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The White House

The White House By Danielle Wills Grade:7 th Cunningham Middle School Mr. Days The White House

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The White House

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  1. The White House By Danielle Wills Grade:7th Cunningham Middle School Mr. Days

  2. The White House • Everyone has seen this special house on the one dollar bill. If not, then you may have heard of it because all of the 44 presidents except George Washington have lived there. This special house is the white house. The white house is very unique because a lot of history has been made there. In this power point you will learn about the history of the white house and some of the presidents that have lived there.

  3. How it all began • For over 20 years the beautiful white house has been a symbol of American people, presidency, and the United States Government. • The history of the white house and the nation all began, when George Washington signed an act of Congress in December of 1792 announcing that the federal government would reside in a district “ not exceeding ten miles square… on the river Potomac.” President Washington and the city planner Pierre L’Enfant, chose the site for the new residence, which is now 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  4. Building the white house • James Hoban designed the white house. Construction for the white house began in October of 1792. Although President Washington saw the construction of the house he never lived in it. The first president to live in the white house was Mr. John Adams and his wife Abigail in around 1800. Since that time, each of the presidents have made their own changes and additions. For example, President Dwight Eisenhower installed a movie theater in 1942. President Ford installed a swimming pool and cabana in 1975.

  5. A tough house • The white house survived a fire that was in the hands of the British in 1816 during the war of 1812, and another fire in the West Wing in 1929 while Herbert Hoover was President.

  6. Rooms in the white house • The white house is a very big house it is 168 feet long and 85 feet 6 inches wide. The white house’s fence encloses 18 acres of land. There are 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, and 6 levels in the white house. There is also a total of 412 doors, 147 windows 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases, and 3 elevators located in this spacious house. Imagine playing ‘hide n go seek’ in the white house!

  7. Holidays at the White House • Many holidays have been celebrated at the white house such as, Christmas, new years, and my favorite Easter. On Easter day at the white house many kids participate in the “egg roll” party. First Lady Dolley Madison originally suggested the idea of the “egg roll” party.

  8. Hopes • Someday I hope to visit the white house! I would love to take my picture just like thousands of other people have done in front of the white house. I hope that someday my dream will come true!

  9. The White House

  10. Presidents of the United States

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