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Book Reviews

Book Reviews

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Book Reviews

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  1. Book Reviews Done by: Ang Wan Teng

  2. Book Review 1 Title: Wild Friends- Tiger Tricks This is how the book look like. The book review would be on the next slide.

  3. Emily was going to India with her mother who was being sent to India. When the train reached Jaipur, they met Anjali for the first time. Anjali’s house was in a village which was next to a tiger reserve. When Emily was reading a book in Anjali’s house, she heard a strange muffled sound “Maaarooo!” and a shape moved under the tarpaulin. Upon reaching the tarpaulin, she took hold off the edge, heaved it up, gasped and saw a tiger cub staring straight at her. She named the tiger cub Baalika. However, the local people were displeased to see Baalika. Do you think Baalika would be able to find her mother? Read on to find out the answer.

  4. Five Interesting Tiger Facts To Impress All Of You ( Shared from the book ) A tiger’s stripes are like a human fingerprint; no two tigers have the same pattern. A tiger’s roar can be heard from over 2km away! The collective noun for a group of tigers is a streak or an ambush! Tigers are the largest of the four ‘big cats’. Unusually for cats, tigers love water and are very strong swimmers.

  5. Here are some information about WWF

  6. Well, as all of you know,………….. is a the world’s leading conversation ,organisation that was set up in 1961 which was when televisions were still black and white! WWF works with lots of different people around the world, including governments, businesses and individuals to make a difference to the world we live in and is a charity and most of their money comes from members and supporters.

  7. Book Review 2 Title: Sea Horses - The Talisman This is how the book looks like. The book review will be on the next slide.

  8. There is a legend. The legend was about two spirits which once haunted the coast. They were known as the Blue Horse and the Grey Horse and both of them came from the sea. The Blue Horse brought fair weather, and protected the sailors and fishermen. However, the grey horse was cruel. The grey horse brought storms and treacherous tides, and took delight in wrecking ships and drowning the men on board those ships. The Grey Horse was trapped in a tiny statue. If it ever were to be let out, it is free to bring havoc and terror once again. However, Tamzin is fascinated by the statue and one part of the little statue was broken off, adding the fact that Tamzin had lost her precious talisman which is meant to protect her from the Grey Horse. Will Tamzin get into trouble? If Tamzin is, how will Tamzin overcome those? Read on to find out more.

  9. Book Review 3 Title: Magic Pony- Ghost in the house This is how the book looks like. The book review will be on the next slide.

  10. There was a knock on the door and Dad shouted that somebody’s at the door. Annie opened the door and Jamie passed her a letter that was dedicated to her. She looked up at the head of a handsome chestnut pony that was staring down at her. That handsome chestnut pony was called Ned. Annie read the letter to Ned, hoping that afterwards Ned would come alive. Annie went to the stables and look after Pebbles, Penelope Potter’s pony by feeding him, grooming him, clean up the stables and so on. After doing all those hard work, Annie went to Penelope’s house. There she found Ned in the stables and she let him out as she had accidentally locked him up. Penelope and Trudi did not allow Annie go home. How will Annie overcome this? Will someone come to Annie’s rescue? Read on to find out how Annie would be able to get out of the house!