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Arctic PowerPoints PowerPoint Presentation
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Arctic PowerPoints

Arctic PowerPoints

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Arctic PowerPoints

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  1. Arctic PowerPoints By Room 17

  2. It is an Inuksuk Quviasuictag. It means joyful or I’ve been here. You might find them in the valley way up in the arctic. Inuksuk Quviasuktug is 2 words. One is Inuksuk the other one is Quviasuktug. Matthew’s Inuksuk

  3. Polar Bears A polar bear can weigh up to 3000 pounds. It is king of the arctic. A polar bear lives alone unless it has cubs. Cubs are children or babies.

  4. Julia’s Inuksuk This is a Niugualiruluit. The Inuksuk is a Trgiakangaut The Inuksuk tells you where to hunt for caribou.

  5. Seals Seals eat small fish. They walk with their flippers. The seal is a very good swimmer. The Inuit used their blubber to light their fires. The seal is one of the main animals that the hunter will come home with. Enemies are Polar Bears. Joan and Julia

  6. This Inuksuk represents joy! I picked this inuksuk because it is the most popular inuksuk. This is the word that we call this Inuksuk: Inuksuk Quviasaktug. CHARLIE This is an Inuksuk Quviasaktug. The purpose of this Inuksuk is joy. Charlie and Mitchell

  7. Polar Bear • Polar bears eat meat. • Polar bears spring and sink their jagged teeth into seals heads.

  8. Carson and Drake’s Inuksuks This is an inuksuk Niugvaliruit its for helping you finding your way home. We chose it because it was easy.

  9. Polar Bears • Polar bears swim with their front paws and steer with their back paws. Polar bears have big feet. Polar bears are one of the biggest animals on the Arctic. Baby Polar bears are called cubs. Male Polar bears can eat baby polar bears. Polar bears break through the ice to eat seals.

  10. This is a Tupjakangaut. I chose it because it shows hunters how to find their buffalo. This is a Tupjakangaut. The purpose of this Inuksuk is to help people find caribou. I noticed that at the end of every Inuktitut name for the inuksuk has a c. Brooklyn and Kaitlyn

  11. Arctic Fox • Arctic foxes are fast. • Arctic foxes are white in the winter. • Arctic foxes are brown in the summer.

  12. POLAR BEARS • Polar bears are the biggest animal on land. No other animal can eat a polar bear.

  13. Anna and Quinn • This is an inuksuk Anirnilik. • The purpose of this Inuksuk is to mark a persons death. • We chose it because it looked hard.

  14. Ariana and Cassidy • This Inuksuk means honours to the people who had died. It is like a tombstone. This Inuksuk is special to the people that knew the person who died there.

  15. Whales Belugas swim in the arctic. They don’t see polar bears because polar bears are mostly on land.

  16. This is an Inuksuk, Tupjakangaut. The purpose of this inuksuk is to get caribou. I picked it because its cool. Sami and Braydon

  17. Polar bear • Polar bears have a small den. • Polar bears swim with there front paws and steer with their back paws.

  18. REID and SEAN • This is an Inuksuk.This inuksuk is used for making the place where they died. We chose this inuksuk because it looked easy.