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Way Forward PowerPoint Presentation
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Way Forward

Way Forward

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Way Forward

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    1. Way Forward The Paths We Will Take

    2. Remittance Company Commitments Comply with all relevant laws in the countries in which they choose to operate Engage in dialogue and communicate any questions or concerns they may have to the host country Utilize the SFSA to fulfill their training, advocacy and compliance needs

    3. SFSA Commitments Provide technical training to its members with donor support Advocate and lobby for the Somali remittance sector amongst the banking, regulatory and legislative sectors Ensure that proper auditing and accounting standards are met by their members Keep members updated with all current regulations and financial requirements

    4. UNDP Commitments Conduct workshops in host countries to bring together regulators, legislators, bankers, academics and the Somali remittance sector Assist in training on advocacy and compliance needs Support the Somali remittance sector in improving its image and reputation Work through the SFSA in all activities

    5. Our Hopes for the Regulators Recognize the commitment of the Somali remittance sector and its unique situation in the financial community Welcome SFSA advocacy and training of its members and assist where possible Continue dialogue with the remittance companies through the SFSA and provide access to new regulations as they arise

    6. Final Thoughts How can we involve the banking sector in future discussions? What can the remittance companies offer the banking sector in order to facilitate increased commercial collaboration? How can the remittance sector ensure continued dialogue with the regulators? What outputs would each of the stakeholders present expect as a result of this conference? Where would it be most beneficial to hold future conferences and workshops, and what would you want included in them?