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My Career Research

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My Career Research
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My Career Research

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  1. My Career Research Name: karlyonklsho Date: 4/28/14 Hour: 2ed Class

  2. Top 3 Careers • Car engineer • Soccer player • Police

  3. #1 Career Name • Car engineer

  4. Introduction • Automobile engineering is the one of the stream of mechanical engineering. It deals with • the various types of automobiles, their mechanism of transmission systems and its • applications. Automobiles are the different types of vehicle • s used for transportation of • passengers, goods, etc. Basically all the types of vehicles works on the principle of • internal combustion processes or some times the engines are called as internal • combustion engines. Different types of fuels are burnt inside • the cylinder at higher • temperature to get the transmission motion in the vehicles. Most of the automobiles are • internal combustion engines vehicles only. Therefore, every mechanical and automobile • engineers should have the knowledge of automobile engineeri • ng its mechanism and its • various applications.

  5. Nature of Work • Engineers apply the principles of science and mathematics to develop economical solutions to technical problems. Their work is the link between scientific discoveries and the commercial applications that meet societal and consumer needs. • Many engineers develop new products. During the process, they consider several factors. For example, in developing an industrial robot, engineers specify the functional requirements precisely; design and test the robot's components; integrate the components to produce the final design; and evaluate the design's overall effectiveness, cost, reliability, and safety. This process applies to the development of many different products, such as chemicals, computers, powerplants, helicopters, and toys.

  6. Working Conditions • Are responsible for the work done by other workers. • Are responsible for the safety of customers and coworkers. • Have a medium level of social contact. They work mostly with tools and cars but also interact frequently with customers. • Communicate daily by telephone and in person. • May work as part of a team of technicians and mechanics.

  7. Job Outlook/Employment • Employment of automotive service technicians and mechanics is projected to grow 9 percent from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations. • As the number of vehicles in use continues to rise, more entry-level service technicians will be needed to do basic maintenance and repair, such as replacing brake pads and changing oil. The increasing lifespan of late-model cars and light trucks will further increase demand for qualified workers.

  8. Training, Qualifications, Advancement • Automotive service technicians inspect and maintain cars and trucks that are gasoline powered, use electricity, or fuels such as ethanol. Their duties include basic care maintenance including changing tires, performing oil changes, testing and diagnosing more complex problems and performing the repairs. Repairs made on motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, and all terrain vehicles are performed by motorcycle technicians.

  9. Earnings • Automotive engineers help shape auto trends, by developing new or improved vehicle designs. Such planning can cover the car’s body, its powertrain system, and other vehicle systems. Engineers make use of computer-assisted technologies to build, modify and test vehicles and related components. These professionals numbered 258,100 in 2012, with most earning bachelor degrees and others obtaining master’s degrees in a bid to qualify for management positions. As of 2012, the median salary for automotive engineers was $80,580 reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For statistical purposes automotive engineers are typically included with data for mechanical engineers

  10. Backup Plan: • My backup plan would be a police, and a soccer player.

  11. Summary • Automotive engineers are involved in the design, manufacture and operation of ground-based vehicles, such as motorcycles, automobiles, buses and trucks and their respective engineering subsystems.

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