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comparison education systems viet nam usa n.
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Comparison: Education Systems Viet Nam & USA PowerPoint Presentation
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Comparison: Education Systems Viet Nam & USA

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Comparison: Education Systems Viet Nam & USA
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Comparison: Education Systems Viet Nam & USA

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  1. Comparison: Education Systems Viet Nam & USA ESL 156 Comparative Culture Studies Presenter: Anh Nguyen Instructor: Lyra Riabov November 30, 2006

  2. Outline I. Introduction Public and Private systems II. The Education ladder. III. University A. Process & Requirements B. Availability of opportunity. IV. Cram school V. Problems VI. Solutions VII. Teacher’s day Reference

  3. Public systems Viet Nam & The USA Managed by government. Supported by public funds. Providing free education Or minimal cost to their citizens.

  4. Private systems Viet Nam & The USA Controlled by an individual or agency. The tuition and other payments are very high.

  5. Viet Nam The quality of education is higher than private schools USA The quality of education is lower than private schools The difference between Public & Private schools

  6. Education ladder A. Primary schools: Grade 1-5 B. Elementary schools: Grade 6-9 C. High schools: Grade 10-12 D. College and University from 1-5 years

  7. Process & Requirements Students must first pass the High School Take a university entrance exam. Can chose 3 universities to attend entrance exam. Failing the exam means the students have two choices:  • Go to work, • Or try again the next year or attend the alternative school. University entrance via examination has always been highly competitive.

  8. Students may sit for more than one entrance exam at more than one university. Get a scholarship Get a good job & good salary. Availability of opportunity

  9. It is a kind of private school that provides highly organized lesson after regular school hours and on weekends Mainly focus on preparing students for high school and college entrance examination. Cram Schools

  10. Problems • Students are less active; less participate in class. • School and equipped teaching materials not timely update. • Millions of children are still out of school • The training in cram school, especially in Academic, much emphasize is put on stuffing students’ heads with all materials that is considered necessary for particular exam.

  11. Solutions • Teachers encouraged to ask students questions • To redefine training & education targets • To re-construct teaching programs • Increasing budget for education • International Cooperation in education. • Exchange students, information experience. • To give the change to most children to go to school.

  12. A national holiday celebrated on Nov 20.  They get treated like royalty.  The day started with a formal ceremony. Students come by sing and bring flowers. Teacher’s day

  13. Reference