JWST Mirror and I&T Progress
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JWST Mirror and I&T Progress - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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JWST Mirror and I&T Progress. Lee Feinberg JWST Optical Telescope Element Manager NASA/GSFC Jan 5 th , 2010. JWST Mirror Development History. 2008. 2010. PM Segments Complete (2011). Brush Wellman Blank Production Completed (2008). PM EDU Coated and Complete.

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Jwst mirror and i t progress

JWST Mirror and I&T Progress

Lee Feinberg

JWST Optical Telescope Element Manager


Jan 5th, 2010

Jwst mirror and i t progress

JWST Mirror Development History



PM Segments



Brush Wellman

Blank Production




Coated and Complete

EDU Ambient Polishing


Tinsley Large Optics Facility for JWST (2007)

XRCF Cryo Testing




Axsys Machining

Complete (2009)





Technology Readiness

Level 6 Demonstrated

Integration cryo test results
Integration & Cryo Test Results

All surface maps: Piston, Tilts and Power removed

Cryogenic Deformation

Integration Deformation

  • The Engineering Design Unit and 4 flight mirrors have completed cryogenic testing

  • All 5 primary mirror segments tested to date show between 100-200 nm rms of cryo deformation

  • Stability over operational temperature excellent

  • Figures cycle to cycle stabilized to < 3 nm rms each

  • Mirrors are sent back to Tinsley for “Cryo Polishing” to compensate for cryo distortion and integration deformation




Edu cryo polishing complete ready for cryo test confirmation
EDU Cryo-Polishing Complete, Ready for Cryo Test Confirmation!

  • Primary Mirror EDU Has Completed Cryo Polishing and Meets (and Beats) All Specifications

    • Mid Frequency Tinsley Spec: 20nm RMS

    • High Frequency Tinsley Spec: 7nm RMS

  • Edges are significantly better that AMSD

Mid Frequency

Total Surface Error

Hit Map, Radius, Decenter, and Clocking Removed

AMSD Circa 2003

High Frequency

The 18 flight primary mirror segments are converging to plan
The 18 Flight Primary Mirror Segments are Converging to Plan Confirmation!

  • EDU has converged to final requirements!

All segments at pre-ship target

Includes Figure Grind, Smoothout Grind, Rough Polish, Smoothout Polish and Fine Polish

Polishing Iteration

Secondary mirror assembly
Secondary Mirror Assembly Confirmation!

SM substrate

  • SM-1 (EDU) is assembled and in cryogenic optical testing at Ball

  • SM-2 (Flight) is in pre-cryo polishing at Tinsley

SMA Hexapod

Ball SMA optical test

Ball SM test optics

Secondary mirror engineering design unit and flight mirror progressing well
Secondary Mirror Engineering Design Unit and Flight Mirror Progressing Well

Config 1 :

P-V = 0.16 um

RMS = 29 nm rms

  • SMA EDU Assembled and in Cryo Test

EDU Reqt: 100nm

  • SMA Flight Completing Initial Polish Operations

Config 1:

P-V = 2 um

RMS =0.37 um

Reqt: 27nm

Jwst mirror and i t progress

Secondary Mirror Engineering Design Unit Met Requirements after Vibration

All surface maps: Piston, Tilts and power removed

  • The SMA completed settling vibration and measured change was below metrology uncertainty

    • 3 axis settling vibe is defined as Protoflight sineburst and up to -6dB Random Vibe

    • SMA Metrology Uncertainty = 3.5 nm-RMS, Measured Change = 1.6 nm-RMS

  • Flight Fine Steering Mirror and Tertiary Mirror also passed vibration test

Measured SMA Settling Vibration Change






TMA on Vibration Table

TMA and Vibe Plate in Optical Test

Tertiary mirror and fine steering mirror and cryo polishing nearly complete
Tertiary Mirror and Fine Steering Mirror and Cryo Polishing Nearly Complete

  • TMA in Final Polish operations 23.2nm reqt. for total WFE

P-V = 110 nm

RMS = 13 nm

SFE is relative to target map

  • FSM in Final Polish operations 18.7nm reqt for total WFE

P-V = 34 nm

RMS = 7.3 nm

SFE is relative to target map

Primary mirror installation demonstration
Primary Mirror Installation Demonstration Nearly Complete

The Telescope Alignment System is complete and has been set up at ITT for training operations and demonstration of critical alignment processes prior to shipment to GSFC’s SSDIF





Optics Integration Gantry System

Installation Arm with Primary Mirror Segment Simulator attached

First of three autocollimating flats
First of Three Autocollimating Flats Nearly Complete

The first Autocollimating Flat Assembly has been completed and is currently in cryo testing to verify mirror performance

Future milestones
Future Milestones Nearly Complete

  • First Cryogenic Test of 6 Mirrors Starts in January 2010

  • First Flight Mirrors Coated – Spring 2010

    • Fine Steering Mirror, Tertiary Mirror

  • Flight Secondary Mirror Completes First Round of Polishing – Spring 2010

  • Primary Mirror Segment Engineering Design Unit Complete – January 2011

  • Flight Secondary Mirror Complete – End of 2011

  • All Flight Primary Mirror Segments Complete – End of 2011

  • Engineering Design Unit Installed on Pathfinder Backplane – Spring 2011

  • Installation of Flight Mirrors on Flight Backplane – 2012


Thanks to NGAS, Ball Aerospace, ITT and L3 Communications/SSG-Tinsley for providing the data and many of the pictures presented in this package