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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6. Plans—Multifamily Dwelling.

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chapter 6

Chapter 6

Plans—Multifamily Dwelling

Introduction and General Description • Site Plan, Sheet A1.1 • Foundation Plan, Sheet A1.3 • Penthouse Floor Plan, Sheet A1.11 • Roof Plan and Details, Sheet A1.12 • Exterior Elevations, Sheet A2.1 • Section Thru Decks, Sheet A3.2 • Detail Sections and Elevations, Sheet A4.1 • Wall and Window Details, Sheet A4.2 • Stairway Details, Sheet A5.1 • Bathroom and Powder Room Elevations, Sheet A5.4

Condominiums have become a popular choice, providing many of the benefits of home ownership while offering advantages associated with rental properties. The Shaw Place Condominiums are constructed of traditional building materials such as stone and brick as well as more energy efficient building materials such as exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS).
The south property line is composed of three sections with a bearing and linear measurement provided for each section.
Surveying instruments, such as laser levels and builder’s levels, are used to accurately position a building on a job site.
A transformer converts power at one voltage and current rating to a voltage and current rating that is usable by building inhabitants. The electrical service enters the building through the north wall.
“Dry laid” limestone rubble retaining walls are to be constructed along the north side of the driveway to hold back earth.
Dormers project from sloping roof surfaces to provide additional living area and allow light into the living area.
The main entries feature a mahogany door with tempered beveled glass, a custom circletop art glass window with brass beading, and stone trim with a stone keystone projected 3/4″ from the surface.
Three decorative fixed windows, complete with stone arches and sills, are centered directly over the main entry doors.
Resilient furring channels are fastened to the bottoms of floor joists to reduce sound transmission between adjoining floors.
The stairway stringers are attached to a 2 × 4 anchored to the floor using 1/2″ expansion bolts.