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Intro to Project 1

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Intro to Project 1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Intro to Project 1. WRA 150 9.5.2012. Today’s Goals. Discuss literacy Introduce project 1 Discuss memoirs. A few words about blogs…. To summarize. You should: Blog Make sure you follow the prompt (2-3 examples means 2-3 examples. Comment on your classmates blogs (it’s fun!).

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intro to project 1

Intro to Project 1

WRA 150


today s goals
Today’s Goals
  • Discuss literacy
  • Introduce project 1
  • Discuss memoirs
to summarize
To summarize
  • You should:
    • Blog
    • Make sure you follow the prompt (2-3 examples means 2-3 examples.
    • Comment on your classmates blogs (it’s fun!)
boring definition
Boring Definition
  • Literacy: The ability to read and write.
more interesting
More interesting
  • Competence or knowledge in a specified area.
  • So what does that mean? Can we be literate in things other than reading and writing?
  • Yes.
literacy memoir
Literacy Memoir
  • So with a broader defection of literacy let’s look at the first project.
    • Information about assignments will always be on the website on the “assignments” tab.
    • To the website!
so what s a memoir
So what’s a memoir?
  • Memoirs are structured differently from formal autobiographies (which tend to encompass the writer's entire life span), focusing rather on the development of his or her personality. The chronological scope of a memoir is determined by the work's context and is therefore more focused and flexible than the traditional arc of birth to old age as found in an autobiography.
  • (source Wikipedia, emphasis mine)
so what s a memoir1
So what’s a memoir?
  • A memoir really is an opportunity to reflect -- to look inside yourself and to say, "It’s not just all these external things that have happened to me. It’s really, how has something changed me? Why am I the person I am today? What were the big turning points in my life? What has caused me to have the outlook I have?”
  • (Source,, Emphasis Mine)
class activity in class blog
class Activity & In-class Blog
  • First we are going to listen to Mike Birbiglia. Think about these questions as you listen.
    • How does he tell his story?
    • How does it start his story?
    • How does it end?
    • Is there a theme?
in class blog literacy memoirs
In-class blogLiteracy & Memoirs
  • In a blog I want to reflect on the story that we just heard. Here are some questions that might help with that process:
    • What did you like about this example?
    • What didn't you like?
    • How is this an example of a literacy memoir? Or maybe how isn't it?
    • How does this make you think more broadly about literacy?
    • Do you better understand memoirs after listening?
  • You don't have to answer all these questions, but pick a few that make sense to you are write about those. After I want you to think about project 1. Pick some ideas for your memoir and brainstorm. This should require a good deal of writing: 300-400 words.
  • You will have readings. These can be found in the “readings” tab. The password to access them is “wra150readings”.
  • ELI: You need to get it! The class code is “dales910shout” You need ELI by Monday. Not having it will be bad. Don’t forget.