The common foreign and security policy
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The Common Foreign and Security Policy. The developments leading up to the formulation of a CFSP. The European Political Cooperation (EPC)- 1970; institutional arrangements The Single European Act 1986- gave a treaty form to the EPC

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The developments leading up to the formulation of a cfsp
The developments leading up to the formulation of a CFSP

  • The European Political Cooperation (EPC)- 1970; institutional arrangements

  • The Single European Act 1986- gave a treaty form to the EPC

  • The post cold war Europe- Bosnia and Central and Eastern Europe

  • The Treaty of Maastricht (Treaty on European Union), Title V

    - A European Union of three pillars: the Community pillar and the other two on intergovernmental cooperation in foreign and security policy, and in justice and home affairs

The cfsp and the epc
The CFSP and the EPC

  • Continuity

  • Remains outside the Community pillar and unanimity decision-making applies;

  • Inherited some of the EPC bodies and structures: working groups, the Political Committee; Ministerial meetings;

  • Single institutional framework- the Commission and the European Parliament

  • Change

  • Common policy as opposed to cooperation

  • Joint actions to implement agreed policy

  • CFSP covers all security aspects of foreign policy, including eventual framing of a common defence policy, which might lead to a common defence (Article J.4)

The cfsp principles and objectives
The CFSP- principles and objectives

Treaty on European Union (November 1993), Article J 1.2

  • to safeguard the common values, fundamental interests and independence of the Union;

  • to strengthen the security of the Union and its Member States in all ways;

  • to preserve peace and strengthen international security, in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Charter as well as the principles of the Helsinki Final Act and the objectives of the Paris Charter;

  • to promote international cooperation;

  • to develop and consolidate democracy and the rule of law, and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The treaty of maastricht cfsp provisions
The Treaty of Maastricht: CFSP provisions

  • Instruments

  • Common position- define an approach of the Union to a particular matter of a geographical or thematic nature

  • Joint action- addressing specific situations where operational action of the Union is required; procedure for adopting it laid down in Article J.3

  • The role of the institutions

  • Security and the role of NATO

The treaty of amsterdam cfsp provisions
The Treaty of Amsterdam- CFSP provisions

  • Common strategy as a policy instrument

  • The decision-making procedure: QMV and constructive abstention provisions

  • The position of a High Representative for CFSP and Secretary General of the Council was established; to contribute to the formulation, preparation, and implementation of foreign policy decisions as well as to act on behalf of the Council in the international affairs

  • The WEU an integral part of EU development, EU access to WEU operational capabilities and foreseeing eventual integration of WEU into the Union

The treaty of nice cfsp provisions
The Treaty of Nice- CFSP provisions

  • Article 17.2: humanitarian and rescue tasks, peacekeeping tasks and tasks of combat forces in crisis management, including peacemaking.

  • Article 25: establishing the Political and Security Committee and stipulating its tasks:

  • to monitor the international situation in the areas covered by CFSP

  • to contribute to the definition of policy by delivering opinions to the Council;

  • To monitor the implementation of the agreed policies;

  • To exercise political control and strategic direction of crisis management operations

  • Increases the areas where QMV applies