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  1. DCMO CTO/CA Warfighter Mission Area Business Mission Area Intel Mission Area Enterprise Information EnvironmentMission Area Missions of the DoD Dennis E. Wisnosky, DoD BMA CTO & Chief Architect in the Office of theDeputy Chief Management Officer (DCMO) DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  2. ACDM Mission: To be the premier professional organization that shares and refines the disciplines that accomplish Configuration, Data, and Change Management necessary for the delivery and support of products and services in a competitive and regulated global business environment. “…ensure that the disciplines of CM and DM continue to gain momentum and respect as value-added adjuncts to the business process…” ~ Cynthia Hauer, President, ACDM (http://www.acdm.org/execboard.php) RPA Perform Physical Asset Accountability – BEA 7.0 Data Objects (Business Rules, Resources) Processes & Activities Performer Information Exchanges DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  3. Big Picture! DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  4. Strategy and Roadmap for DoD Business Operations Transformation Past (BMA Federation Strategy version 2.4a) Present(BOE Execution Roadmap) Future(BMA Architecture Strategy version 3.0) DoD Strategic Mgmt. Plan (SMP) DCMO/CIO Policies Performance Measures BEA 3.0 CIO - DIEA CV & Primitives Initial BOE Experience Arch. Fed. MDR BI BI Federation Implementation Plan Version2.4a Semantic Information BOE Vision RDF OWL Roadmap Data Integration BOE Service Enablement Semantic Mediation & Data Virtualization Domains Common Vocabulary HRM/ MedFMLogisticsRPILMWSLM/MSSM Execution Vision & Strategy Planning & Roadmap Infrastructure Governance DBSAE SOAImp. Strategy Cloud Strategy BEA 8.x Enterprise Standards (BTI) NCES/CES CIO/DISA – Federal Cloud DBSMC/IRBs DCMO/DCIO; EGB; BECCM Stds. DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  5. Common Vocabulary Functional / Requirements • Governance • Identify Conflicts • Resolve Conflicts • Review Vocabulary • Approve Vocabulary • Architecture • C.A.R.P. / AV-2 Template • Match Terms • Build Models / Primitives • Validate Models BEA Common Business Vocabulary Building the Vocabulary Using the Vocabulary common vocabulary Common Semantics Common Vocabulary RDF Store • Mediation & Virtualization • Routing • Content-based Addressing • Protocol Adaptation • Messaging • Alignment • Unify Format • Parse Input • Cleanse Vocabulary • Match Terms • Publish Results mediation pathways common vocabulary Technical / Systems Legacy Systems Virtualization Mediation DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  6. E2E Model Hierarchy Enterprise Level DRAFT Operational Level DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  7. Details! DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  8. Ability to Communicate Enterprise Architecture is primarily about People talking to each other... DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  9. Ability to Communicate ...so we can buildSystems and Services that talk to each other DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  10. Why is this hard? 10 10 DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA 3/17/10 11/17/2014

  11. Enterprise Architecture • Many Frameworks • Many Views • Many Techniques • UML, IDEF, BPMN, RAD, EPC, PowerPoint and many, many others... DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  12. We don’t speak the same language! Example! We don’t see the same things in pictures! 12 DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  13. Address Standards… The problem first started on the USGA Website. It would not accept: # Xxxx ### Street Name (correct) # X. ### (No spaces) #X### (Numbers only) It would accept ##### Street Name (doesn’t exist) Several searches were conducted using search engines specializing in maps. Some could find the address most could not (examples on following slides). Issue: All these sites are translating the natural language differently. Issue: The United States Postal Service guide to address standards is 208 pages long. Does this constitute a standard? 13 DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  14. All are in the business of mapsbut come up with different results… # Xxxx ### Street Name Street Name ### Street Name Mapquest was unable to find the Address typed correctly However, when the first # Xxxx combination was dropped 2 addresses were suggested City State City, State Sip Street Name City, State Sip City State The USGA site separates address into 2 fields: House number, Street Name This is why it would only accept ##### not #X###. To specific. ** Yahoo maps was unable to find anything in any format. 14 DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  15. Google can find it…With incorrect information The address is searchable in Google. In both these examples part of the address was wrong and it was still found. Below: Left of the & south (this was added back in by Google). Right: Put city as Chicago and it recognized it should be Naperville. # Xxxx ### Street Name City, State Zip #X## Street Name City, State Zip Other Suggestions #X## Street Name City, State Zip XXX Street Name City, State #X## Street Name City, State Zip ##### Street Name City, State Other Suggestions Street Name City, State Zip The address ##### which was accepted by USGS could not be found. Street Name City, State Zip 15 DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  16. Google Earth knows me precisely Solution! 16 DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  17. Building Common Vocabularies Performer Vocabulary Activity Vocabulary Resource Vocabulary Capability Vocabulary What is the architecture supposed to achieve? Which data/resources will be consumed or produced? Who/What will be involved? Which processes/activities will provide the capabilities? Define Capabilities Define Resources Define Activities Define Performers • Items: • Roles • Systems • Actors • Items: • Objectives • Features • Services • Items: • Nouns • Items: • Verbs Process View Capability View ProcessView Data & Rule View 17 DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  18. Building, Managing and Maintaining the DoD CV BECCM Build and Manage CV DoD COI’s DoD CV BEA Team DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  19. COI Operational Governance HR EIW Accept & Expose data using Enterprise Standards DoD Governance of DoD Core Data, Universal Core Business Enterprise Common Core Metadata COI, Common Core(BECCM COI) WarfighterCommunities of Interest IntelligenceCommunities of Interest RP&ILM COIData Governance FM COIData Governance HRM COIData Governance WSLM COIData Governance MSSLM COIData Governance FM COI InfoModels HRM COI InfoModels RP&ILM COI InfoModels WSLM COI InfoModels MSSLM COI InfoModels DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  20. We don’t speak the same language! Example! We don’t see the same things in pictures! 20 DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  21. Other Disciplines Can Do It Not This But This: DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  22. Different Frameworks PriMo Modeling Guide PrOntoOntology (Lexicon) Standards Best Practices informed by influences foundation for input for Style Guide Dictionary Standard Language (terms and definitions) Standards-based Architecture - Primitives Standard Symbols Music Language and Symbols: Engineering Language and Symbols: Architecture Primitives Architecture Primitives • DoDAF 2.0 serves as the foundation for architecture primitives • Use Cases being developed and used to drive pilots 22 DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  23. Patterns & Primitives Style Guide Dictionary PriMo • Provides basic definitions of the architecture model semantics • Provides elementary rules for the connectivity of primitive constructs • Provides foundation building blocks for constructing architecture products • Caveat: A common vocabulary by itself does not guarantee high quality products PrOnto • A style guide provides subjective advice that will ensure the design of high quality products • A style guide advises on • Choice of words • Which constructs are appropriate in a given situation • Choice of grammar • How to combine constructs to maximum effect DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  24. Example Application: Joint Close Air Support 24 24 DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA 3/17/10 11/17/2014 24

  25. Vocabulary-based Primitives Joint Close Air Support Controlled Vocabulary Controlled Vocabulary provides provides synchronized synchronized Source Source Primitives-basedProcesses Primitives-basedProcesses provides provides DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  26. 3-Level Hierarchy: Milestones 1: Milestones 2: Collaboration 3: Procedures DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  27. Enterprise Information Warehouse/Web DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  28. Problem Statement • Personnel Visibility (PV) Problem: DoD currently lacks the enterprise level information to quickly and accurately account for personnel, manage troop strength, and war plan • Impact: challenges the objective of having the right personnel in the right place at the right time to fight battles and win wars. • Sample COCOM personnel visibility needs: • Requirement 28.0: Provide timely and accurate information on the location, status, and identity of units, personnel, equipment, and supplies with emphasis on Personnel including patients. • Requirement 124.0: Identify the availability of personnel within the active forces, or within the reserves and other sources when analyzing mobilization alternatives, to satisfy filler, replacement and force expansion personnel requirements. • Federation Problem: PV requires data from within and across many distinct system and organizational boundaries (domains) • It is often not possible to federate and integrate applications across domains • Domain transactional systems constantly changing. • Changes in relational architecture are expensive DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  29. Big Picture Use HR Domain Ontology (HR “dictionary” or common vocabulary) to support a run-time federated information environment Create a virtual web of DoD authoritative source HR systems Create a single “view” of distinct data Answer any HR information requirements with existing HR systems or show the gaps Plug-and-play federated environment so new systems can come online and go offline without disrupting the overall environment DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  30. What are we doing? Building an ontology (using W3C standards) of the DoD HR Domain An ontology is a conceptual model that is executable (queryable); The ontology unambiguously describes information in the DoD HR Domain It builds a common vocabulary that will support information integration (federation) Building ontologies to describe the different information consumers and providers in the HR Domain Consumers - CHRIS's, Processes, COCOM 129's Providers – HR Systems Using the HR Domain Ontology to show how the different information consumers and providers relate to a common model (vocabulary) Mapping CHRIS's to concepts in the HR Ontology Mapping DIMHRS to concepts in the HR Ontology Gap Analysis - Showing how CHRIS's relate to DIMHRS More complex than simply gap or no gap DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  31. Semantic Technology Standards RDF – Resource Description Framework Graph based information model; triples (node-edge-node) Make arbitrary assertions about things URI – Uniform Resource Identifier Universal identifiers that can be used to uniquely identify something (concept or thing) across any application RDFS/OWL – RDF Schema/Ontology Web Language Standard language for defining a vocabulary (aka ontology) to describe things SPARQL – SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language Query language for RDF data DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  32. Project Execution Model DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  33. HR EIW Proofs of Delivery Increment 4-n Multiple Sources Single View DMDC Data Stores HR Data Store HR Data Store HR Data Store DoDI Personnel Data Store The HR EIW is a mechanism for reaching into service applications to satisfy enterprise HR information needs. It accomplishes three things: • Reports real-time, authoritative HR information on-demand. • Supports HR enterprise information standards. • Supports IT flexibility. mashup Component Data Stores Common Vocabulary Data Store Data Store Data Store Data Store External Data Services 6/10 12/10 9/12 9/15 9/09 Phase 2 Phase 3 Sustainment Phase 1 Transition Increment 1 Map OSD HR to Service Ontologies Publish Stds Increment 2 Compensate Publish Stds Federated Ontology Modeling Develop, etc Publish Stds Increment 3 DIMHRS & CHRIS Alignment Publish Stds Modeling Delivered 18 Dec 09 RDF Store Process/Rules Mgt SME RDF Modeling 12/31 RDF Info Services 3/31 Sustainment Adv Mash-ups SPARQL Federation DIMHRS-CHRIS Stds Alignment 6/30 9/12 12/10 DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  34. Status DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  35. Backend PoD1 Architecture S3 S4 DMDC DIMHRS • Objectives Achieved: • Web Service • DKO CAC Authentication • Data Virtualization • ETL Process • DMDC MOU • P&R HR Ontology Models • DIMHRS Reuse Data Virt ETL App Server S1 S2 Ab Initio Server App Server Composite Server Firewall DMZ Proxy Server HTTPS Port 443 for web traffic SOAP/XML XML File Web Service Call (bind) HTTPS Port 443 open for web traffic to DMDC HTML Target Database DKO EIW POD: Transition Voluntary Retirement (1/1/2008 – 11/1/2009)* DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  36. EIW Operational Governance • Screen dump of Knoodle/M30 DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA 36

  37. Global Collaboration Tiered Accountability Stove Pipes Service providers Contractors In DoD Allies Agile, Adaptive, Net-Centric Was IS “To Be” DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  38. All of the pieces together! Governance Data Sources Data Presentation Governance Processes DMDC Data Stores Available and Efficient HR Data Store HR Data Store HR Data Store Secure and Resilient DoDI Personnel Data Store Common Vocabulary Dynamic Composition Standard Representation and Composition End-to-End Processes Component Data Stores Data Store Data Store Data Store Data Store Primitives & Design Patterns CompositeService CompositeService CompositeService Services Layer External Data Services Interoperable and Federated BusinessService BusinessService BusinessService BusinessService BusinessService BusinessService BusinessService BusinessService DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA Infra-structureService Infra-structureService Infra-structureService Infra-structureService Infra-structureService Infra-structureService

  39. SAVE THE DATE ~ APRIL 21-22 2010 Hosted by Mr. Dennis Wisnosky BMA Chief Technical Officer & Chief Architect, OSD DCMO Featuring Sheraton Crystal City Hotel 1800 Jefferson Davis Highway In 2009, the DoD SOA Symposium demonstrated that SOA must be considered a Team Sport, involving all elements of people, process, technology and especially Trust. This 2nd Annual DoD SOA Symposium is focused on the Discipline necessary within each individual team member and the team as a whole to be successful. It will provide Government and Industry professionals with the experiences of individual and team’s successes that are a result of best practice strategies for business intelligence, program management, information access, Discipline, and much more. http://www.soasymposium.com

  40. Thank you! Questions? Dennis.Wisnosky@osd.mil

  41. Backup DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  42. Where Else Being Done? eSpace Traditional EII technology (i.e. MetaMatrix RedHat, Composite, Ab Initio, etc.) providing real-time integration of signal intelligence data RDF-like virtual layer to provide user-driven analytical capability DCGS RDF Warehouse (i.e. Oracle, Mulgara, etc.) to provide scalable integrated access to tactical intelligence data Context-driven analysis Semantic Wiki for user information input Warehouse loaded from traditional databases, web services, and document entity extraction tools VISION Joint federated SOA based on common vocabulary translation and formal business process modeling and execution. Others Include NIH DIA AF EVT & TIPT BBC Essential Open Source Project Univ of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Chevron DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  43. Ontologies “A formal, explicit specification of a shared conceptualization” - Wikipedia An ontology is a machine-readable description of a domain Model: Information model, Metadata model, Logical model Vocabulary Defines classes, properties, and instances which exist in the domain and the relationships between them What types of things exist? Classes What types of relationships exist between things? Properties What is the meaning of a given term? Relationships between Classes and Properties DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA

  44. RDF (Resource Description Framework) “The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a language for representing information about resources in the World Wide Web.” W3C RDF Primer RDF enables the description of things (resources) in the form of graphs Each RDF statement (triple) consists of 3 parts: subject, predicate, object A triple forms a node-edge-node structure in a graph No schema necessary to describe things Subject – Predicate – Object is the only schema Format: Object Subject Predicate Example: Mike Brown hairColor Mike has brown hair Translation DWiz DoD DCMO BMA CTO & CA