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Gabriel Over the White House

Gabriel Over the White House . By : Whitney Anderson . Movie Information. Gabriel over The White house was released on March 31 st 1932. The filming was done during the 1932 election.

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Gabriel Over the White House

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  1. Gabriel Over the White House By : Whitney Anderson

  2. Movie Information • Gabriel over The White house was released on March 31st 1932. • The filming was done during the 1932 election. • The lead character President Judd Hammond played by Walter Hutson. Was said to have been supposedly a model for FDR to follow. • The film has been very controversial since its release mainly because it was believed to be an example of propaganda . But it was never figured out to what propaganda the film was supposed to portray.

  3. Synopsis • The films takes place in the early thirty’s during the great depression. Judd Hammond one of the lead characters has just been elected president of the United states . • Now when he is first elected he doesn’t care one ounce about the Nations poor or getting rid of the gangsters and mobsters. He views these problems only as local problems. • He has his personal secretary Ms Malloy with whom he has romantic interest in .

  4. Synopsis continued • He also has his top aide Beakman who later in the film eventually ends up with Ms Malloy. • Now one day President Hammond is taking a drive and ends up wrecking his automobile. • He is laying in a coma and the doctors think there is nothing else they can do. • But than Hammond ends up waking up from his coma. • After he awakens though he sees the angel Gabrielle and is a completely changed man.

  5. Synopsis • After his coma now President Hammond all of the sudden wants to help the poor and get rid of all the racketeering and gangsters as well. • He even goes to all the unemployed and says he is starting a new program called the Army of Construction which will give all the unemployed men jobs.

  6. Synopsis continued • Next president Hammond than goes so far as to request that all of his cabinet resign. • So they go to congress and want to have him impeached. • But congress does not end up impeaching him. • So than President Hammond addresses the congress saying they should declare a state of emergency and that he will rule the whole country now. • Than President Hammond’s next order is to repeal the 18th amendment (prohibition)

  7. Synopsis continued • By repealing prohibition this angers the main gangster boss Mr. Diamond so he orders the gangsters to bomb all liquor stores. • Than the gangsters drive by the White House and shoot at a window . One of bullets hits Ms Malloy and injures her. But she recovers. • Eventually all the gangsters are forced to surrender but don’t at first . Than the army bombs their headquarters and the eventually surrender. • Than they are put on trial and then shot to death.

  8. Synopsis continued • Than Ms Malloy talks with Beakman saying she thinks the angel Gabrielle has taken over President Hammond’s body and that is why he is a changed man. • Next President Hammond gathers all of the world’s nations together urging them to repay their debts and eventually the agree to. • Than all the nations sign the Washington Covenant (peace treaty). • Now as president Hammond is signing it he collapses. He is than taken to his room . Where he dies. It is presumed that the angel Gabrielle is taking him to heaven.

  9. My Review • I thought although the film was black and white, it was quite interesting. It really gave me a knowledge as to how hard the unemployed had it during the depression and how much of a problem gangsters and racketeering were. • For entertainment I gave it a grade of B+ - because it was able to keep my attention the whole time. • For historical Accuracy- B + - Because although President Hammond’s character is just fiction. His character before the accident was loosely based on other presidents such as Harding Coolidge and Hoover. Also I think the film did an excellent job at depicting the time period of the depression and of the problem with gangsters.

  10. Interesting Facts • A history professor , Professor McEvlaine compared the Current President Bush to Judd Hammond the President in the movie. • Also the writer of the film went directly to FDR. Who made revisions to script as needed. An who said after the film was released “ that it is a wonderful and inspiring work

  11. Other Reviews • Rotten Tomatoes “ This film feels like a prayer for deliverance,regarded as truly remarkable when it appeared.” http://www.rotten tomatoes.com/m/Gabriel_over_the_white_house/ Spout http://www.spout.com/films/12867/default.aspx Gabriel Over the White House is an unbelievable viewing experience, with the word "unbelievable" very carefully chosen. This is one of those films that you watch with your mouth constantly falling open in wonder at what you're seeing on the screen”

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