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A Pointed Gaze

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A Pointed Gaze - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Pointed Gaze. A Jackson chameleon rests on a branch of a tree at the Nairobi National Park in Kenya. 'But People Are Watching!'. A pair of monkeys prepare to mate at a zoo in Hefei, China. Double The Load. Twin koalas cling on to their mother at the Xiangjiang Safari Park in China.

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A Pointed Gaze

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a pointed gaze

A Pointed Gaze

A Jackson chameleon rests on a branch of

a tree at the Nairobi National Park in Kenya.

but people are watching

'But People Are Watching!'

A pair of monkeys prepare to mate

at a zoo in Hefei, China.

double the load

Double The Load

Twin koalas cling on to their mother at the

Xiangjiang Safari Park in China.

in the spotlight naturally

In The Spotlight, Naturally

A horse takes a stroll during sunset

near the town of Botev Grad in Bulgaria.

lend me a wing would ya

'Lend Me A Wing, Would Ya?'

A duckling tries to hop out of a swimming pool after it followed its mother in the pool of an apartment complex in Santa Clara, Calif

furry face of obedience

Furry Face Of Obedience

A Greenlandic sled puppy lies next to

its mother in Ilulissat, Greeland.

locking horns

Locking Horns

Two cows engage in a brawl during the annual Battle of the Queens in the western Alpine canton of Valais in Aproz, Switzerland. The Valais is home to a unique breed of cows called Herens.

the camera gave me red eyes again

'The Camera Gave Me Red Eyes Again!'

An albino horned frog is on display at a live

exotic-animal exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria.

germany s next top model

Germany's Next Top Model

A camel named Goliath models its orthopedic shoes in Vreden, Germany. The animal suffers from a medical condition that can be alleviated by wearing specially built shoes. Goliath serves as a therapy riding animal for disabled children in Bonndorf, Germany.

reaching out for a treat

Reaching Out For A Treat

A chameleon extends its tongue and catches a cricket during feeding time at the Melbourne Museum in Australia.

sliding toward freedom

Sliding Toward Freedom

Three harp seals head for the water on East Beach in Charlestown, R.I. The seals were among a group of 15 that have been rehabilitated by the Mystic Aquarium Institute for Exploration's Marine Animal Rescue Program.

neener neener

Neener Neener!

Pampa, a 1-year-old male white tiger, is seen at the Metropolitan Zoo in Santiago, Chile. The white tiger is one of the most endangered species in the world, with an estimated 240 in existence.

man i taste good

'Man, I Taste Good'

A ring-tailed lemur, an endangered animal species, licks its paw while in its exhibit at the San Francisco Zoo.

eating his greens

Eating His Greens

A western lowland gorilla, an endangered animal species, eats a tree branch in an exhibit at the San Francisco Zoo.

interspecies nanny

Interspecies Nanny

Nimra, a 1-year-old cat, sits with her kittens and seven chicks in Amman, Jordan. Nimra has been taking care of the chicks after their mother's death a month ago.

it s no ball

It's No Ball ...

Eight-year-old polar bear Yogli plays with a plastic barrel in his enclosure at the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich, Germany. Yogli comes from a zoo in Tuscany and will bear company with 30-year old Lisa, the grandmother of world-famous polar-bear cub Knut, who was born in December 2006 at the Berlin Zoo.


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