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Current Events Ukraine: Protests, Problems, and Putin

Current Events Ukraine: Protests, Problems, and Putin. News Media Week 2 Sanda University Eric Duffy. Class Outline. Brief History of Ukraine Overview of last 2 months in Ukraine Video- Protests in Ukraine Vocabulary from video Comprehension questions Class discussion Russian TV video

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Current Events Ukraine: Protests, Problems, and Putin

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  1. Current Events Ukraine: Protests, Problems, and Putin News Media Week 2 Sanda University Eric Duffy

  2. Class Outline • Brief History of Ukraine • Overview of last 2 months in Ukraine • Video- Protests in Ukraine • Vocabulary from video • Comprehension questions • Class discussion • Russian TV video • Vocabulary from video • Comprehension questions • Class discussion • Russia invades Ukraine? • Vocabulary from video • Comprehension questions • Class discussion

  3. Brief History of Ukraine • 1921- The Soviet Union (USSR) occupies 2/3 of Ukraine • 1930s- Millions of Ukrainians die due to policies, deportations, and executions ordered by Joseph Stalin (leader of the USSR) • During World War II, Ukraine is occupied by the Nazis. Millions of Ukrainians die • After World War II, Western Ukraine is taken by the USSR • Ukraine becomes a satellite state of the Soviet Union • 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power station explodes

  4. Brief History of Ukraine • 1990- Student protests help bring down the government* • 1991- After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the USSR, 90% of Ukrainians vote for independence in a nationwide referendum in December.

  5. Orange Revolution • Massive peaceful protests in 2004 • Due to election fraud • Ukraine holds a new vote and elects a new president • The peaceful revolution brings a feeling of hope, freedom, and democracy to Ukraine

  6. Russia’s involvement in Ukraine • Since Ukraine’s independence, Russia has maintained influence and power inside Ukraine • Occasionally Russia stops gas going into Ukraine • Russia wants Ukraine to remain outside the E.U. and American influence • A large percentage of Ukrainian’s speak Russian and hold positive views of Russia and Putin

  7. In the Last 100 years • Russia has remained influential in Ukraine and views Ukraine as important to Russia’s future • Pew Global • Poll, 2009

  8. Western/Russian divide in Ukraine

  9. Ukraine/Russian Marriage

  10. Russia’s military in Ukraine

  11. Current Protests in Ukraine • The former/current President, Viktor Yanukovych , was seen as corrupt • The son of Ukrainian’s President “won” 50 percent of all state contracts in January( • The average monthly salary in Ukraine is $450 a month ( • The former President’s house had  a hovercraft, a golf course, a helicopter pad, a yacht, sports cars, private restaurant, private zoo and ostriches

  12. Ukraine and the E.U. • Ukrainians in the West of the country wanted to join the European Union • Cut Russian influence and become more like Europe • President agrees to sign agreement with the E.U. in late 2013 • However, instead the President accepts over $15,000,000,000 from Russia • Citizens believe Russia is trying to buy influence in Ukraine • In late 2013 Ukrainian citizens start to protest against the government citing corruption , Russian influence in Ukraine, and closer ties to the E.U.

  13. Video 1- RTV: Vocabulary • Mastermind • Coup d'état • Fuel to the fire • Spontaneous • Provocateurs

  14. Comprehension Questions • How many protestors were in the square? • A. 100 B. 1,000 C. 1,000,000 D. unknown • What did the president promise to the peaceful protesters? • A . New government B. not to be touched by security C. money D. zoo animals • When did the protesters say that would leave the protests? • A. when Ukraine joins the E.U. B. when the president apologizes C. when the president and the government steps down D. Never • Does President Putin of Russia think of the protests? • A. he supports them B. He thinks they are not spontaneous C. He believes it is about the E.U. D. He doesn’t care

  15. Class Discussions • What is the tone of the video? • Do you think the video is bias? • The video is from Russian T.V. does that change your opinion of what it says?

  16. What has happened since Friday? • The President of Ukraine left the capital and fled to Russia • The government of Ukraine impeached him and sought to arrest him • The government formed a caretaker government and set new elections for May 25 • Former President claims he is still the president and was forced out of Ukraine by thugs and a coup • He asks Russia for help • So there are two Presidents of Ukraine and the country is divided between the old President (and Russia) and the new government (the protesters and Western world)

  17. Russia invades Ukraine?

  18. Russia invades Ukraine? • Feb 26th Russian troops near border with Ukraine are put on alert and drilled for "combat readiness". • Feb 27th Pro-Russian armed men seize government buildings in Crimea (Southern Ukraine) • February 28th- Soldiers with Russian license plates enter Crimea and take control of the airport and government buildings

  19. Russia invades Ukraine? • Russian parliament votes to allow Russian troops to enter Ukraine • Voted stated that the Russian military could be deployed "on Ukrainian territory" • Russia's Black Sea Fleet (Russian Navy) is in Crimea already • Russia has a sea base there • Reports of 15,000 Russian troops have joined Russia’s other soldiers in Crimea • Two Russian warships are in the water near Crimea

  20. Crimea • Crimea used to be part of Russia • 1954 became part of Ukraine • Currently 59% of population is ethnic Russian while only 25% of the population is Ukrainian

  21. Crimea • So is Russia invading Ukraine? Or just making sure its soldiers, citizens, and supporters are safe? • A large part of the East of Ukraine want closer ties to Russia, not the E.U. • This part of the country still supports the former President and did not join in the protests

  22. Video 2: Friday PBS • What time did the soldiers arrive? • A. 10pm B. 11PM C. 12 AM D. 10 am • What happened to the air space over Crimea? • A. it was open B. it was closed C. it remained the same D. nothing • What country did Russia go to war with in 2008? • A. Ukraine B. China C. Georgia D. Afghanistan • How did Secretary Kerry speak to the Russian Foreign Minister? • A. on TV B. in a speech C. email D. Phone • Why did the former President say he left Ukraine? • A. afraid he would die B. because the U.S.A. told him C. to move to Russia D. he wanted a vacation

  23. Video 3: Crimea Vocabulary • Kick out • Armed • Siege • Leverage • Intertwined • Mill around

  24. Listening Comprehension • How many armed men are in the building? • A. 100 B. 60 C. 1,000 D. 600 • What does fully armed mean? • A. you have two arms B. you can’t see your arms • C. You have a lot of guns on you D. you are in the military • What do the Crimean people want? • A. to support the government B. join the E. U. • C. Join Russia D. Have a new goverment • Why can’t the new Ukraine government stop what is happening in Crimea?

  25. Video 4 vocabulary • Defy • Escalation • Military convoy • Authorize • Throw down the gauntlet • Deterrent

  26. Video 4 Listening comprehension • How long after Obama’s speech did Russia authorize troops into Ukraine? • A. half a day B. one week C. 24 hours D. at the same time • What did Russia do in response to Obama’s speech? • A. withdrew its U.S. ambassador B. sent Obama a letter • C. called Obama D. nothing • How much aid is the U.S. and the E.U. offering to Ukraine? • A. 15 MILLION B. 15 BILLION c. 1 BILLION D. 150 MILLION • What is one response the U.S. could take to stop Russia in Ukraine? • A. sanctions B. Refuse to attend g-8 Summit • C. military action D. all of the above

  27. References • • •

  28. Homework • Watch the video about Nazi hunters posted on the website. You are expected to watch from 8:28 to 16:41 • Created 3-5 comprehension questions • This questioned will be given to another student next class

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