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Independent Reading Journal Prompts 1. After reading, I wonder… PowerPoint Presentation
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Independent Reading Journal Prompts 1. After reading, I wonder…

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Independent Reading Journal Prompts 1. After reading, I wonder…
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Independent Reading Journal Prompts 1. After reading, I wonder…

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  1. Independent Reading Journal Prompts 1. After reading, I wonder… 2. Do the characters seem realistic? Why or why not? 3. Draw a timeline of events that have occurred so far. Include descriptions and pictures. 4. Create a ‘WANTED’ poster for the antagonist. Write at least five sentences explaining their role in the book. 5. Describe one character that you would like to meet and explain why you would like to meet him/her. List 4 questions that you would ask, and predict the answers. 6. Describe something you have read that is similar to this, explain the similarities and differences. 7. Describe the major conflict and categorize it as person vs. person, person vs. self, person vs. society, or person vs. nature. Has the conflict been resolved? What was the resolution (or predict what it will be)? What side are you on? 8. Draw a comic strip or graphic novel page for what you just read. Include captions and color. 9. What effect does the setting (time, place, social and historical background) have on the character’s thoughts, actions, and choices? What would be your reaction to having to adapt to the character’s environment? Why? 10. Describe the setting’s time and place. Create a new setting that you think would be better for the story and describe it. Explain, in your opinion, why this setting would be better for the story. 11. Describe what was either believable or unbelievable about your reading. Defend your opinion. 12. Explain a theme (or lesson) –either directly stated or implied by events. Explain its importance to the book and why you find it meaningful. 13. Describe a character that you admire and explain why. 14. Compare yourself to a main character. Point out your similarities and differences between yourself and the character. Considering what you have discovered, what is your reaction to this character? Why? How do you think the character would feel about you? 15. Compare a character from your book to a character from another work of fiction. What are their similarities and differences? Which character do you admire more? Why? 16. Describe a choice that a character has made that you disagree with, and explain why they made that choice. How would you have done it differently? 17. Draw a line down the center of your paper. Write a cause (why did it happen?) on the left and its effect (what happened?) on the right. You need a minimum of 6 cause/effect relationships. 18. How have your feelings changed as you’ve been reading? Explain in depth how you felt about the characters, plot, conflicts, etc. and how those feelings have changed. 19. If the author were here, what would you say or ask him/her? Write interview questions and answer them from the perspective of the author. Provide sample answers from the author (predict). 20. Pretend the book you are reading has been nominated for a national award. Explain why you think it should or should not receive an award.

  2. Directions and Sample Journal Entry Directions: Please read for at least one hour a week. For your weekly journal entry, respond to one of the prompt options. Please write at least 8 sentences and include your emotional reaction to the text. DO NOT SUMMARIZE! Label each entry with the following label: Journal Entry #________ Date: ________ Number of minutes read_________ Title of book: _________________________ Page numbers_______ to ______ Prompt #_____ Sample: Journal Entry #____1__ Date: __9/4/12__ Number of minutes read___45__ Title of book: ___The Cay by Theodore Taylor__ Page numbers__39_ to _68__ Prompt #__13_ I admire Timothy because he is very patient with Phillip. Understandably, Phillip is being very annoying at this part of the story, having suddenly been struck blind while on a deserted island with a stranger. But still, Phillip is acting irrationally. He expects Timothy to take him everywhere on the island. Timothy is just trying to keep them both alive. Phillip would be in the way and it would be too dangerous for him to be going everywhere. Phillip acts immaturely, not speaking to Timothy even after T gives him fish, but Timothy just says, “have it your way! If you don’t want to talk to me fine, but I’m the only other person here!” This shows that Timothy is a mature person. He doesn’t seem like the kind of person who will leave Phillip to his own devices. I think Phillip is in very good hands.

  3. I need a good book to read!  The following websites are excellent resources to find a good book to read! Below the site names are real examples of books that were recommended on the sites.  Features: Sort booklists by grade level, reading level, and up to 37 genres and themes. Examples: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Frank, Anne Biographical 7 Daniel Boone Brown, John M. Biographical 7.5 Letters from a Slave Girl: The Story of Harriet Jacobs Lyons, Mary E. Biographical 7 Farewell to Manzanar Houston, James D.; Houston, Jeanne W. Biographical 7  Features: American Library Association’s (ALA) young adult booklist. Examples: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian Alexie, Sherman A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier Beah, Ishmael Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You Cameron, Peter Dragon's Keep Carey, Janet Lee The Re-Gifters Carey, Mike. Looking for JJ Cassidy, Anne Also check out your public library and school library catalog. Fill in the websites below. ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Now all I have to do is choose one...