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Lesson 18 Charlie Chaplin PowerPoint Presentation
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Lesson 18 Charlie Chaplin

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Lesson 18 Charlie Chaplin
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Lesson 18 Charlie Chaplin

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  1. Lesson 18 Charlie Chaplin 设计人:李艳芳 单位:怀仁中学

  2. Thinking • Do you like these pictures? 2. Then do you know who the man in the film is? ( ) He was Charlie Chaplin.

  3. 3. How can you know he was Charlie Chaplin? —We can recognize him by ( )、( )、( )、( ) ( ). the black hat the shoes the stick the moustache the black trousers

  4. 2. What else do you know about him? Try to fill in the blanks according to what you know. • Charlie Chaplin was a greatest and _______、 _____ in the history of the _____. • He was born in ______ in ____ . • He acted in __ films and directed __ films. • _________ and ____________were his two famous films. • He died in ____ and buried in ___________. funniest films actor London 1889 69 13 City Lights Modern Times Switzerland 1977

  5. Lesson 18 2. Try to link(连接) the sentences into a short passage. listening 1. Listen to the tape and complete the above exercise according to what you heard.

  6. Example Charlie Chaplin was a greatest and funniest actor in the history of the cinema. He was born in London in 1889. In his lifetime, he acted in 13 films and also directed 69 films. Of all his films, Modern Time and City Lights were his two greatest ones. But in 1977 he died in Switzerland and was buried there. . Let’s read it together

  7. Reading Para.2 1. When did he begin to act ? 2. What did he do at the age of 8? 3. What about at 17? 4. When did he act in the USA.? Read the text and answer the questions. Para.1 1. Who was Charlie Chaplin? 2.How many films did he act and direct in all in his life?

  8. Para.3 1. When did he develop his manner of acting? 2. What was his own manner of acting? Para.4-5 1. How were Chaplin’s earliest films? 2. Why were they that? 3. After the development of the films with sound, what did he do to his films? 4. How many films did he make between 1940 and 1966? Were they all well received? 5. Where did he live his last years of his life?

  9. Multiple choice 1. What is the main idea of the passage? • Chaplin is one of the greatest and funniest actors in films. • Chaplin first acted when he was five years old. • Chaplin’s second film made him world famous. • Chaplin’s later films were not well received. 2. What is the main idea of the third paragraph? • Chaplin could be easily recognized when he was walking. • Chaplin’ own manner of acting became world famous. • Chaplin wrote and directed most of his films. • Chaplin walked down the street in a strange way.

  10. A. Chaplin’s later films were more popular than his early films. B. Chaplin spent much more time in his early films than his later later films. C. Chaplin’s early films were more popular than his later films. D. Chaplin’s films with dialogues were more popular than the ones without dialogues. 3. Which of the following is true?

  11. Difficulties ►The Chinese people have made great contribution ___ the world peace(和平)。 ►You can not _______ him ___ ___ a selfish man. ► ____ 5___ 3 and you can get 8. ► We all _____ him ___ what he did. ► He don’t know much about the thing, so he is _____________ It. ► Later he is ___ regret what he did. to consider to be Add to for honor uncertain about to

  12. Practice • Fill in the blanks according to the text Charlie Chaplin was ____ to be a greatest and funniest actor . He was born in ____ in 1889. He began to act at the ___ of five. He liked ____ very much and in 1906, he ___ ____ for the USA for the first time. In 1902, he ___ his first film ___in the states. By the time he acted his second film, he had ____ his own _____ of ____. It was a ____ and interesting manner.Chaplin acted,wrote and ___ lots of films in this manner.In his films he used to ___ a small black ___ and very ___ trousers.He had a short, thick moustache and ___ a stick, which was swung in the___ as he ____. Chaplin became famous all over the___. Chaplin’s ____ films were ____ and the rest were made with ___, but without ___. Once in his ___ famous film the Gold Rush made in 1925, he even enjoyed ___ the shoed! In 1977, Chaplin ___in Switzerland. The world will always remember this ___ and funny comedian.

  13. Situation 1: Suppose you were a friend of Charlie Chaplin, a re- porter interviewed you and asked you to talk something about Charlie Chaplin. Now make a dialogue about it. Situation 2: Suppose just now you went to see Modern Time, and at the gate of the film you were stopped by a reporter and asked to answer some questions, for example: How do You think of the film? Why do you like Chaplin’s film. Now prepare a new dialogue.

  14. Homework: • Remember the new words and try to retell the text by yourself or with your partner. • Finish all the exercises of lesson 18 in the workbook. • Write an article to describe Chaplin’s manner of acting. Bye-Bye!