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Book Reviews

Book Reviews. What is a book review?. A book review is your opinion about a book that you’ve read. It helps other readers decide whether or not they’d like to read the book, too. Who reads book reviews?. Lots of people read book reviews. In fact, many

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Book Reviews

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  1. Book Reviews

  2. What is a book review? A book review is your opinion about a book that you’ve read. It helps other readers decide whether or not they’d like to read the book, too.

  3. Who reads book reviews? Lots of people read book reviews. In fact, many popular magazines contain book reviews for kids and adults! The information in the book review helps readers decide which book is just right for them.

  4. What does the author of a book review want to tell other readers?

  5. The author of a book review wants to tell other readers 6 things: 1. A summary of the book without giving away the ending 2. A catchy reason to read the book 3. Their favorite part 4. A personal connection they made 5. Their opinion on the book 6. Their recommendation for other readers

  6. Let’s check out some reviews from:

  7. The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate The WashWritten by Trinka Hakes Noble Illustrated by Steven Kellogg Reviewed by Eric D. (age 9) Jimmy took a boa constrictor on his field trip to the farm. The chickens went crazy and one laid an egg that landed on someone's head. Then everyone was throwing eggs. They were out of eggs so they threw corn at each other. The boa constrictor ate the farmer's clothes. Jimmy left his boa constrictor at the farm. So now he has a new pet. Read the book to find out what Jimmy's new pet is! My favorite character was Jimmy's snake. It ate the farmer's clothes one by one. I feel bad for the chickens because the children were taking their eggs. It was very rude of them. I think you should read this book because it teaches you what not to do on a field trip.

  8. Nate the Great and the Snowy TrailWritten by Marjorie WeinmanSharmat Illustrated by Marc SimotReviewed by Kyle M. (age 8) Nate the Great was making a snowman when Rosamond told him she lost his birthday present. Nate the Great asked Rosamond if she knew when and where it happened. He and Sludge pretended to be snow detectives and searched all over. Finally Rosamond said it had a birthday card on it. Nate the Great used clues and found the present in a tree. The present was a mean cat named Super Duper Hex. Nate the Great and his dog Sludge did not like cats so they gave it back to Rosamond. My favorite part of the story is when Nate the Great finds out where the present is. I like this part because he is happy when he solves the case. He is my favorite character because he is smart just like me. I have been a detective too and have had to look for a remote when my mom couldn't find it. This story has pictures that showed me what was going on when I was reading. I think others should read this book because it shows you how to solve a case. Another reason is because it is funny that Nate the Great can make a snow dog.

  9. Now, let’s look at one last book review. This time we’ll color code the parts: summary catchy reason favorite part personal connection opinion recommendation

  10. PartsWritten by Tedd Arnold Illustrated by Tedd Arnold Reviewed by Danny A. (age 9) A five year old boy thinks his body is falling apart. He thinks his hair is falling off and he is getting bald. He finds a piece of fuzz in his belly-button and he thinks that his stuffing is coming out! He then starts peeling from his toes and he thought that he was getting peeled down to the bone. Then something gray and wet fell out of his nose and he thought that he was losing part of his brain. Does he really fall apart? If you want to know, you have to read this book. My favorite part in the book was when the boy thought that he was peeling down to the bone. I liked that part because in the picture his face looks fat and big and his nose has a hole and he's grabbing his skin screaming. This story reminds me of my cousin. When she was five years old she used to cut herself a lot. She tells her mother that she thinks she is weird because this happens to her and Arnold thought that he was weird because he was falling apart too. As I read the book, I felt as though I was in the book, laughing at the boy, because he thought he was falling apart but he really wasn't. I recommend this book because it is interesting. It teaches you about the changes that goes on in your body. I think that kids that are "losing parts of their body" might want to read this book because it teaches them that it is normal.

  11. Now, I want YOU to review a good book!

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