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  1. Soup “Soup is to dinner what a porch or gateway is to a building.” ~Grimod de la Reynière Session Two-Broth Soups

  2. Quiz and Review Introduction to Clear Soups Soup Video Recipe Review Consommé Practical Assigned AGENDA Session Two-Broth Soups

  3. What are soups? • In agreement with Reynière, Escoffier believed that soups “…should not only form the first potion thereof [a dinner] but it must convey some idea of the whole to which it belongs…” Session Two-Broth Soups

  4. Definition • Nutritious Liquid (Escoffier) • Very broad definition, serves every conceivable definition of soup • Should be narrowed by the addition of the words “served as the centerpiece of a dish” so as to eliminate sauces from inclusion Session Two-Broth Soups

  5. History of Soup • Started as Stew 15,000 – 20,000 years ago • Soup with a much higher solid-liquid ratio • Carème reformed and refined as an introductory course • French perfected pot-au-feu • A cauldron kept going with everything added to it, sometimes in a kitchen, or a campfire Session Two-Broth Soups

  6. New Definition • Any combination of meat or vegetables cooked and served in a liquid, or the liquid from such cooking as the centerpiece of a dish. Session Two-Broth Soups

  7. Modern Soups • Specific names that correlate to the ingredients and cooking style • Brainstorm some modern soups • Take two minutes to write down 2-3 soups that you are familiar with Session Two-Broth Soups

  8. Modern Soup Categories Classify soups from earlier brainstorm into: • Clear or Thin Soup (and Veloute-Style) • Cream • Potage • Bisque • Chowder • Other Specialty Soups Session Two-Broth Soups

  9. Clear and Thin Soups • Consommé • Chicken Noodle • Chicken Wonton • French Onion • Hearty Vegetable Beef • Boullabaise • Ciopinno Session Two-Broth Soups

  10. Consommé • Standards of Quality • Full Flavored • Deep Color • Crystal Clear • Hot • Appropriately Garnished Session Two-Broth Soups

  11. Consommé Vocabulary • Clearmeat • Raft • Onion Brulée • Lean Meat • Acid (tomato product) • Albumen • Chimney Session Two-Broth Soups

  12. How to Make Consommé: • Use of a Clearmeat • Need an acid, proteins (egg white and lean meat) and aromatics (mire poix) • Add to cold stock • Place over low heat, STIR • Allow raft to form, NEVER STIR AGAIN • Move to side of burner, create “chimney” simmer for an hour • the resultant product is called a consommé double or double strength stock.. Session Two-Broth Soups

  13. Use of Consommé • If you reduce the stock down to a gel form, this is called a glace viande, or meat glaze. • When a stock is reduced and brown sauce is added in equal portion, and reduced, this is called demi-glaze Session Two-Broth Soups

  14. Clarity: Clear and uncloudy. Color: True to the color of the Extraction material. Dark brown for beef Golden for poultry, etc. Body: smooth mouth feel/gelatinous and not be watery…slightly Sticky texture that demonstrates Protein in the liquid Flavor: True to the type of extracting material-beef, fish, etc. STANDARDS OF QUALITY Consommé Session Two-Broth Soups

  15. Building a “Soup Kit” • Mise en Place – for recipe • Prepared items • Additional recipe steps • Storage: • Fresh Kit: tomorrow’s soup • Frozen and Dried Kit: next week’s soup Session Two-Broth Soups

  16. Recipe Review – Group Researchremember storage and re-service issues • Everyone makes consommé • Chicken Noodle • Chicken Wonton • French Onion • Hearty Vegetable Beef • Boullabaise • Ciopinno Session Two-Broth Soups

  17. Review and Homework • INDIVIDUAL JEOPARDY: • Write a quiz question (answer) for today’s lecture on a piece of paper, be certain that you include the correct response phrased in the form of a question • Quiz URL – Session Two-Broth Soups