The Declaration Pointed High-heeled Shoes
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The Declaration Pointed High-heeled Shoes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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60 years later, the pointed shoes of England by the love of extremes popular punk-rock musicians, toe pitched long and Alice, the more exaggerated the more applause, was also fun to Winklepickers hence the name.

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The declaration pointed high heeled shoes

The Declaration Pointed High-heeled Shoes

Legendary editor Diana Vreeland once said, "stand firm in the tip of a woman in high heels, forward-looking, only to wear the head side with the woman, no future." I do not know is a coincidence, or pay tribute to the tip of autumn and winter 2010 high heels, to Diana Vreeland's favorite red and leopard, to select the most abundant, prominent among. Of medicine, "the foot is the second heart", walking, can increase the venous return blood and activate the body with oxygen circulation is fundamental to health care. English to high-heeled as a "sharp sword" called Stiletto, explains the high-heeled shoes not only a threat to health, but also means that it is "women's murder weapon", fatal attraction-line heart. Cesare Paciotti's brand names, is a "cutting edge." Tip styles, from court shoes, craftsmen like his best treated as fancy as possible and works of art to show their prowess. 60 years later, the pointed shoes of England by the love of extremes popular punk-rock musicians, toe pitched long and Alice, the more exaggerated the more applause, was also fun to Winklepickers hence the name.

Pointed high heels, fashion recognized originator of Roger Vivier, in the early '50s, pioneered the use of metal core replaced wood production heel, by high and strong as one of the fine, by the time of the French fashion designer Christian Dior treasure appointed co-operation. Two were in ruins after World War II a new, joint constraints from the war period of the woman's dress and pragmatic atmosphere, freed and regain feelings of elegant luxury, work together toroger vivier shoes create the golden age of New Look. Vivier, explained, as the essence of Haute Couture "custom-made", the top secret pointed high heels, is that "fit", so comfortable. Then Vivier heels, exquisite must have "Faberge of Footwear" in the world. With the brand name spread far and wide Yan, attracted by the female passenger, in addition to the rich man's female companion, as well as self-sufficient career woman. When the fragile French pointed high heels, facing the reform, the University has been studying in the United States UCLA ergonomic Italian shoemaker Salvatore Ferragamo, has begun to science, health, comfort point of view, the production can run the tip of the high heels can go ,

The declaration pointed high heeled shoes

  • was sought after actress in Hollywood, released in sexy casual attitude behind the scene, famous. Since then, laid the status to the Italian high heels. 2010 autumn and winter, the air was filled with ladies from the classic fragrance, elegant charm of 50's, 70's neutral chic, 90's bright and clean, etc. Back then it was forward-looking nature is full of clothes to wear solid, if coupled with conformist shoes, good luck , total look beautiful but wonder if, unfortunately, it will become obsolete apathy.

  • Practical pointed high heels beauty, it also has the stylish fashion trend for girls, and outgoing women inside the domestic good and decent nature, in with the calm, low-key, retro clothing, there are life-giving activation. Fine season pointed high heels, pointed, sharp, is the most recent years. Foothold in the smallest diameter of only 5 mm heel, so they need to tip toe position increases, the expansion area, distributed the weight on the foot. Thick like a walk inroger vivier flats previous years, the balance beam platform, but also reduce overall. Wang shoes several more unique offerings trick: Roger Vivier slightly thicker front pad, emphasizing flatness; Jimmy Choo has firmly restrained Mensao shares, the most direct heel arc; Christian Louboutin increase the soles, and strive to take every step to have sufficient weight stabilize.On the beautiful, sexy and comfortable in one, no doubt still is Manolo Blahnik. Shoes are a perfect drag the feet, heels and beautiful arc, the industry was recognized as the most shapely legs appear, the most exquisite shoes ankle. It is pay attention to light, the center of gravity low and smooth, comfortable feeling shoe Debu there, but without affecting the body's effort to move the maximum extent possible to reduce the burden of the foot. No matter how they change the trend, Manolo long narrow pointed toe, flat sole practical thin never the same, on a quarterly basis only in color, fabric changes, there are the graceful art of topics.