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SDB Powerpoints
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  1. SDB Powerpoints Present

  2. Safety at Railroad Crossings

  3. This presentation is to show you some statistics on Railroad Crossing Accidents and what you can do to prevent them.

  4. You DON’T want this to happen to you!

  5. In the next slide, we will present a movie prepared by Operation Lifesaver dealing with school buses and Rail Crossings. It really is a eye opening film.

  6. The law regarding grade crossings in Pennsylvania is: • You must activate your emergency flashers before stopping. • Stop no less than 15 feet from the closest rail, and no more than 50 feet. • You must stop, loaded or unloaded, and set your parking brake, bus in neutral. • All electrical equipment, fans, heaters, radios, etc. must be turned off. Ask students to be quiet. • The driver's side window and the service door must be opened, so that the driver can better see and hear. Again, Quiet bus! • The door is then closed, brake released and placed back in gear, then bus proceeds smoothly over track. After crossing, the flashers are turned off. If you are driving a manual transmission bus, proceed over the crossing WITHOUT stopping or shifting gears.

  7. There is NO EXCUSE for an accident to occur between a School Bus and a Train. Be professional, and do the crossing correctly, and you will never be added to the statistics.

  8. Thank you for watching this presentation. Created in the A.J. Myers & Sons Training Department, Harmony Division, and SDB PowerPoints. 03/07/2006