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Soups & Sauces

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Soups & Sauces. Roux. Roux: thickening agent made of fat and flour. . 1. Melt fat. 2. Add flour. 3. Cook over medium heat until thick. Mirepoix. Mix of 2 parts onion, 1 part carrots, 1 part celery , chopped

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Roux: thickening agent made of fat and flour.

1. Melt fat

2. Add flour

3. Cook over medium heat until thick

  • Mix of 2 parts onion, 1 part carrots, 1 part celery, chopped
  • Flavor base for a wide variety of  stocks, soups and sauces. The three ingredients are commonly referred to as aromatics.
knife skills and soup
Knife skills and soup
  • Medium dice-vegetables
  • Small dice-vegetables
  • Chop-vegetables (mirepoix)
  • Mince-garlic, ginger
  • Chiffonade- garnishing
5 mother grand sauces
5 Mother/Grand Sauces
  • Béchamel
  • Tomato
  • Hollandaise
  • Espagnole
  • Veloute
b chamel sauce
Béchamel Sauce
  • A white sauce made of a roux and cream or milk
  • Thickener-Roux
  • Liquid-Milk or cream
tomato sauce
Tomato Sauce

Sauce made with tomato

Puree, vegetables and seasoning

Thickener-Tomato paste

Liquid-Tomato’s juice

  • Sauce made with eggs, butter and lemon juice

Thickener-Egg yolks

Liquid-Melted butter

espagnole sauce
Espagnole Sauce

Brown sauce made roux, beef stock, tomatoes

and a caramelized onions/carrots mixture.

  • Thickener-Roux
  • Liquid-Brown stock
veloute sauce
Veloute Sauce

White sauce made with a roux , and some type of stock like poultry or fish stock. Similar to béchamel because you start with a roux, instead of cream you add stock, color depends on the stock used.

Thickener- roux

Liquid- Stock

soup preparation
Soup Preparation
  • Soups made from STOCK
    • clear
    • thin
    • flavorful
  • Soups made from CREAM
    • opaque
    • thick
    • mellow
preparing soups
Preparing Soups

Cream Soup

Base of the soup is usually a Béchamel .

Classic white sauce, made with a roux, and cream is added.

Examples: Cream of potato, Cream of broccoli, Cream of Vegetable

preparing soups1
Preparing Soups

Stock Soup

Liquid from cooking meat, poultry or fish (stock/broth)

Added to mirepoix and other vegetables

Examples: Chicken Noodle

types of soups
Types of Soups
  • Appetizer – before the meal
  • Side– with the meal
  • Main Dish – is the meal
  • Dessert – after the meal (sweet)
nutrients in soups
Nutrients in Soups
  • Protein – meats, beans
  • Vitamins - vegetables
  • Minerals – seasonings, vegetables
  • Carbohydrates – noodles, vegetables
  • Fat – broth, cream

***Food value can be increased by serving other

foods with soup

market forms of soups
Market Forms of Soups
  • Canned: heat n serve or condensed
  • Dried: pieces or powder to rehydrate
  • Frozen: heat and serve
  • Concentrated: condensed , add water and heat
soup storage
Soup Storage
  • Soups should be stored in shallow containers so that it cools quickly
principles of soup making
Principles of Soup Making
  • Make ahead so flavors will blend
  • Choose fresh and good quality ingredients
  • Simmer soup to blend flavors
  • Avoid over cooking Creamy soups
  • Ingredients should be cut into bite-sized pieces
  • Use a variety of cuts (shapes)
  • Garnish with a topping for aesthetics: cheese, herbs, sour cream