education and career
Overview of Education and Career
  • He was a sports announcer.
  • Also he was an actor appearing in more than 50 movies and hosted 2 dramatic shows on TV.
  • Hw was Governor of California.
  • Went to Eureka College- studied Economics and Sociology.
  • The General Electric Theater Television Showon CBS was on Sunday nights and was hosted by Ronald Reagan
overview of family life
Overview of Family Life
  • Married in 1940 to actress Jane Wyman, and lived in California.
  • In 1941 with Jane Wyman they had a daughter named Maureen who later passed away in 2001.
  • In 1945 they adopted a baby boy named Michael.
  • In June 1948 Ronald Reagan was divorced and Jane Wyman received custody of the kids.
  • In Ronald Reagan 1952 married actress Nancy Davis, & lived in Los Angeles.
  • With Nancy Davis he had a daughter named Patricia. Also they had a son named Ronald Prescott (known as Ron, Junior.)
  • He was the First president to have ever been divorced.
important events and issues when growing up
Important Events and Issues When Growing Up
  • World War I & II occurred while he was growing up.
  • Ronald Reagan fought in WWII in 1944.
  • At the end of WWII he was discharged with the rank of Captain.
  • The Computer was developed in 1978.
  • Punk rock music was popular from 1978-1984.
overview of presidency
Overview of Presidency
  • President from 1981-1989 for 2 terms.
  • Ran against George Bush in the Primary and won in July 1980.
  • Defeated Jimmy Carter and John Anderson and won the general election in 1980.
  • Vice President was George Bush
  • Worked with Richard Nixon.
  • Member of the Republican Party
  • White House reporters called him the “Great Communicator.”
  • On March 30, 1980 John Hinckley tried to assassinate the President by shooting him. Ronald Reagan was hospitalized for 12 days.
major presidential accomplishments
Major Presidential Accomplishments
  • Ronald Reagan helped our country by:
  • Building up the military
  • Lowering taxes
  • Firing air traffic controllers when they illegally struck.
  • Reagan won man of the year March, 1981 and December, 1983. He won America’s Most Accomplished Communicator Gold Medal Award on August 13, 1982.
  • Received the Pope John Paul II Religious Freedom Award on May, 13 1983.
overview of later life
Overview of Later Life
  • Lived in Bel-Air, California.
  • Died on June 5, 2004 in Bel-Air.
  • Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Nancy took care of him until his death in 2004 at age 93.
  • This disease slowly took over his brain and body.
  • The Cold War was still going on.
  • Even though he was old, he was still a great President.
  • Did he like being President?
  • Was he scared when he got shot?
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