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Unit 5 Charlie Chaplin PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 5 Charlie Chaplin

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Unit 5 Charlie Chaplin
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Unit 5 Charlie Chaplin

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  1. Unit 5 Charlie Chaplin Lesson 18 & 19 Planned by Zhuang Zhilin Oct 20th, 2000

  2. Pre-reading: 1.Do you like seeing films? 2.What kind of films do you like? Tragedy, Comedy, Love story, Detective story…. 3.which film star do you like best? 4.Have you ever heard of Chaplin?

  3. 5.Give a description on Chaplin? a.wear a small black hat b.wear very wide trousers c.wear a moustache d.carry a stick e.walk like a duck

  4. While-reading: 1.What kind of films did Chaplin act in? 2.Which were more popular, his early films or his later films? 3.Which film is one of Chaplin’s most famous films

  5. Post-reading: 1.Who was Charlie Chaplin? 2.When and where was he born? 3. When did he begin to act in a film? 4.What was his own manner of acting? 5.Why were his earliest films silent? 6.Why did the development of films with sound become a problem for Chaplin?

  6. 7.How were Chaplin’s later films? Were they as successful as his earliest films? 8.What was Chaplin honoured for during his lifetime? 9.What do you think of Chaplin? 10.What’s the film “Gold Rush” about?

  7. Note-making: London,April 16th,1889 Born:_____________________________Died and buried:_____________________ First appearance on stage:_____________ First film part in the USA:_____________ Acted in: ________ films Wrote and directed:________ films Most famous films:__________________ What he looked like in his early films: _________________________________________________________ Dec 25th,1977,Switzerland Eight years old 1912 82 69 Modern Times,… Wore a small hat,very wide trousers, a moustache and carry a stick

  8. Retelling: Use the given words or pictures to retell the text.

  9. London, April 16th,1889 5 years old 8 years old

  10. At seventeen, in 1912, first film part

  11. His own manner of acting

  12. 3 months-11 1 year-35 in all 82/69 Modern Times City Lights

  13. his early films development music City Light Modern Times

  14. Dec 25th, 1977 Switzerland honoured

  15. The Gold Rush set in California unlucky snow storm a pair of shoes enjoy…

  16. Consolidation: I.Fill in the gaps: in 1.Chaplin is one of the greatest actors ___ the history of the ________. 2.He acted ___ his first play when he was ____. 3.He went to the USA ____ age of ____. 4.___ the end of 1914 he had made 35 films. 5.From 1915 ____ 1918 he made 27 films. 6.You can recognize Chaplin ___ his stick & funny walk. 7.___ his lifetime he wrote and directed 69 films. 8._________ 1940 and 1966 he made only6 films. 9. The last one ____ his films wasn’t well received. cinema in five at 17 At to by In Between of

  17. II.Fill in blanks: Charlie Chaplin was one of the greatest and _______ actors in the ______ of cinema. He made a great ____________ to film industry. He was _________ in many way during his life time. He began his acting at the age of five.all his life he acted, wrote and directed a large ______ of films. His earliest films were _____, because the sound equipment had not been _________. In fact he was ________ about making films with dialogues.Chaplin’s own manners of ________ made him world –famous. He wore a small black hat, very ______ trousers and a moustache. He came out with a stick and he ______ it in the ____ as he walked.Today some of his earliest films are still very _______. funniest history contribution honoured number silent developed uncertain acting wide swung air popular

  18. Homework: 1.Read the text. 2.Finish off the workbook. 3.Preview the next lesson. Thank you!